The Criminal Justice Process

Research the NJ Court’s Website.  Answer the following questions: a) Do you find the criminal justice process complex? b) Regarding the indictment process and the arraignment process, would it be prudent to combine these processes? c) How are status and pretrial conferences critical to the criminal justice process? d) How are presentence investigations and reports essential to the administration of justice and the criminal justice process? e) Choose one process and argue for or against its usefulness in trying to achieve the greater good. In addition to external research, remember to review the lecture, readings and resources for this unit to help you formulate your responses. Please be sure to fully develop your responses to each question presented. Your position, argument or rationale should never be assumed.

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Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract

In a Word document, write a research paper discussing the Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract. The paper should discuss each type of remedy and why it would be awarded. For each remedy, cite a case where the remedy was used and it impacts.  The five basic remedies for breach of contract include the following: money damages, restitution, rescission, reformation, and specific performance. The paper should be 3-4 pages in APA or MLA format and use at least three sources other that the textbook.

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Affordability Housing

I need a paper on affordability housing crisis in U.S. applied specifically to New Jersey state, written with thesis/argument and evidential support to argument for and against + conclusion.  It needs to be an argumentative essay with a developed author’s opinion.

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Municipal Judges

In Texas, all but municipal judges (and any type of family court judge) are elected in partisan election. This is an unusual way to select judges. Also, judges on some of the “lowest” level courts are not required to be attorneys. Do you agree with these practices and why or why not?

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Women Espoused in these Cases

please follow directions below only use information and cases i provided for you: Bradwell, Muller, Michael M. and Miller v. Albright each take a particular view of women.  Please describe the view of women espoused in these cases.  Please discuss whether you think views of women have changed in our current environment.  Please write no more than 500 words. Bradwell v. Illinois, (1873)  read entire summary Muller v. Oregon, (1908) first 3 paragraphs, then skip to “That woman’s physical…” to end Michael M. v. Superior Court of Sonoma County (1981) Miller v. Albright, (1998), syllabus

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HR Teams Motivated during the Covid Pandemic

APA-formatted, literature review paper of no more than 7 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font, excluding references) that answers your guiding question. The paper should include a synthesis of relevant and credible research. The goal for this assignment is to provide a literature review that has both depth of reviewed literature and efficiency in the written presentation. Literature reviews in empirical articles in top journals are examples of literature reviews with depth of reviewed literature that is efficiently presented.   Problem of Practice The need to keep HR teams motivated during the Covid Panademic.   What are the causes of low motivation among HR teams? How has the pandemic influenced this? What are the research recommended strategies/solutions for improving motivation during Covid? How do researchers access/measure motivation?

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Supreme Court Case

1. Summarize the main information or story of the case.  What is the background story, who are the plaintiffs and defendants?  For this you can provide the main background information as to how this case came to be, where it took place, and how it ended up getting all the way to the Supreme Court 2. What is the main Constitutional question being discussed and decided by the court?  Does it relate to any of the 10 Bill of Rights? Is this a controversial social/political issue, and why?  Are there any past issues or cases that you case was revisiting?  3. Based on the arguments presented by the plaintiff and defendant, how do you personally feel about the case?  Present your own argument and perspective on the issue that the case focuses on.  Look at it as if you were a Judge, how would you rule? 4. What was the decision made by the majority of the court?  What was their main constitutional argument in favor of their decision?  What was the main argument of the dissent opinion?  Who do you agree with and why?

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Legal Profession Underwent Enormous Change

Between the 1920s and the 1930s the legal profession underwent enormous change. Some groups that had previously been pushing to enter (mostly unsuccessfully) were able to enter the profession because of the Great Depression and the New Deal. How did this change come about?What was the big shift between the 1920s and the later 1930s? [no need for lots of detail here: you’re looking for the big-picture shift and why it happened]

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Having experienced a robust debate discussion regarding if these two laws should be flexible, it is time to shift gears a bit and consider the broader implications of changing laws from an ethical and philosophical perspective. Read  to frame this week’s discussion. Complete the following: What is your initial perspective after reading the article?  Based on your review of the article, is there an ethical/philosophical consideration that supports/ challenges the article’s considerations?  Part 2 Provide an argument ‘AGAINST’ there being an ethical/philosophical reasoning for changing laws.  Notes: While considering the implications of changing laws from an ethical and philosophical perspective, keep in mind that the most important function of the legislative branch, whether at the federal or state level, is to create and/or abolish laws. Because the government is created by the people to protect their liberty, the purpose of laws must be to defend the rights of the people. Therefore, laws should be written in a manner that makes them accessible to everyone – or at the least as many people as possible. In your professional life, you can apply these principles by taking into consideration whether the rules and codes at your company are clear, simple, and ethical. The modern trend is to create laws that are unnecessarily long and nearly incomprehensible. For example, the Dodd-Frank Act, which you reviewed for your prior discussion board, checks in at over 2300 pages. The Declaration of Independence, one of the most important documents in our nations history, was only 1,337 words long. The lesson to be learned is succinctly stated by the Declaration’s author, Thomas Jefferson, who said, “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

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Supreme Court

Complete a case essay on any United States Supreme Court case that involves an interpretation of the Constitution – this encompasses most of the cases that come before the Supreme Court. However, please choose a case that was heard by the Supreme Court from 2009 to the present. Again, please do not choose a case that is older than 2009. This will help ensure that you are writing your essay on current, relevant case law. – Your essay should be around 2 pages and contain the following information: – Who is involved in the case? – How has the case moved through the legal system (who filed it, in what court? What appellate court heard it? How did it get to the Supreme Court?)? – What was the issue in the case? – What did the Court decide? (note that the US Supreme Court is called “Court”, not “court” and not “SCOTUS”) – What was the Court’s analysis (WHY did they decide as they did)? – Did any Justices dissent, and if so, what did they have to say? – What is the impact of this case? If you can’t find a good case, you can always message me for ideas. If you search on Nexis Uni or you should be able to find something. Please remember that if you cut and paste something from the internet into your assignment, that is plagiarism and you will receive a 0 for the assignment and be reported to the school. Please note that any site ending with “pedia”is not a reliable site and will not be accepted as a resource. The rubric for this assignment is attached. Please note: Papers will be automatically added to and checked against the standard Turnitin repositories. Originality reports will be returned to the faculty and student in roughly 15 minutes of the submission. Multiple submissions are allowed. Please make sure you are not copying and pasting from your source. Most of the material should be paraphrased in your own words; verbatim quotations should make up no more than 10% of the essay. Since the purpose to is highlight and summarize key information, merely copying and pasting from the case does not accomplish this goal. Please use your own words and use quotations sparingly.

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