[Get Solution] Public Health Emergency

Case Study: Investigation of AmericaÂ’s flawed pandemic response Read The New York Times’ investigation of the U.S. response to the coronavirus threat: Link to article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/03/us/cdc-coronavirus.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article Respond to the following: 1. The reporters conducted more than 100 interviews. List all the human sources (the people) they quoted in the final article. 2. Do you find the human sources, along with the statistics, documents and data included in the story, to be credible? Why or why not? 3. The story presents evidence that the Centers for Disease Control, or C.D.C., largely failed in its traditional role of being a reliable, central source of guidance and facts during a public health emergency. List all the reasons for this failure as described in the article. 4. Do the reporters also include defenders of the C.D.C.? Use specific examples. 5. There’s lots of talk about “meeting the moment” during this pandemic and economic collapse — for both public officials and journalists. The best journalists are trying to quickly and accurately inform citizens about the virus, the U.S. response to it, and the impact on our lives. Does this story help readers understand our current situation and how we got here, or not? Was it worth reading? Use specific examples to back up your points.

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[Get Solution] Successful Writing Career

Reflect on how Native America writers had to navigate a largely white readership in order to be published and enjoy a successful writing career. What would you suggest is the purpose of Winnemucca’s writing and how do you think the reading audience of her time might have reacted to her work? Please include at least one quotation from Winnemucca’s writing in your response of at least 250 words.

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Importance of Sex Education in School | Get Solution Now

– Argumentative essay, with pro/ and cons about the topic It is required to talk about teen sex, healthy sexual habits, abortion, contraception, sex diseases, pregnancy, young parents, and more related chapters of the topic. In addition, to provide information regarding How it is properly to talk with the teens, as a parent/ teacher. Also, if it is possible, to talk about Romania and the poor areas of the country related to the topic( How it is hard to be aware of the sex problems regarding teenagers) and communist/post communist times. – to use some of the sources provided in the Doc. Sources – to inform about the topic from the other Doc. Sex Ed.

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Photojournalism Documentary Photography and Street Photography | Get Solution Now

“What are the differences between Photojournalism, Documentary Photography and Street Photography?”

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New Games and Gamification of News | Get Solution Now

Same rules as the last paper you wrote for me 🙂 essay should be about 1500 words Instructions 1. Choose a news game or a gamified news report 2. Play the game or go through the report interactively 3. Discuss the game or report o What is it about? What are the characteristics? o How did you experience the game or gamified report? 4. Rate the game based on multiple aspects: o Objectivity and involvement o Role of journalist and news consumer o Simulation, simulacrum, representationo Narrative and playful elements o Ideology/world view – See a.o. Conill, 2016. 5. Decision o Does the game or gamified record add something to traditional forms of journalism? If so, what? o What are (possible) implications, effects? o Do you think that this form of journalism will continue to exist? (possibly in a modified form)? If so, w Where can you find news games? – gamesforchange.org – game studies101.com – gamethenews.net – molleindustria.com – persuasivegames.com • www.ft.com/content/f5428e88-f4b7-11e9-b018- 3ef8794b17c6

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News Story on Natural Disaster | Get Solution Now

Using the Internet, locate a news story on a natural disaster type listed above that has occurred somewhere in the world.  Sources must be cited in-text as well as in the references section. All sources used, including your original news story, must be cited. Use reputable sources, such as peer-reviewed journals, established news organizations or government sites; do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, blogs, “wiki” pages, anything like askme.com or enlightenme.com, or other “personal” webpages as sources; avoid using “news aggregation” sites – these are sites that do not report, rather, they “collect” stories. Also, definitely avoid tabloid-type “news” sources; stick to the reputable mainstream agencies. Informational sites (like government agencies) are not news agencies; you must locate a news story, to begin with; researching and finding specific history on the topic will come as you put the paper together. Government sites (FEMA, USGS, NOAA, …) can be used for some information and data, but they should not be a primary source; use peer-reviewed journals as primary sources for support, and news articles for more current informational needs.  SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL INFORMATION (150 words minimum required) Provide a broad introduction to the event (not the disaster type in general). Where and when did it occur? Reference two locational maps showing where the event occurred, one small- and one large-scale; place maps at the end of the document, before the Reference page (if you are not sure about the difference between a small- and large-scale map, please look it up before proceeding). SECTION 2: FATALITIES, INJURIES, AND DISPLACEMENT (150 words minimum required) How many people were killed and/or injured? How many people were displaced (forced to move or left homeless)? What is the estimated damage amount (in USD)? SECTION 3: PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF THE EVENT (500 words minimum required) Describe, in detail, the physical aspects, including magnitude (as measured by the scale specific to that disaster), that lead to the particular event (NOTE 1 below)– do not go in to detail about the disaster type in general – this paper should not cover how those phenomena work in a general sense – discuss the physical aspects of the specific event you are writing about. SECTION 4: EVENT ANALYSIS (600 words minimum required, evenly balanced) Could this disaster have been prevented? Why or why not? (NOTE 2 below) Was the affected population prepared for this disaster? Why or why not? How does this disaster rate in terms of historical disasters (of the same type) for both the geographical area in which it occurred and worldwide? Discuss the mitigation strategies,  response, rescue, and recovery efforts – were those efforts adequate for this event? Why or why not? What impacts did this event have on society and history? SECTION 5: CONCLUSION (100 words minimum required) Wrap-up the paper (i.e., summarize all main points; hint: it helps to write the conclusion (as well as the introduction) last, that way, you know what to introduce and conclude!). Do not present new information in the conclusion.

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News Story on Natural Disaster

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Evaluating Sources

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Ethics in News Reporting

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Article Analysis

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