Professional Work

1. How can you as a professional work to prevent/address sexual abuse of your consumers with disabilities.· Sexual Abuse

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Concept of Ethical Theory

Describe the concept of ethical theory. How do ethical theories relate to the real world? Give examples that illustrate your perspective.

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Effectively Managing Stress

Option 1 – Define stress. Identify and describe the three (3) main types of stressors. Provide an example of each type of these stressors. List the P.O.W.E.R. principles/steps in effectively managing stress. In thinking about your own stressors, describe three (3) healthy coping strategies that you have employed in the past or that you could use in the future to help you effectively manage these stressors.

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Research Proposal Presentation

The topic one summary is included, all the information their needs to be added to the power pointUse your Topic 1 summary to create a rough draft of the presentation due in Topic 3 where you will be presenting an original research proposal in an 8-12-slide PowerPoint Include the following in the presentaiton:Introduction (1 slide)Research Questions/Hypotheses (1 slide)Literature Review/Theory (2-3 slides)Methods & Data Collection (1-2 slides)Hypothetical Data Presentation/Findings (2-3 slides)Future Research (1 slide)Conclusion (1 slide)References (1 slide)

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Positive Reinforcement

Instructions: By now you have read Chapter 6: Learning. You job for this assignment is to answer the following personal adjustment/critical thinking questions that pertain to topics in chapter 6. Each answer needs to be a minimum of one paragraph (5 sentences) to received full credit.Questions:What is your personal definition of learning? How do your ideas about learning compare with the definition of learning presented in this text?Think of a behavior that you have that you would like to change. How could you use behavior modification, specifically positive reinforcement, to change your behavior? What is your positive reinforcer?Critical Thinking: Cara is 17 years old. Cara’s mother and father both drink alcohol every night. They tell Cara that drinking is bad and she shouldn’t do it. Cara goes to a party where beer is being served. What do you think Cara will do? Why?

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Multicultural Psychology Article

You are required to choose any topic on multicultural psychology to write an article on, and you must use four subheadings to discuss the important issues in your article.My four topics are stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

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Child and Adolescent Psychology

PSY-355-Child and Adolescent PsychologyConception, Birth, and the Newborn WorksheetPart 1Directions: Provide a 25- to 50- word summary of development during each of the prenatal stages listed below.1 Month:7 Weeks:3 Months:4 Months:5 Months:6 Months:7 Months:8 Months:9 Months/Newborn:Part 2Directions: Write a 150- to 300- word response to each of the following questions; include any references and APA citations in your answer:1. What is a teratogen? How does it affect normal prenatal development? Provide at least two examples to support your response.2. What are the differences in the roles of mothers and fathers in bonding with a newborn? How can a father be an active participant in raising a newborn?© 2015. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.© 2015. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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The Final Un’ Ad

I have attached my Un’ ad that I created and I also have attached the example that was provided on how to do the actual Un’ ad. I need you to use the actual ad that I have attached below and make the Un’ ad better than what I did and touch each aspect of the Un’ ad requirements. The directions are in the example of how to do the Un’ad and I have also attached the actual questions of A-H. The main focus is focusing on PowerPoint D and E. The actual ad that I used is below.These are the questions: The main focus is question D an E read the example to understand more clearly.a) What product or service is the ad selling?b) What deep need or desire is the ad appealing to? (In other words, does the ad appeal to your desire to have love, friends, esteem, power, happiness, wealth, beauty, joy, etc.?)c) Who is the intended audience, and what do you suppose their reaction to the ad might be? Name and describe the specific classes, races, body types, group(s), etc.d) Who is disregarded (or negatively referenced [real or implied]) by the ad? Name and describe the specific classes, races, body types, group(s), etc.e) What suffering, exploitation, or destruction is hidden from view? Here, the reference is toward the ad or the company promoting the ad. Be specific. (You might have to do some research on this one.)f) How does the ad affect your personal desires, self image, beliefs, and consumer choices?g) What would life (really) be like without the product or service that the ad is selling? What would life be like without the larger industry that facilitates that business?h) Step Three: Now that you’ve done the exercise, do you perceive your favorite advertisement in a different light ? Why or why not? Be specific.

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Risk and Quality Management

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:What are some challenges of risk and quality management? Explain.Which do you believe is the hardest challenge to overcome? Why?

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Theoretical Perspectives

Theoretical Perspectives and InterventionsFor your primary post, identify and describe a theoretical perspective that guides the intervention you have chosen for your program. Briefly explain this theoretical perspective and your rationale for choosing itNext, explain how the interventions support this theoretical perspective. Next, analyze how the program addresses or corrects the problem from a micro, mezzo and macro system level.***MINIMUM OF 350 WORDS***

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