Scholarly Article Review

Instructions: Students will review one peer-reviewed article or book chapter from the reading list. Each review must be 600-750 words, double-spaced.   Information to include in the review: full citation (not included in word count), background of the authors, main argument(s), research methods (if applicable), conclusions, and connection to your experiences and other readings/course material. References must be included (APA style) and final references are not included in word count. Compare what the authors discuss and how this relates to your understanding of the concepts brought up. Find other authors who support or disagree with what your author states. Think critically.

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[SOLVED] Football Commentary Script

football commentary script also with what the players will be saying

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[SOLVED] Evidence of a Sports Development Programme

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of management theory to facilitate case and project work in sport Work collaboratively using management principles and concepts to develop projects facilitating a desired set of objectives You are to plan a small sports development event targeting fellow students at the University. This assessment should summarise the key issues you would need to consider in planning such an event. The assessment should be provided in the format of a portfolio. It could cover the following type of information ? The details of the event you planned and the rationale for its choice (e.g. why did you chose the event you did, what Sports Development theory underpinned this etc.) ? The needs and wants of customers to help shape the development of your idea ? The key steps you would need to undertake to plan the event (e.g. meetings, background research etc.) ? The approach to your marketing mix, (product, promotion, marketing and communication) ? The importance of teamwork in planning events ? The importance of quality leadership and management in making the event happen As this is an applied based exercise, it is expected that you draw upon a wide-variety of information sources, i.e., policy documents, industry periodical articles, as well as academic publications (book chapters and journal articles) to help support your ideas and discussion. All work should be written in the third person. Submission Deadline Marks and Feedback Before 10am on: 14/08/2020 20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7) 15 working days after deadline (L6) 10 working days after deadline (block delivery) 04/09/2020 Unit title & code SPO062-1 Assignment number and title Referral Assessment – Evidence of a Sports Development Programme Assignment type A Written Report Weighting of assignment 100% Size or length of assessment 2000 words Unit learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of management theory to facilitate case and project work in sport 2. Work collaboratively using management principles and concepts to develop projects facilitating a desired set of objectives

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[SOLVED] Pros and Cons of the Sport

In your final research paper, you will research and explore the benefits and dangers of today’s sports. The movie Concussion, based on the discoveries and research by Nigerian doctor, Bennet Omalu, generated controversy by suggesting that the game of football, along with other sports, promoted serious physical and even life-threatening injuries to players. A barrage of news articles, texts, and documentaries posed the following question: “Are Sports Becoming Too Dangerous?”  For the final research paper: Choose a sport (boxing, ice-skating, football, rugby, etc.), and research the pros and cons of the sport. Your research should be reliable and extensive (10 to 15 sources minimum). These journals, articles, and resources are a good place to start: British Broadcasting Co. “Are Sports Becoming Too Dangerous?” National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (US Department of Health and Human Services) Journal of Sport & Health Science (JSHS) NFL Concussion Litigation Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy For this final research paper, follow these steps: Choose a sport (boxing, ice-skating, football, rugby, et al), and research 10 to 15 sources generating the pros and cons of the sport. In your first two pages of writing, create a case for the benefits of this sport. (Keep your personal feelings removed from these first two pages. Only submit the evidence based on your research and carefully document that evidence through in-text (parenthetical) citations. In pages three and four, create a case for the dangers of this sport. This writing is not based on personal observation, but on your well-documented evidence. In pages five and six should be a summation of the conclusions that you were able to surmise based on the research. You may include graphs and figures to enhance the position of your essay. These would be inserted as an appendix after your essay and before your works cited page. The final page of this paper should be a properly documented works cited page (10-15 sources that were listed throughout your paper). Be sure to include texts and scholarly journals as well as online sources. Locate 10 to 15 reliable, credible, and valid resources about the pros and cons of your sport of choice. Write an essay using those resources, citing them properly both in-text and in the works cited page. Include your personal opinion only after explaining and describing the research you gathered.

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[SOLVED] Discrimination in Gender Issues

The Paper is mostly going to cover the pay gap between men and women in multiple sports I’m going to include my thesis statement and the references that I already have for it. My current thesis could use some editing to it. This was my professor comment on my thesis “I am going to approved this with reservation. First the WNBA was not around in the 1950’s. It was founded until 1996 and play did not begin until 1997. I am not sure you can find the scholarly articles you need for this – you may want to look at pay gap between men and women athletes including the WNBA, Tennis, and Soccer, Softball? at at minimum?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. This is a secondary source and you would need a minimum of 3 journal articles but it might get you headed in the right direction. ?” Also The paper requirement was 1200 words minimum….. 🙂

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[SOLVED] Court of Arbitration for Sport

No Sources needed 2.What the potential public reaction will be to your decision in Russia and the rest of the world, and how you will manage this. 3.What are the potential implications of your ruling for other nations and other sports? Please answer Questions 2 and 3 with important bullet points and notes as if we were doing a PowerPoint presentation, but with short paragraphs and if necessary some bullet points. Please clearly read the instructions for question 2 and 3 in the files and read the following context that must be done below, you must write your answers based on the information that I am putting below. You must write more information and please expand on the points spoken below for these two questions (For question 2) The public is likely to have a negative reaction to our decision to uphold the decision made by WADA. Data on why people watch/support events like the Olympics – specifically regarding patriotism (explaining why there is likely to be a negative reaction) Clear explanation on the decision so that people can understand the ban: RUSADA statement admitting and explaining the problem CAS statement explaining our decision (For question 3) Implications for other nations could be the competition aspect. Some nations are more competitive with other nations, therefore if Russia is banned, some nations may not be as competitive.? The WADA must follow through with other nations and any potential doping scandals. Some nations may want to partake in the Olympics as independent nations. For example Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland participating independently instead of the Great British team.

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[SOLVED] Autobiography of Involvement in Sport

I would like to do the assignment together over zoom as I have the information and ideas but Write an autobiography of your involvement in sport or the lack thereof.  Integrate relevant lecture materials, videos and readings with recollections of personal experiences in so doing.  This is an exercise in applied sociology. Use what you are learning in the course to try to analyse your own experiences.  The exercise is about “explaining,” not merely describing.  You may write in the first person I was into ballet and I am naturally flexible but there finance issues. –   Rugby in high school –   Going into kin –   Moving to Canada and seeing importance of sport involvement –   Turkey is expensive for sports – I was a fat kid that got bullied – low self-esteem so did not want to participate – started sports and developed ED

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[SOLVED] Badminton Reflection Paper

Write a reflection paper following the guidelines outlined in the syllabus thinking about the following questions: Describe 3 front strokes used in the frontcourt and 3 strokes used for the backcourt. 1. 2.

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[SOLVED] Creating a Ethics Handbook

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions There is a continuous need for educating athletic directors and coaches regarding ethical behavior in sport. For your Signature Assignment, you have been appointed the task of creating an ethics handbook based on your context. For example, you might be thinking about PK-12 schools, higher education, or a community organization. Through this code of ethics handbook, illustrate your vision of how you want your program to function. Analyze the course objectives and explain various approaches by using supportive evidence that will enable all parties in the athletic community to learn your sport’s code of conduct. State the context of the sports program (e.g., PK-12 school, recreational league, intercollegiate), and include at least seven of the following topics in your handbook: Message from the Director Relevance of Ethics Regarding the Purpose of Sport Academic Standards (if applicable) Substance Use and Monitoring Policies On-Field and Off-Field Conduct Social Media Use Athletic Scholarships Attendance at Practice, Games, Classes (if applicable) Hazing and Bullying Disciplinary Actions  You may want to review other handbooks prior to working on your own, though your handbook must be your own original creation.  Support your handbook with at least three scholarly resources.  Length: 12-15 pages; not including the title and reference pages

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[SOLVED] Sponsorship Activities

Topic: Please select at least two different (i.e. college, professional, amateur, basketball, baseball, hockey, football, motorsports, golf, tennis, etc.) sporting events to watch on television. You are being asked to select two different types of events in order to contrast the levels of sponsorship activity and presence. Please watch the events and use the resource provided in Blackboard to keep track of sponsorship activity by companies and television networks. Sponsorship activity includes commercials, in-game features, electronic billboards, identification by announcers, and sponsor identification in camera shots. Once you have completed the exercise, please share the data you gathered in your initial thread. For your required replies, locate articles that may be used to support your opinion. Based on the current issue or any archived issues of the Sports Business Journal, please research this topic and support your opinion with a citation or citations. As a convenience for your colleagues in the class, please provide the name of the Sports Business Journal article you locate, as well as the year and month of the publication. In your thread, use one additional resource and one Scripture references, above and beyond what is found in the Sports Business Journal, to support your opinion. Please provide appropriate citations according to APA format.

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