Science and Courts Presentation

Prepare a 10 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you discuss the following: The role that the behavioral sciences plays in a criminal investigation The requirements necessary to obtain expert witness designation and acceptance of expert witness testimony Court rules with regard to the acceptance of evidence and testimony related to the behavioral sciences The areas of forensic science and psychological profiling that may be challenged during court

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The Calamities of Consensus

Chapter 9 – Case Incident 1 page 316 “The Calamities of Consensus.” Use material from the text as well as outside credible sources to build your answers. The case should address all questions and should be around 2-3 pages long.  Follow APA style cite sources and provide a reference page at the end of the assignment. The Attach as a Word document 5- Case Incident 1: The Calamities of Consensus   When it is time for groups to reach a decision, many turn to consensus. Consensus, a situation of agreement, seems like a good idea. To achieve consensus, groups must cooperate and collaborate, which ultimately produces higher levels of camaraderie and trust. In addition, if everyone agrees, the prevailing wisdom says that everyone will be more committed to the decision. However, the need for consensus can sometimes be detrimental to group functioning. Consider the “fiscal cliff” faced by the U.S. government toward the end of 2012. The White House and Congress needed to reach a deal that would reduce the swelling budget deficit. However, many Republicans and Democrats stuck to their party lines, refusing to compromise. Many viewed the end product that achieved consensus as a less-than-optimal solution. The public gave Congress an approval rating of only 13 percent, expressing frustration with the lack of compromise, but the group may not have been able to function well partly because of the need for consensus in the face of partisanship. If consensus is reached, does that mean the decision is the right one? Critics of consensus-based methods argue that any decisions ultimately reached are inferior to decisions using other methods such as voting or having team members provide input to their leader, who then makes the final decision. Critics also argue that, because of pressures to conform, groupthink is much more likely, and decisions reached through consensus are simply those everyone dislikes the least. Q) 9-30: Is consensus a good way for groups to make decisions? Why or why not? Q) 9-31: Can you think of a time where a group of which you were part relied on consensus? How do you think a decision turned out? Q) 9-32: Martin Luther King Jr. once proclaimed, ” A genuine leader is not a seeker of consensus but a modeler of consensus.” What do you think he meant by that statement? Do you agree with it? Why or why not ?

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Case Contract

Case Contract The Case Contract information is below: You are an agent for Dino Realty, Inc. (license #4627191), 728 Woodmoor, Round Rock, Tx 78711, and you are working for the buyer, Fred Flintstone, a single man. You show Mr. Flintstone the property owned by Barney and Betty Rubble (husband and wife) located at 8181 Post Oak Lane, (lot 7, block 7, ncb 8402) in Round Rock, Tx 78711, Rock County. No Exclusions. The house is listed with Rock Bowling, an agent for Bam Bam Realty (license #3539142), 111 N. Prehistoric Drive, Round Rock, Tx 78711 and was constructed in 1993. Please list the address of the concerning property. The listing broker will pay the cooperating broker a 3% commission. The buyer has seen the Seller’s Disclosure Notice.  Select your addendum used for the transaction. The buyer makes an offer of $40,000 on the property with 10% down and will finance the remainder with ABC Mortgage with a first mortgage loan at a fixed rate conventional note for 30 years at 9.25% interest. The buyer has 30 days in which to get financing approved. The financing loan fees will be 1% of the loan amount. The buyer proposes $100 as an option fee for the unrestricted right to terminate the contract within 10 days. The option fee is to be credited to the purchase price at closing. The buyer writes a $1,000 earnest money check payable to Bedrock Title Company at 400 Stone Quarry Road. No additional earnest money.  The buyer has received the Notice. The buyer accept the property as is and the buyer will pay for any lender required repairs but not to exceed $500. If there are any additional lender required repairs, the buyer requests the seller pay the difference. The buyer also asks that the seller pay for the title policy and the survey issued by Bedrock Title Company. The buyer will pay for the appraisal. The property is located in a subdivision with no homeowner’s association, but the buyer is concerned that the subdivision’s restriction may prohibit a home based business on the premises. The buyer wants to close and take possession in 30 days, and wants the seller to provide a home warranty on the premises for 1 year at a cost not to exceed $355. No settlement and other seller expenses. Neither party is represented by an attorney. You need to include nothing in the box below. Associate’s name is for students.  Read the Case first, and make sure you’ve printed it. Once you have determined the appropriate TREC form to use, go to the TREC website ( and download and save the the appropriate Sales Contract form and any required addenda, related to the Case information. Click here and please save your downloaded real estate forms and addendum from TREC website first before you type on them and save your fill in the blank work often to complete your Case  I have provided you with two PDF readers with the capability to allow you to type directly onto any PDF file: After you download the the PDF reader “fill in” you should be able to type directly on the form.  Be sure to appropriately reference the addenda in the contract and include the filled-in addenda with the contract, when submitting for your grade. Once you have downloaded the appropriate Sales Contract form and addenda, use the information from the Case Contract below to properly fill in the information onto the Sales Contract and addenda.**    **To avoid losing 53 points from your case contract grade, please provide the required addendum that applies to the Case.  After completing all the information on the Sales Contract and addenda, send your case final in a PDF file or scan and email your case final to [email protected] make sure you include a copy of BOTH the Sales Contract with addenda.

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Identity Crises

First Develop a timeline of your physical, emotional, and social developmental milestones from birth until present. Examples may include first words, first day of school, college, and first job. Label each milestone as physical, emotional, social, or a combination. The timeline should be a linear depiction of your development. Make the outline based on a 20 year old college student (male) that was born in july 2000.  Erikson’s theory of physical, emotional, and psychological human development described eight stages of life characterized by a different psychological crisis that must be resolved before a person can successfully progress to the next stage.  Then In 2 double-spaced pages, explain identity crises that you have struggled with, or are experiencing. What were some of the big moments that made an impact on your life? What are basic skills and values that are necessary to successfully resolve an identity crisis? The paper portion of this assignment should adhere to APA guidelines

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International Bribery & Trade

Evaluate two of the scenarios listed below and explain the best solution for each. Include comments related to any ethical issues that arise. Support your responses with appropriate cases, laws and other relevant examples by using at least one scholarly source from the SUO Library in addition to your textbook for each scenario. Scenario 1—International Trade The Director of Purchasing for parts distribution company wants to purchase steel coach screws from Germany; however, he is not sure what the best option is. The director comes to you and asks your opinion. You know that Germany, Canada, and Korea are the best sources for obtaining this product. While your research shows coach screws from Germany are of the highest quality, the United States imposes a tariff of 12.5%, which makes this option noncompetitive. Which US trade laws should you consider when selecting a country?  Is there any way by which you can seek a reduction on the tariff? If so, how? If not, why?  Select an alternative country (Canada or Korea) for purchasing the coach screws and explain your reasons for selecting the country. Scenario 2 – Bribery Slyce Pizza Company purchased four commercial refrigerators for the restaurants and eight pizza ovens from a supplier in Italy. Between the shipping costs, delays, and unanticipated duties, the purchasing manager was worried that his boss would be upset about the total costs. In an effort to reduce costs, the manager offered a US Customs officer $500 in cash to re-classify the imported goods to reduce the amount of duties owed. Analyze the legal and ethical ramifications of the purchasing manager’s offer to the customs official? Would it make a difference if the purchasing manager offered to donate $500 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital if the officer expedited the paperwork necessary to release the goods from custom’s custody?

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Benefits of lawyers


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Anti Racism in a Community

please everything is based on police and community. 2. please explain how building trust within community will help in policing. please follow the instructions carefully please please use only 2 slides to explain the topic carefully

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Mental Health in the Courts

Mental Health in the Courts # 7 Due Sunday November 1 What  are the major points of these articles. Outline A CONVERSATION WITH Park Dietz; A Psychiatrist’s-Eye View Of Murder and Insanity by ANASTASIA TOUFEXIS. Available on Internet. Actions Considered Insane Often Don’t Meet the Standards of New York’s Legal System by: By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS. Available on Internet. Read article 730 of the Criminal Procedure law [CPL]. Outline the major points of each section for quick reference, we will refer to it again. Read these article from the court-spits-on-officers/ In your own words, explain why -why not Article 730 applies to what will happen to these defendant and the process they will undergo in the article described  Raise as many issues as you can think of .  Argue both sides of the statue . Conclusory assertions are not acceptable . Use the facs. The following questions are illustrative, think of some more ? What will be the final result? who can order the exam? who can be present at the exam ? will a report be produced ? who can challenge the finding of the report . Is there a difference between the two events. Read article 40.15 of the Penal law [PL]. Lack of Criminal Responsibility due to Mental disease or Defect [aka insanity defense]. Make an outline of the main elements of the Insanity defense . WE will go back to it . Explain the difference between CPL 730 and PL 40.15  Suggestion outline the statutes or create a chart . If you cannot access the articles by link, enter the name of the article in your search engine. Dancing With Devils A renowned forensic psychiatrist on spotting psychopaths. By Anastasia Toufexis published May 1, 1999 – last reviewed on June 9, 2016

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Police and Policing

The expected length of your paper is ten (10) pages, excluding title and bibliography pgs. It should be typed in MICROSOFT WORD, Times New Roman 12-point font, with double-spacing and one-inch margins. Any references should be cited using the APA format. I will wok on the title page and bibliography page Samuel Walker, “Sense and Nonsense about Crime, Drugs, and Communities” 8th edition must be one of the references used

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Picking Cotton

Name of the book is Picking Cotton Double spaced, minimum of three pages two separate papers for 3 parts to be three pages long so total of 9 pages answering two separate questions 3 sources each so total of 9 sources 1) According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 60% of sexual assaults go unreported to law enforcement. What events in the book might explain this issue? Use examples of treatment Jennifer received at the hospital, at the trial and at home to better describe her experience. Are there other reasons people might not report a sexual assault? 2) Ronald Cotton has several setbacks and challenges throughout his trial and appeals process. Detail some of the injustices he faced. DNA was critical in Cotton’s case, but had its limitations. What were these limitations? What final critical event eventually led to Cotton’s release I actually have one more if possible same guidelines , 3) Explore how Robert describes prison. How does he manage to survive both physically and emotionally? What surprised you most about his prison experiences? If you were in his shoes, how might your experience mirror or contrast with Ronald’s

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