Self Awareness and Personal Values

One scholarly source…Option 2: What were your scores for the Value Orientation exercise in this week’s chapter reading? What are your thoughts about your orientation and how it makes you an effective leader? Note: You can take a photo of your results and post them with your initial discussion postFor this week, I completed Exercise 7-1 Personal Values – What Is Important to You?, (Manning and Curtis, 2019, 114-120). My scores are as follows;Theoretical 109Economic 57Aesthetic 51Social 105Political 67Religious 31I am not surprised by the results, and feel they are a reflection of what my Value Orientation has always been. I know I find my values within the intangible. Rather than money, influence and power, I seek strong emotional bonds and a higher understanding of the world around me. It is a struggle for me to utilize these values for effective leadership. I tend to be a push over. But, I do function well as a teammate and coworker. I guess those that I work with see different value than I in some respects.While this is how I view myself at this time, I have faith that my abilities as a leader can improve. Now that I have a clear view of what I bring to the table, I can better “sell” myself as a potential leader. While personal values are regarded as largely a product of early development, people have the ability to purposely adjust in a mindful way. One way a person can hone their self awareness and apply their personal values to ethical decision making is through formal education. Conejo and Loyd (2020) state, “Consistent intentional opportunities for exploration and application of professional values in students’ formal education would support early professional values development,” (119). In short, I am becoming a better leader during this class because of the exposure to the concept and the opportunities to “flex” my leadership potential

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TypeS of Consulting Firm

Week Five: Consultant Scenario Paper and Presentatio0. Finalize a 2,800 to 3,500-word paper that includes the following:A summary of the type of consulting firm and the services you will offerA description of the roles of each team memberA detailed analysis of how the content or concepts from at least five undergraduate core courses facilitated the analysis, development, and preparation of your weekly assignments and your final presentation: Identify the courses and the specific content or concepts from each course.A reference list with at least 10 resources used in the analysis and development of your weekly assignments and your final presentation

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Physical Abilities

Compare and contrast four different kinds of physical abilities.View keyboard shortcuts

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Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist David Elkind has called today’s child the “hurried child.” Do you believe that children today are stressed and over scheduled? Why, or why not?

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Personal Adolescent Experience

Personal adolescent experienceFor this assignment, I’d like you to write a narrative of your personal adolescent experience. PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR PAPER.· What was puberty like for you? Did you mature early, late, or just on time?· Do you remember instances of experiencing the “imaginary audience” and/or “personal fable” during junior high or high school? Please explain.· Can you recall any particular incident that tested your own moral development during this life stage? Do you think you would have explained your behavior in a preconventional, conventional, or post-conventional way?· What was your self-esteem like in high school?· Using Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial theory and Marcia’s identity statuses, describe where you are currently and why.· What were your romantic relationships like in adolescence? Are you currently in a relationship? What are some of the issues you struggle with?Please write this with formal paragraphs and include a conclusion. Your paper should be AT LEAST 3 pages in length. Please follow the requirements by reading your text and familiarizing yourself with the concepts listed above and how they applied to you in your life.Example…Romantic RelationshipsI did not have very many romantic relationships during high school but did have a few dates at the end of my senior year. I do not regret this as I feel that it aided me on staying focused on school and there was less drama. However, at the time, when many of my friends were in relationships, I felt left out at times…..

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A Feasibility Report

Write a research proposal for a feasibility report. The audience is whoever will be funding your research. This will be an unsolicited proposal and can be either an internal or an external report. You must convince someone that a problem exists and that he or she should fund your research to discover a solution.N.B.: You are asking someone for money to look into a problem (the big report). You do not need to come up with a solution to that problem yet. Your task here is convince your audience to FUND YOUR RESEARCH. Add an abstract at the beginning of your proposal.Use the form in Markel’s Structure section (pp. 428-35 [10th 449-56]). Include the following items:1. Summary(Abstract)2. Introduction (give background about your problem here)3. Proposed Program (this is NOT your solution!–save that for your big rpt. . . .Instead, here talk about your problem and your plan for researching it. Include:Methods–how you’ll look into it . . . and . . .Resources–what items you’ll need to do your rsch.– for instance, office space, library budget,a staff asst., perhaps a new computer, paper, ink, etc.)4. Qualifications and Experience (why you are the best person to look into this problem)5. Budget (be detailed/specific; be realistic about costs–this is where dollar amounts should go)6. appropriate Appendices (include a Task Schedule here; a References sect. is not necessary)Set the proposal up as a report, not as a memo. (It will be double spaced.) Your proposal will be similar to the sample on pp.436-42 [10th 457-62], but keep in mind that some sections will differ, since you are writing a grant proposal. Note that the sample does not follow the order listed above.For grading criteria, refer to the writer’s checklist on p. 443 [10th 463]. You will also be responsible for having narrowed your topic sufficiently and for addressing a real-world problem with cost-benefit analysis.–Length will vary, depending on amountof preliminary research and other considerations (Avg.= 6-7 pp.)

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Positive Psychology

Read the above article on Happiness and watch the video on Positive Psychology. How important is it for the field of Psychology to focus on happiness? Prior to reading the article were there any of the “eight steps toward a more satisfying life” you had practiced? Take the survey at the end, how did you do? Surprised? If you had to choose between being healthy (mentally & physically) or happy, which would you choose and why? What do you believe is the relationship between health, happiness, and spirituality? Does one cause

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Substance Abuse Issues

Each day, millions of children and youth under age 18 provide care to a sibling, parent or grandparent because of mental/physical health or substance abuse issues (Hamill, 2012 ; Hunt et al, 2005; Kavanaugh, 2014; National Center for Education Statistics, 2018; Stamatopolous, 2018). Despite their prevalence, most of these young people are hidden from view, silently working to provide the care that their loved ones need with little or no education, training or support from the outside world (Kavanaugh et al, 2019).After examining some of the readings, concerning ages of child caregivers, and the roles these caregivers often take, consider why these caregivers are often hidden and how we might better identify and support them. How might the task of identifying caregivers differ depending on who they are giving care for and on the nature of the illness causing a need for care. Choose a particular type of caregiving that a child might do. Looking at the aspects of resilience that we’ve outlined in class thus far… what might we do to support children who are giving care for someone in these circumstances?

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Developmental Tasks

Growth and Development Assessment Project Guidelines:Choose a person you know well and complete a developmental analysis of this person’s current period of development. You can choose a person from any of the developmental stages excluding infancy and toddlerhood. Through observation and communications with the person, assess the individual’s current period of development. Within that specific period of life, provide a detailed comparison of the subject’s physically, cognitive, and psychosocial development to the established norms, developmental milestones, and theories from textbooks and scholastic resources. All three areas of development (physical, cognitive, and psychosocial) must be examined in depth with various theories, established norms, and examples of met and unmet developmental tasks. The assessment is not a chronological lifespan report on a single theorist. It should focus primarily on the individual’s current period of life. However, if the person has unmet tasks, you can examine earlier periods of life influential to the delay.This analysis needs to be a minimum of 4 completed pages of content (excluding title page, reference page, and charts) and a maximum of 6 pages. Again, be sure to utilize various theories, established norms, and developmental milestones and apply those to all three areas of development of your chosen person.

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Development of Motor Skills

1. How might contextual factors such as neighborhood, family, school, and culture influence the development of motor skills? Provide 2 examples.

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