Conditional Probability

the objective of this powerpoint is , I need to teach my class about this topic conditional probability, additive law of probability , and bayes’ rule…  therefore you will need to start with 1. conditional probability: definition, properties, formulas and example wit answer. 2. additive law of probability : definition, properties, formulas and example with answer. 3.bayes’s rule : definition, properties, formulas and example with answer. make like a professor teaching students.

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Liberal Arts II

Respond to another student’s post. Do you agree with their Pythagorean triple? How does it differ from yours? This is the one you have to respond to: Fibonacci Number and the Pythagorean triple I chose my numbers as 2, 4, 6, and 10. I will use these numbers in the Pythagorean Theorem. I will number all of my steps and calculations as to easily fallow along.  1. Determine the product of 2 and the two inner Fibonacci numbers. 2×4=48     a=48 2.Determine the product of the two outer numbers. 2×10=20      b=20 3.Determine the sum of the squares of the inner two numbers 42 + 62 = (4×4) + (6×6) = 16+36= 52        c=52 4.  a2 + b2 = c2   =  482 + 202 = 522  5. 2304+400=2704      6. 2704=2704

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Complete Math Quizzes and Exams

Login to University of phoenix account and complete the math assignments and quizzes. I think its about 8 quizzes login: marrisette password: Mazda6@6

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Independent and Dependent Events

Research how organizations use probability analysis to make strategic business decisions. Identify the differences between independent and dependent events.  In a 2 page paper, summarize the article and describe how the concept of probability could be used in your workplace.  Cite all sources used in the work cited reference page.

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 Measure 110 in Oregon

1) At least five outside resources. 2) At least 1,250 words, not including works cited. 3) A focused sense of purpose and audience. 4) Accurate in-text citations and works cited. Your paper might also include photos, graphs, comics, or the like that you feel will inform, intrigue and/or entertain your reader.

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Math HW

I need a series of 5 to 6 homework assignments completed, The subject, is math, working with measurements, unit conversion, metric unit, and direct measurements.  For these assignments I will give you my username and password to login to the assignment link, I will attach further instructions on how to access to make it as simple as possible.

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Fractions and Ratios Assignment

A picture or screenshot of the written document is okay. Please solve the following questions: 1. Show how to compute the problem by drawing an area model for 3/5 * 1/3.  2. Steve can type 6 pages for every 4 pages that Stan can type. If Stan has typed 12 pages, how many pages has Steve typed? 3. There are 75 girls and 25 boys interested in student council. a. What is the ratio (in simplest form) of girls to boys? b. What is the ratio (in simplest form) of boys to girls? c. What is the ratio (in simplest form) of girls to total students who are interested? 4.  About 11/12 of a garden is planted with tomatoes, 1/18 with onions, and the rest peppers. What part of the garden is planted with peppers? 5. What is the rule for determining if a fraction can be converted to a terminating decimal?  (Hint:  it has to do with the denominator).  6.  Last year 28% of the kids in our school were using the Free and Reduced Lunch program.  If there are 1180 kids in the school, how many use the program?  Round to the nearest person. 7.   If Alex got 55 correct answers on a test with 80 questions, what percent of his answers are correct?

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Calculus 1 Integration Test

This is a math test; calculus 1 chapter 4 (Integration). The test is only consist of 15 questions with a time limit of 120 minutes. I need a knowledgeable person with calculus 1 that can get me an A. Most importantly, I need the scratch work for all the 15 answers to be written in good hand writing and with DETAILS. As well as to have the scratch turned in to me after taking the test immediately, so I can rewrite it and submit it to the teacher. I will be giving my student profile login after I see that you went through my instructions and fully knowledgeable with calculus to get me an A. If I picked you and you did a great job at this, I will be forwarding to you all my work and start having business with you. Please get me an A.

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Banking and Interest around the World

Please investigate the history of banking interest in the United States and in other countries. Present your findings in your own words. Provide specific examples and how they are used or applied to financial transactions.

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Math’s Lesson

Maths lesson- I will provide the maths lesson details each day I provide details of the lesson in a powerpoint presentation to explain to students as I am not the best with maths  For example Monday lesson- details of the lesson how to explain to grade 4 students.

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