[SOLUTION] Jack Kelley Journalist

Why was he a disgraced journalist

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[SOLUTION] The United States Civil War

It has to summarize the causes, the war, and the reconstruction. It must contain the following points: 1.     How did slavery in the early United States differ from slavery in colonial times? 2.     What was the 3/5 ths compromise and why was it adopted? 3.     What was the Louisiana Purchase and how did it affect the political landscape in the United States? 4.     What was the Missouri Compromise? 5.     What was the US Mexico war and how did it affect the political landscape in the United States? 6.     What was the Kansas-Nebraska act? How did it lead to the situation known as “Bleeding Kansas”? 7.     Who was John Brown and what role did he play in the civil conflict over slavery? 8.     Who were Dred and Harriet Scott, and what did the Supreme Court rule in their case versus Sanford? 9.     What was the immediate cause of the US Civil War? 10.   Who was Abraham Lincoln and what role did he play in the US Civil War? 11.   Who was Robert E. Lee and what role did he play in the US Civil War? 12.   Who was Ulyesses S. Grant and what role did he play in the US Civil War? 13.   How many men died as a result of the civil war? 14.   What was Reconstruction and why did it “fail”? And all the information must come from the sources in the added file titled “APTSL_ACCEPTEDSOURCES.docx”. I’ve added a very rough, messy draft to serve as a starting point as well, titled “Draft.docx”

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[SOLUTION] Journalism in the 21st Century

– write a critical argumentative ESSAY Discuss your topic in the contemporary national and especially international media scape. Recommendation: Read John Hartley’s chapter – Journalism and popular culture from Handbook of Journalism Studies – you have it posted at the top of the Moodle course along with other readings. Grading criteria: Relevance of the assignment Size (6000 +/-500 characters) Use of English Argumentative structure (use of arguments/examples) Thesis & Conclusion Use of concepts, focus, clarity

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Successful Writing Career

Reflect on how Native America writers had to navigate a largely white readership in order to be published and enjoy a successful writing career. What would you suggest is the purpose of Winnemucca’s writing and how do you think the reading audience of her time might have reacted to her work? Please include at least one quotation from Winnemucca’s writing in your response of at least 250 words.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] journalism

After watching Shattered Glass and reading “Fabrication in Journalism” in files, answer this prompt. Your response should be at least 250 words. I am looking for critical thinking about the movie and journalism ethics. Cite the week’s readings or at least make reference to how they have informed your thinking. 

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Mass Media Paper

Final Term Paper Requirements 1. At least five (5) bibliography sources 2. At least 3-5 typed pages (750-1,250 words) 3. At least 3 non-internet sources (preferably journal articles) Content 1. Must be well researched 2. Must be well written 3. Must have sufficient documentation 4. Must have clear examples and supporting material Organization 1. Describe and explain your research problem or area (1-2 pages). 2. Explain the significance and societal impact of your problem or area (1-2 pages). 3. List your results, conclusions, implications, suggestions, and/or solutions (1 page). Mass Media Analysis Paper Suggested Final Topics (Only pick one of the listed topics, I can pick one of the topics for you as well) 1. The news media are necessarily structured to special interests. 2. The news media are the link that enable American democracy to function. 3. Advertising persuades people to buy things they don’t really need. 4. Advertising is the foundation, and cause, of American economic prosperity. 5. Public Relations glorifies the established order at the expense of truth and justice. 6. Public Relations explains complexities and difficult issues to the public. 7. Corporate America gets a raw deal from a predominantly anti-business news media. 8. The news media reflect a business perspective because the media are big business. 9. The media’s watchdog role results in constant, extreme criticism of government. 10. The news media quite often serves as agents of the American government. 11. Newspapers and TV news equally create a public climate of crime hysteria. 12. Media crime coverage simply reflects what exists in society. 13. African-Americans are depicted in news/entertainment through inaccurate stereotypes. 14. African-Americans get better media treatment because they complain more effectively. 15. Hispanic culture/tradition are treated as inferior by the news/entertainment media. 16. Increasing Hispanic economic power is resulting in better treatment by the media. 17. The media view Asian-Americans as either “model citizens” or the sly, evil Fu Man Chu. 18. Asian-Americans are shown as superior individuals by news and entertainment media. 19. Women/minorities are unfairly depicted by media because so few of them work in it. 20. Women have gained more in the media than other minorities in the past 25-30 years. 21. Television must appeal to the lowest audience level in order to have large audiences. 22. Television reflects back the good, the bad, the worthy. the unworthy that is in society. 23. Media regulation is needed to keep smut, garbage and stupidity out of the public mind. 24. Only through unregulated media can society achieve ultimate knowledge and truth. 25. The Internet will soon be considered another delivery system, like TV and newspapers. 26. Eventually, most all media will become part of an overall internet.

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[Get Solution] The Journal Format

Write a journal on the topic below, follow the journal format. Explain the quote listed below, when you explain the quote, associate it with something in your life, the lives of people you know or life in general. Quote: “the two most important days ins your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” quoted by Mark Twain.

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[Get Solution] Clustered World

After reading both The Clustered World (Weiss) readings which provide a historical background about demographic and lifestyle trends in the country (mostly as relates to general consumption of products), take a look at the list of items in the Universal Principles of Clustering. Select two of the principles which you feel would be especially relevant to a health promotion writer. Explain how each of the principles you selected would influence your methods of writing to your audience. Would it create more challenges or more opportunities? Use the information in this week’s lesson and readings to support your answers.

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[Get Solution] Healthcare Marketing

Read the class required material first. After you are done reading, find a healthcare marketing group on the Internet. Explore the site and find a post for which you’re particularly interested. Give an overview of the post and tell me why you chose it. Be sure to provide a link to the post as well.

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[Get Solution] Hip Hop Song from 1986-2000

write a paper about a song released between 1986-2000. Use the book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation”, in order to get an idea of the social aspects related to the song.

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