Sexual Dysfunction

Choose between a sexual dysfunction or paraphilia from your textbook. Discuss the symptoms and treatments for that disorder. Use in-text citations in APA style.

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In general, most people with schizophrenia are not a danger to others. However, many people hold negative attitudes towards people with this disorder. What is the nature of these attitudes? Where do they come from? How can they eliminate their bias? Use in-text citations in APA style.

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Experimental and Non Experimental Research Designs

Identify the differences between experimental and nonexperimental research designs. Give an example of each type of design.

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Anxious or Superstitious

How do we separate anxious or superstitious thoughts and behaviors from obsessions and compulsions? Add in-text citations using APA style.

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Stress-Related Disorders

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding PTSD and other stress-related disorders. What can we as a society do to help individuals who suffer from these disorders? Is there anything we can do to prevent these stress reactions from becoming disorders? Add in-text citations using APA style.

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Type of Stress

Answer each question in the prompt with a full paragraph. 1. Is there a specific type of stress that is most frequent in your life? Explain. 2. Is there a specific location or set of circumstances that produce a great deal of stress for you? 3. What specific reaction to the stressful events did you display? Give examples. 4. What could you do to reduce the amount of stress in your life?

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Dissociative Disorders

Some people have argued that dissociative disorders (such as dissociative identity disorder) are not real, and that individuals displaying these symptoms are “faking it.”  What evidence might a clinician be able to gather to support one of these assertions?

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Diagnosed with Depression

Why are women more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men? Which theory do you believe and why?

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Effect of These Suicides on Teens

How could the suicide of a popular cultural figure lead to suicides in the general population? What is the effect of these suicides on teens? Use in-text citations in APA style.

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Dimensional Approach to Abnormality

The current DSM(5) supports a dimensional approach to abnormality, whereas the previous DSM(IV-TR) supported a categorical approach. Some psychologists have suggested that a dimensional model (where behavior exists on a continuum and “abnormal” is simply an extreme form of normal behaviors) may be more accurate. Do you support the categorical or the dimensional approach? Which one do you feel is best for classifying personality disorders? Explain. Use in-text citations in APA style.

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