[SOLVED] Dear Abby Letters

1) Dear Abby, I am 37, never married, and have never even dated much. I am quiet, shy, overweight and plain. I have been seeing a man who is 42 years old, and who has also never been married. He has proposed, but I haven’t given him an answer because I don’t think I really […]

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[SOLVED] Examine the assignment scoring guide to be sure you have addressed all of the evaluation criteria

Recommendations Introduction So far, for your course project, you have identified a problem and analyzed data to better understand that problem. Now the question is: what should be done? This is the decision-making part of data analytics. Instructions Working independently (that is, without your group members), propose three to five recommendations based on what you […]

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[SOLVED] Change Strategies That Promote Innovation

Throughout this course, you have read about a wide range of innovative nonprofit organizations that provide a variety of services throughout the globe. For this discussion post, select one organization whose ability to implement organizational change (either new organization development or a change in an existing organization) most impressed you. What elements of this innovative […]

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[SOLVED] Big Data in Human Services and Collaboration in Data Analytics

This discussion only requires 300-360 words each for PART 1 and PART 2. There’s no cover sheet or reference sheet needed. References can be placed below each part of the discussion. Please use in-text citation. This is due by 6 PM on 12/9. Thank You! PART 1: Big Data in Human Services Discuss big data […]

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[SOLVED] Seeking Help

InstructionsDescribe a situation in which you found it necessary to ask someone for help. The request need not have been made of a professional, but it should not have been a trivial matter. For instance, it should not be a superficial experience, such as asking a friend for help finding an apartment. Describe your feelings before, during, and after this experience.The focus of this assignment is on the thoughts and feelings you experienced in relation to asking for help, rather than on the situation itself. Reflect and respond to the questions below.Please address the following questions:Having reflected on your own experience of help-seeking, and who actually provided help, what moves people to turn to professional or formal help?Given your own experience, are there alternate ways of interpreting the act of seeking help?Discuss how your experience relates to the conceptualization of social work practice that has been presented in your readings and in class discussions thus far.What have you learned from this experience of seeking help and the obstacles to help-seeking?What might be some of the deeper concerns people have with regards to needing the help of a professional?In what ways has your thinking about those in need of help shifted as a result of this dialogue?How will the experience you described influence your approach to those who are coming to you for help?

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[SOLVED] Cognitive Restructuring

According to your An Introduction to Group Work Practice text, what is cognitive restructuring?

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Adolescents Life

FINAL: A close look into the life of an Adolescent     The Final Paper should be 8-10 pages, with a minimum of 3 and references from the course readings and 7 references minumum. Adolescent development is a time of “storm and stress.” With that in mind, please discuss the protagonist of one of the following movies: “Real Women have curves,” “The Squid and the Whale” or “First Match” using a clinical and theoretical framework. 1.    Conceptualize the problems keeping in mind the following areas of influence and impact on adolescent development: family, neighborhood, sexual orientation and/or gender identification, race/ethnicity, social media, substance use, sexuality, peer relationships and any other considerations you deem impactful.2.    If you were the youth’s school social worker, from a multidisciplinary framework discuss all the possible disciplines or professionals you would want to work with in order to effectively work with this youth.3.  Discuss possible countertransference issues if the protagonist was your client.4.    Discuss all protective and risk factors as well as any and all clinical interventions you would use if this protagonist was your client. 

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Ability and Disability in the Parker Case

Think of the many names and labels you may have heard to describe persons with disabilities and those that are currently socially acceptable. The changing monikers given to those with disabilities are evidence of the continual negotiation of the society who labels and those who are so labeled to define what disability is and who is disabled. What do these shifting labels suggest about the social construction of disability?Society is inconsistent in its treatment and protection of the rights of individuals with disabilities, creating a situation that contributes to marginalization that can complicate other forms of marginalization and oppression. Consider that being labeled with a disability can be simultaneously something to be fought against because of the stigma it entails and fought for because of the access that it grants to social services that meet basic medical needs, aid economic survival, and improve access to education that society can otherwise deny.By Day 5Post an analysis of the implications of the social construction of disability. Describe how disability can be defined as a social construct. Explain how that relates to the perception of disability. Be specific and draw on examples from the Parker case to illustrate your thoughts. Also, describe the intersection of Stephanie’s mental illness with other characteristics of her identity. Explain how those intersections could serve to further marginalize Stephanie’s place and experiences in society. Finally, explain how such marginalization impacts her ability to make choices, use self-determination, and be an active agent with equitable status in her interactions with other professionals.

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[SOLVED] Critical Thinking Exercise

InstructionsFor this Critical Thinking Exercise, let’s revisit the Barnes Family Timeline and focus on the years 2003-2005.Review the following scenario and then complete the exercise. Answer all of the requests noted in the scenario; be sure to discuss the brain, learning, and behavior.CTE ScenarioAfter Jimmy’s mom died when he was 4 months old, his dad, David, became overwhelmed with grief. Although he continued to provide housing, food, and water for Samantha, an older adopted sister, and Jimmy, he didn’t interact much with Jimmy. It took David 18 months to find relief from his grief and depression and to regain some sense of purpose in his life so he could engage the children more. However, Jimmy is now a toddler and doesn’t interact with the family, other children, or even animals. Jimmy still isn’t speaking much and his vocabulary is very limited compared to his peers. Additionally, Jimmy doesn’t respond to dad’s punishments or rewards when trying to motivate Jimmy to potty train. Consider how Jimmy’s experiences over the last 18 months contributed to his current functioning. Write your CTE on the events you identify as causal agents, and the development in Jimmy that would be the biological basis for his behavior.RequirementsThe CTE has a specific format you need to follow:The maximum word count is 250, not including citations and reference list.Use APA format for your in-text citation and reference list.Use at least one required reading from this module as a reference.

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[SOLVED] Treatment Principles for Traumatized Children and Adolescents

InstructionsReview the Barnes Family Timeline for the years 1994-2004 and focus on Samantha. Then, respond to the prompts below.For this discussion, I would like for you to assess the possible challenges that Samantha will face when she is 9 years old and her adoptive mother dies. Please discuss how you believe her previous life experiences will influence Samantha’s resilience, or lack thereof, regarding the loss of her adoptive mother and the grief of her adoptive father. In your initial post, please include:Experiences that you infer will affect Samantha’s reaction to her adoptive mother’s death.Behaviors you suspect Samantha will exhibit.Identified intervention principles that should be employed to help Samantha.video:https://youtu.be/tsV7tXwPBn0

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