Marijuana be Legal in Every State

Choose a topic, research it and state your position but… support your position with research and data. You should have 7 pages in total. Do not include an abstract. Please make sure your citations are correct. Anything with more than a 20% similarity index is a failing paper. Page 1- Cover page (Do not put any pictures follow APA format) Page 2- Content Page 3- Content Page 4- Content Page 5- Content Page 6- Content Page 7- Reference Page

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Deductive Theory of Policymaking

For a Public Policy making course. Write 500-700 words on the subject below.  Papers may be single or double-spaced and employ three-quarter or one-inch margins.  Outline your ideas so far regarding a deductive theory of policymaking to be implemented in the final essay assignment.

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Comprehensive Death Penalty Essay

Powerpoint: Review the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) Website: Read/Review the DPIC on the Policy Issues  Arbitrariness  Costs  Deterrence  Innocence  Intellectual Disability  International (Foreign Nationals)  Juveniles  Mental Illness   Race Representation  Read & Review Facts & Research  Fact Sheet  History of the Death Penalty  Crimes Punishable by the Death Penalty  Sentencing Data  Read/Review  Death Row  Death Row Overview  Racial Demographics 2. Write a 2-3 page comprehensive essay, in APA Format, of your understanding of eight Issues or Challenges to Implementing the Death Penalty as presented in the PowerPoint presentation and DPIC website. Include the six challenges presented in the PowerPoint/Lecture consisting of the following: 1. Proportionality  2. Imposing the Death Penalty  3. Nature/Background of the Offender  4. Bias/Discrimination/Sentencing Disparity  5. Method of Death  6. Competence of Counsel  Select two additional challenges from the DPIC Website and include those with the six presented in the PowerPoint for a total of eight challenges. Review the related PowerPoint in this section as well as the video on the PowerPoint. There are more than six challenges (DPIC) but the six described in the PowerPoint and video are the most often used for appeals. Describe the 6 challenges posted from the PowerPoint and video, then select/write on 2 others, found in the DPIC website you would like to comment about. This essay is not about whether you agree or disagree with the Death Penalty. The objective of this essay is to write about your understanding of eight major Issues/challenges when implementing the Death Penalty.

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MLS Application to Law School

Writing Sample Essay: Please upload a 1-2 page essay (12 pt font, double spaced) explaining the ways that the law impacts your current workplace or position and how gaining a better understanding of the law and the US legal system will benefit you in your work. Please also explain how the MSL will help support your goals in your current workplace or in a desired future position. Note: The essay will be used as a professional writing sample. As such, it is suggested that you carefully review the essay for typos, clarity, spelling, logic, and structure before uploading. I am in the military having a understanding of the law would be beneficial. This understanding would help me advise officers above me when making decisions strategically and civilly. Receiving this degree would open up an opportunity to become a legal officer in the Army. This is also a dream that I have had since a child.

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Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure

Good afternoon everyone, Your next assignment is to review Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, articles 1457 – 1463. Once you have reviewed the articles, complete the following: 1)  Explain the use of Interrogatories and the various Requests permitted under the referenced articles thoroughly, including a discussion of: A) The procedure for their use; B) What you perceive as the purpose of their use; C) Limitations on their use (including a discussion of limitations on scope, number, timing, etc.) why you think these limitations exist, and whether you think they are fair to all parties (and why); and D) Which type of Interrogatories or Requests you think would allow you to obtain the most information (and why) and which do you believe will be the most credible (and why). 2) Using the fact pattern set out for Assignment 3, and with a goal of obtaining the most information you can about each party, draft no less than 15 Interrogatories you would submit to each party, 15 Requests for Production of Documents you would submit to each party, and any other Requests you would make of any party (entry upon land, inspection of a thing, etc.)

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Criminal Justice policy

Directions: For this writing assignment, please use chapters 7 through 16 in your text book and other academic sources as needed. This assignment should be between 5 and 7 pages long, double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins. No cover page required. Please follow APA guidelines for in-text citations and bibliography entries. Please sure left-justified subheadings to organize your work.  This assignment is concerned with criminal justice policy. Select a current criminal justice policy that you believe is ineffective or is unjust. Provide a summary of that policy and explain how or why it is ineffective or unjust. (10 points) Develop a plan to improve the policy you have selected using the information presented in chapters 7 through 16 of the textbook. You may use as many theories or frameworks as you need to develop a strong, thorough, and theoretically driven position. Keep in mind, each chapter includes discussions on policy implications. (20 points) Discuss the social or political challenges that your reformed criminal justice policy will face. Also, discuss how you might overcome those challenges to ensure an adequate implementation of your improved policy. (10 points). Discuss how you will evaluate the success or failure of your changed policy (Think Science/Methods). (10 points).

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Case Analysis of Uber

A Case Analysis of Uber Uber is a ride-sharing service started in 2009. If you are not familiar with Uber, you can learn more about the services it provides at Construct an eight-page analysis of Uber using the following criteria. Analyze the market before Uber’s entry. Describe the inefficiency Uber exploited. Explain Uber’s surge pricing in the context of shifts in supply and demand. Evaluate Uber’s surge pricing in the context of price discrimination. Apply the concepts of economies of scale and economies of scope to Uber’s business model. Apply the concepts of game theory to Uber’s market. Assess Uber’s potential for international expansion and potential trade policy issues. Explain the incentive pay model Uber uses and how it affects the principal-agent problem. Discuss any asymmetric information issues with Uber’s business model. Your essay must be at least eight pages in length (not counting the title and references pages) and include at least five peer-reviewed resources. Adhere to APA Style when writing your analysis, including citations and references for sources used. Be sure to include an introduction. Please note that no abstract is needed. If you wish to include a supply and demand graph in your paper, view the video How to Graph in Word for some guidance. Also, not that any graphs you include in your paper should be placed in the Appendix of your paper.

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Podcast about Polling

Please listen to the November 10 episode of the NY times podcast The Daily ( In this, the host Michael Barbaro speaks with Nate Cohn about the polling errors in the polls for this election. Nate Cohn is the journalist who headed the New York Times polling. They discuss the polling error, what it led to, and what may be the causes. They also talk about polls in general. Give us your takeaway from this episode. Write down what you understand by polling error and what you understand as going awry (if anything) in this election season with the polls. Barbaro and Cohn also discuss the future of polling. What do you think about this? Which category or assessment do you agree with? Why?

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Delay Case

I would like for you to research a recent construction delay case in the US Construction industry that involved legal proceedings (a court case). Your analysis should include a background/introduction to the project, a detailed narrative as to the type of delay and its cause. Highlight the issue at hand (Who was liable to whom for damages? Who was entitled to extra costs, if applicable? Etc)…. …and how did the Courts rule, as in, what were the findings (who ended up being liable and who paid who)…  Provide a minimum of 2 pages (excluding title page, abstract and reference page), using the APA Formatting Style (Title Page, Abstract, Running Head and proper citation), citing a minimum of two references.

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Administrative Law

Based on the course’s second week of assigned readings, briefly outline the historical rise and expansion that led to the modern administrative law/regulatory system now in place here in the United States. For this assignment, you are a senior public administrator working for Federal Agency ‘X,’ and you have been asked to prepare a detailed but concise information pamphlet highlighting the historical evolution of American administrative regulations for all new employees to read as they in-process into your agency.  Be sure to chronologically highlight key legislation, influential political leaders, and/or significant historical events that drove distinct fundamental shifts (or significant refinements/realignments) in how American’s modern federal-level administrative, regulatory functions are implemented.  Explain if you believe these functions are sufficiently transparent with due process and equal access as the Founding Fathers intended. Critically analyze the contemporary relationship between federal agency bureaucrats and the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government. From your perspective, determine if there are elements of the separation of powers that work better than others and thoroughly explain your response. Support your assignment with at least five scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included. Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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