Organizational Structure of Republic Services

1. Describe the organizational structure of Republic Services (RSG-NYSE). What difficulties are there working within this structure? 2. Write a job description for a project manager in a matrix organization. Assume that only the project manager is employed full time by the project. 3. Henry Ford invented mass production. In doing so, he perfected the assembly line concept in which each worker does only one job or a handful of jobs and is given little other responsibility. This worked well for 70 years; however, it became apparent in the 1990s that an increasing number of U.S. companies could not produce a high-quality product by sticking to the assembly line model. What has changed?

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[SOLVED] An ad agency tracks the complaints, by week received, about the billboards

An ad agency tracks the complaints, by week received, about the billboards in its city: a) What type of control chart would you use to monitor this process? Why? b) What are the 3-sigma control limits for this process? Assume that the historical complaint rate is unknown. c) Is the process in control, according to […]

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[SOLVED] Solid Foundation for a Happy Working Environment

Establish a solid foundation for a happy working environmentDorgan’s book, Generation Next, outlines general descriptions of each of the following generations:- The Silent Generation- Boomers- Generation X- Millennials- Generation ZFrom the readings, four life elements were outlined on Values, Lifestyle and Workstyle, Leisure, and Economic Activity for each generation. As a project manager and a hiring manager, pick one of the generations and discuss specific ways you could address each of the five elements to establish a solid foundation for a happy working environment.

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[SOLVED] Cone of Uncertainty

Do some research on the concept and write a word document, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, (about 700 words) that answers the questions:What is the Cone of Uncertainty, what is the core concept?What is the value of the Cone of Uncertainty?You will need an intro heading, a body with headings, a conclusion heading, and references. 

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[SOLVED] Managing Resources and Operations

Assignment DetailsFor this assignment, you will present organizational structure recommendations for your employer or for a different organization with which you are familiar. Choose an organization that is not yet global, and then prepare a 15-minute presentation using PowerPoint (about 15 slides) on your organizational structure recommendations (global, mixed, transnational, subsidiary, export, or others) and why you are making these recommendations. Be sure to incorporate concepts, such as communication or global strategy.Slide #     Slide Topic1    Title2    Introduction of Selected Company3    Review of Globalization and Impact on Selected Company4    Review of Global Organizational Structure Type5    Review of Mixed Organizational Structure Type6    Review of Transnational Structure Type7    Review of Subsidiary Structure Type8    Review of Export Structure Type9    Presentation and Justification of Selected Organizational Structure10    Structure for Selected Company of Selected Organizational Structure11    Potential Barriers to Implementation (e.g., Social, Cultural, Economic, Political, and Others)12    Role of Operations Managers in Selected Structure13    Corporate Social Responsibility in Selected Structure14    Methods and Tools in Selected Structure (e.g., Capacity Planning, Quality Tracking, Forecasting15    References

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[SOLVED] Importance of Effective Communication

Describe a time when the use of too much data, too technical of data, or inadequate data affected a project you were involved with. What would you do differently as the project manager?

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[SOLVED] Project Scope

Question 1: What are five common reasons for crashing a project?Question 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of reducing project scope to accelerate a project? What can be done to reduce the disadvantages?Question 3: Why is scheduling overtime a popular choice for getting projects back on schedule? What are the potential problems for relying on this option?

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[SOLVED] The BP Oil Spill

Case Study: The BP oil spill: British Petroleum’s fatal Deepwater Horizon explosion and resulting oil spill in 2010conduct research, develop an analysis of the issues of the case, determine your argument, provide supporting facts, and identify recommendations with an explanation of your rationalA.    Introduction[B.    Overview  a.      Company History    b.      Leadership    c.      Products and Services Offered    d.      Market share and competition    C.      Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon)      a.      Cause                                                                                 i.     Negligence                                                  ii.     Accidental                                                  iii.     Faulty Equipment      b.      Effect                                                    i.     Environmental                                                  ii.     Wildlife, marine life        c.      Political                                                    i.     Legislative (congressional)      d.      Economic Impact                                                    i.     Workforce                                                  ii.     Resources                                                  iii.     Tourism        e.      Internal Infrastructure                                                    i.     Employee moral                                                  ii.     Legal ramifications

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[SOLVED] Ethics and Ethical Behavior

You are required to write a paper on Ethics and Ethical Behavior as it relates to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The paper content should be based on the concepts of ethics and ethical behavior as discussed in class and within the framework of the article entitled “The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis” about the design flaws in the Citicorp Tower and the ramifications of the actions taken by the different parties.Select only ONE of the following characters and discuss the ethical dilemmas and behavior from their perspective:William J. LeMessurier, Structural EngineerHugh Stubbins Jr., ArchitectJohn S. Reed, Citicorp’s Executive Vice PresidentBase your discussions of your chosen character’s behavior on the six-step process for making an ethical decisions that were discussed in the Ethics in Construction lecture. Your paper should include the following sections at minimum (use section headers):Introducing the character and his role in the events of the Citicorp incident;Identifying and discussing the ethical dilemma(s) that faced your chosen character;Gathering the facts related to the identified ethical dilemma(s);Listing the options the chosen character could take;Discussing the application and results of the action already by the character; andBonus: Describing the expected turn in events if your chosen character took a different course of action that described in the article.The paper must be well-written, concise, with natural flow of ideas. The paper should also be well organized and free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Students are required to use headings and proper formatting to make it easier for the reader to follow the line of thought. The grading of the paper will be based on its: technical content, writing style, and organization.

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[SOLVED] Transforming Organization

Read article “Nestle announces several organizational changes” and write a summary. include the reference from the “Organization Development and Change, 10th ed. Thomas G. Cummings & Christopher G. Worley”, using APA format.Marking Scheme for Article Review1. Clear and succinct summary of the article, appropriate and correct sources cited.2. Content :- Useful précis/ description/ summary of the article. Covers key points of article.- Fair evaluation of article: based on content, not just presentation or liking/disliking.- Reviewer relates the article to the course material (i.e., include the reference to the textbook “Organization Development and Change, 10th ed. Thomas G. Cummings & Christopher G. Worley ” in your summary.)3. Quality of the assignment:- Clear and succinct summary- Fair evaluation of the article- Sources cited correctly- No less than 250 words, 12 size font, single spaced, use APA format for citing sources.

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