Cloud Computig

Description: I have a PowerPoint assignment on cloud IT virtualization. With the following emphasis on the first five pages of the presentation. a. Identifying and justifying the optimal choice of service model, deployment model, and vendor for all systems and services(50%) b. Risk identification, specific controls for mitigation, key contract terms. 25% c. Integration Architecture for seamless operation across clouds. 25% d. Typos, grammatical errors, and other errors that demonstrate a lack of attention: -10% per occurrence. Assignment The CIO of XX company has decided to move 100% of their IT landscape to the cloud. You have been asked to design the migration strategy for all systems and services. For each of the systems specified in the scenario, identify the cloud deployment and service model you will recommend and then make a specific vendor recommendation. You must provide a detailed rationale for your choice including risk assessment, mitigation, and controls and must be consistent with best practices. An integration architecture that would allow all systems to interact as necessary across multiple clouds must be included.  Suggestion: Your final architecture will likely be a hybrid cloud with a combination of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in public and private clouds. Make sure you do not ignore essential services such as IAM. Deliverable: Standalone PPTX (i.e each slide must be self-explanatory). No specific limit on length. I’d expect 3-5 slides to do justice to each major system that is being transitioned in addition to slides that illustrate how all the systems will be integrated for seamless operation. Rubric: Identifying and justifying the optimal choice of service model, deployment model, and vendor for all systems and services(50%) Risk identification, specific controls for mitigation, key contract terms. (25%)Integration Architecture for seamless operation across clouds. (25%) Typos, grammatical errors and other errors that: -10% per occurrence

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Social Impact of Hackathon

Social Impact of Hackathon (a country in focus The UK)   14850 words        Writing Instructions:   The layout of the chapter is generally based on the layout of the model but the areas I would expect to see considered/discussed are: ·  Review of the topic area……choice of a topic, some justification for it, why it is needed, how it was narrowed down ·  Literature review/secondary research….your methodology chapter is not just about primary research so you also need to say how the secondary research was conducted, where did you get the source material, keyword searches etc ·  Primary research….qualitative/quantitative…….you should make sure you explain both options and then further explore the option you have chosen, you need to be able to justify your choices through literature and previous studies ·  Data collection method…how are you collecting the information, why is it the most appropriate, how are you choosing your sample size, how are your questions formulated/designed, what interview structure has been chosen etc ·  If you are using a combination of methods above then this is where you would also mention discuss triangulation (it can be mentioned if you are not but in a lesser degree)…basically triangulation is the use of more than one data collection method within a study, it helps make sure that the information gathered is correct and a further way to ensure reliable data. ·  Data analysis……once you have all of the raw data what will you do with it?  How will it be broken down and analyzed for the study ·  Reliability & Validity……how have you ensured this for your study…be careful at this point not to undermine your own study by telling me unreliable methods have been chosen! ·  Ethical issues……a small section on this to ensure you have taken due care, relate to the ethics form you have completed (this will then be included as an appendix) ·  Limitations of study…..again not a large section but you must explain that there are limitations to a study for both secondary and primary research it might be the amount of literature available, time, money, etc, this can then link with suggestions for improvement if you were to complete the study again. This list is not exhaustive nor will you necessarily have to cover all but it is the key element for a methodology and what you should be considering.  Remember we mark marking criteria so read this from your handbook and use it as a guide. When choosing which method you will use for primary research you do not have to use more than one (unless warranted), you do not have to use the most unusual (marks are not given for showing off!) often the simpler you keep it the more likely you are to get it right!      I can help with data gathering. So please create a questionnaire by 1-2 days. I can help for data collecting that way

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[SOLVED] Project Planning and Research for Information Systems Professionals

I will be including all necessary files including the power point presentation that relates to this report and course work brief. i have also included the coursework lit review which this  report is based upon, for you to refer back to. Part B:  You must not collect any of your own data for this part of the coursework, the work must be carried out on the data set provide. This will be assessed by a 3000-word report, which should cover the following:   Chapter 1 Introduction (10 marks) This should be an introduction to your report, which clearly defines the data you have been given and outlines the main aims of the data analysis you will be undertaking.  Chapter 2 Data Analysis and Presentation of Results (40 Marks) This should include A discussion of different data analyses techniques, highlighting which are relevant for your data. The analysis of the data using appropriate techniques and software.  The analysis must include the construction of correctly presented and explained charts, graphs, tables and plots.  The presentation of the results obtained from the analysis Chapter 3 Conclusions and Evaluation (10 Marks) This should include A summary the main findings of your data analysis A critically evaluate what you have achieved and how well you have met the research aims discussed in the introduction. An acknowledgement of any limitations in your results.  A discuss how your work might be developed further in the future.  Presentation of the report including English (10 Marks) Formatting requirements for part B: Ø  Cover page Ø  Table of Contents and Table of Figures [if appropriate] Ø  Text in 11- or 12-point font [Times New Roman, Arial or equivalent] Appropriate section headings with assigned heading levels Assessed learning outcomes, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 Module weighting 50% Key reading and learning resources: Weeks 13-23 workshop activities on UniHub. Selected readings from recommended texts to be posted online.

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[SOLVED] Speech about Cyber Defense

For your final project, I want you to put together a “DEBx” presentation.  If you are familiar with TEDx, you will have no problem understanding what this is all about.  The impetus behind this project is letting you come up with a great concept or theory that could help out others.  You may want to put together a talk on education as a cyberdefense initiative, cybercrime thoughts, and the list goes on and on.  You can go out to the internet and watch some TEDx videos to get an idea of what you need to shoot for in terms of your talk.   Note to the writer: i would like the topic  to be about The Importance of Training: Cyber security Awareness to be like a Human Firewall. Or another topic about  Why Is Phishing Awareness Training So Important for companies and employees. But the options are open, so please discuses with me any topic you want to write the speech.    Another great outcome of this project is you will now have a tangible project you can use during job interviews and other talks you may be asked to give to the community.  It is already done and all you have to do is provide the link! Here are the steps for success for this final project: 1) Pick a topic that you are passionate about regarding cybersecurity.  In deciding on your topic, review the concepts of cyber defense you learned throughout the course.  You will want your talk to incorporate many of the themes of the book.  Additionally, you may add in any concepts from your previous IT courses – IT 436, IT 336, and so on. Remember this is a capstone course. 2) Put together the presentation.  It needs to be 7 – 10 minutes in length. Use Panapto or Youtube (or another recording technique) to record your talk.  You will want this to be polished so I expect you to practice before submitting the final project.  3) In addition to the recording, you will need to submit the following deliverables: 1) An executive summary of your talk. This is no longer than one page. Use Times New Roman font and double space your work.   2) A list of 5+ questions that may be asked of you (think like an audience member or present to your friends and get them to give you some questions). Consider this your Q & A section of your talk. If you give your talk in front of your peers, friends, other; you may keep recording for the Q&A section and just keep that as part of your video submission.  3) The reference page that you used in order to prepare for the talk. Note to the writer: Here’s some helpful links.

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[SOLVED] Certifications in Forensics

Discuss the Paraben’s P2 Commander, now called Paraben’s E3 tool Discuss certifications in forensics and their purpose

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[SOLVED]  Enterprise Architecture Management

Dear students, due to the coronavirus pandemic we decided that you write 2 scientific papers instead of passing an oral exam. For my part of the EAM class, pls choose the title “Impact of RPA on EAM”. You should shortly describe the state of the art of RPA, its theoretical background and what is the connection to workflow management. Your paper should raise 2 scientific questions (e.g. How can RPA contribute to an adaptive Enterprise Architecture?) and you should try to answer them. It would be great if your result is an own model or an enhancement / modification of an existing one. Furthermore, it should include an example that shows the application in practise. To find the impacts of RPA on EAM, you will have to refer to scientific and/or practical publications (like Scheer PAS or SAP + RPA). Additionally, you can use all models that we discussed in our EAM class. Important: ? Your paper must not exceed 4000 words in length, including abstract, figures and references.

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[SOLVED] Strategy Report

Summative Assignment: STRATEGY REPORT – Change management (100%) This assignment requires you to identify a problem and propose a service / strategic transformation that addresses the problem, assess drivers and resistors for change, develop a strategy for implementing the change and devise a theory of change representation. Your response will be in the form of a professional strategy report. —— Criteria Weight Notes Organizational Context (Situational Analysis) 20% make sure you provide sufficient organisational context Problem Identification & situation of change 30% PEST or SWOT / evidence, evidence evidence to identify problem, articulate situation of change, conduct Forcefield analysis Strategy development within a change management model 30% Discuss Change management models and apply one Theory of change 20% Discuss the over theory of change underpinning the service transformation discussed

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[SOLVED]  Current Network Architecture

Current Network Architecture Overview: Network architecture refers to the layout of the network, consisting of the hardware, software, connectivity, communication protocols, and mode of transmission such as wired or wireless. For the second milestone, you will provide a high-level overview of the SNHUEnergy Inc. network architecture. You will evaluate traffic patterns to determine critical aspects of your business and provide basic insight into what should be done to the network from a capability aspect as well as a security viewpoint. Finally, you will develop a visual representation of an end-to-end path flow of the existing network by creating a Visio diagram showing the output of the traffic flows. Prompt: In this section, you will analyze the information provided on SNHUEnergy Inc. in the Final Project Scenario document to provide a high-level assumption for the design of the network. To complete this assignment, you must address the following critical elements: ? Based on what you know from the scenario, explain the types of physical network devices used in connecting all devices across the organization. ? Identify the critical traffic patterns currently used by the organization, supported by examples. Use the Traffic Flow Wireshark Capture document to guide your response. o Service (Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP]) o Application (Structured Query Language [SQL]) o Network management o Other opportunities not specified above ? Describe the traffic patterns that the organization’s critical applications take across the infrastructure from office to office. Remember, the organization’s critical applications were specified in the scenario. ? Describe the potential performance issues that may occur within the current network if no changes are made to support the organization’s expansion. Provide examples to support your response. ? Describe the potential security issues that may occur within the current network if no changes are made to support the organization’s expansion. Provide examples to support your response. ? Develop a visual representation of an end-to-end path flow of the existing network by creating a Visio diagram showing the output of the traffic flows. Use the provided Logical Network Design Example file as a guide for creating your diagram, and include your diagram with your submission.

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[SOLVED] Sales and Marketing System

* Paper must me in APA format w/ Abstract and 3-5 keywords * This is the 2nd part for of a previous assignment. * I have attached the 1st written paper for this assignment (823351- table in this paper is being corrected). * I have also attached a separate sample paper for guidance as well (docx2). Paper cannot copy this content, must be original. * I have attached 1 zip file that contains the majority of information on RMO (CH C file contains the data on the company that is needed). There are images that are in the sample paper that can be found in this zip file to be used as well. Project Report 2 (Steps 5?8) focuses on some of the tasks associated with developing and implementing the plan proposed in Project Report 1. Step 5: Gather and organize data This step should discuss how data will be collected, organized, manipulated, and presented. There also should be some discussion of how the user will interface with the system and how data and system security and integrity will be assured. Data collection is very important. Detail out the tools and data collection points that are to be used. Step 6: Design system and documentation This step should indicate the major elements and decision points of the proposed system and should identify the types of system and user documentation that will be produced, ideally with examples. Step 7: Develop an implementation approach This step should detail a plan for implementing the system including schedules, resources, data conversion techniques, and a “fall-back” or contingency approach. (Note: Discuss what to do if the initial implementation fails.) Step 8: Develop a training approach and schedule for end users This section should detail a plan and schedule for training and supporting users in the use of the new system. This is extremely important. Detail out the length of time training and support is to take place.

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[SOLVED] Football Teams Use Virtual Reality

IMPORTANT: This must have a minimum of 4 different scholarly article sources cited in APA!!!! Directions: Read the following case by clicking on the link: Football Teams Use Virtual Reality.pdf – Alternative Formats Answer the following questions: 1. Are STriVR and EON strategic information systems for any football program? Why or why not? Support your answer with specific examples. 2. Will STriVR and EON become competitive necessities for football programs? Why or why not? Support your answer with specific examples.

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