[SOLVED] Security Threats

Answer each of the questions with a paragraph or more. Sources not required for each question but a total of four required. 1. List at least five security threats specific to VoIP. Give a brief description and possible scenario. 2. List at least 10 Vulnerabilities in VoIP. Briefly describe each of the listed vulnerability, along with a possible recommendation for a countermeasure. 3. Explain the end-to-end process of how VoIP works. 4. Go back to problem 3 and list possible vulnerabilities in each step of the process. 5. In problem 4 list what would be most risky vulnerability, with the most possible damage 6. In problem 5 – list how you would create a plan to mitigate possible damages and have services running smoothly and securely.

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[SOLVED]  BPM Project

Note: Treasure Star Group (TS Group) case study will be a consistent reference throughout this course. The Treasure Star Group, or TS Group, manufactures and distributes food and household products. From its Hong Kong headquarters, the TS Group markets many popular brands of edible oil and home cleaning products. The TS Group has several subsidiary manufacturing and sales operations in China, where it has the largest foreign-owned flour processing business in the country. When you read the case study, note how the TS Group implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Although the TS Group performed many of the strategy phase activities, they did not study the impact of the ERP system on their processes, nor did they identify all of the stakeholders. Your discussion this week will focus on these omissions. To prepare, read the entire TS Group case study, found in the Lee & Lau article in this week’s Learning Resources. Post by Day 3 an analysis of how one of the omissions helped lead to some part of the project’s outcome. Respond by Day 7 to two or more of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways: Ask a probing question. Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting. Offer and support an opinion. Validate an idea with your own experience. Make a suggestion. Expand on your colleague’s posting. Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made. see below. Reading Resource . Jeston, J. (2018). Business process management: Practical guidelines to successful implementations (4th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge. Chapter 11, “7FE Framework Overview” (pp. 100–119) Chapter 12, “Guidelines on How to Use the 7FE Framework” (pp. 122–134) Chapter 13, “Foundations Phase” (pp. 136–190) Lee, J. C. Y., & Lau, R. S. M. (2005). ERP implementation project at TS Group. Asian Case Research Journal, 9(2), 263–282. Retrieved from the Walden Library database. Sethuraman, K., & Tirupati, D. (2004). Diecraft Australia. Asian Case Research Journal, 8(2), 187–213. Retrieved from the Walden Library database.

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[SOLVED] SAS Program

You are required to : a) Write a SAS program to input the supplied spreadsheet data containing student attendance and module marks. Copies of the spreadsheets can be found in blackboard in the Coursework folder of Teaching Material. You will find there is a spreadsheet listing student details and for each of 4 modules, there are several spreadsheets containing attendance data and one spreadsheet (total 4) containing student marks. Create one SAS data set for all the attendance data and one SAS data set for all the student marks. Refer to task 2 to see what data is required. b) The data are required by different people within the organisation. Create SAS output (i.e. reports) for each of the following individuals. You will need to decide on the information to be included in the report(s) to meet the needs of each type of user. a. The Year manager. The year manager has responsibility for individual student welfare and progression. The year tutor needs to be aware of students who are missing classes. This could be consistently missing the same class and/or students missing for more than one week from all classes. Attendance below 70% on a module is considered problematic. The year tutor requires a list of students who are missing classes each week as the registers are created. b. The course leader. The course leader has overall responsibility for a course and its delivery and will require summary statistics on individual modules (attendance and student marks), individual students (attendance and marks) as well as being responsible for calculating the overall mark for each student’s average mark. c. The Department head. The department head has responsibility for monitoring the student experience and the courses offered. This individual will need to carry out more specific analysis. For example: a) To identify modules and students which have above and below average attendance/results. b) To identify associations between achievement and attendance, c) To identify associations between results and student demographics, d) To identify associations between attendance and student demographics. They will also be responsible for setting the policies used by the department, for example: a) in setting an attendance level below which some type of action is required by the year manager (currently 70%). Would a different attendance level help meet the university objective of 50% of students achieving an overall average of 60% over their module marks. b) Identifying when modules are too easy or too hard, c) Identifying when a module has poor attendance. They will also be involved in making strategic decisions such as: a) Is attendance monitoring worthwhile? b) Should students who achieve 39 % in a module be automatically be rounded up to 40%? c) Should an overall attendance level be set? Failure to achieve the level of attendance will result in failing a course overall. Example rules could be: • if students attend below 70% in each module, they fail the attendance requirement • if students have an average attendance for all modules below 70%, they fail the attendance requirement. How many students would be removed from the course with each of these policies? Present your findings in a report, which should state how your SAS reports meet the needs of the specific user types and should include the SAS reports to prove your case. You should also place all your SAS programs in the appendix.

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[SOLVED] Socio-Technical Theory and Related Theories

Application Socio-Technical Theory and Related Theories This Application will help you map the theories you learned this week to your own work experiences. You will evaluate the application of socio-technical theory, social construction of technology theory, and actor-network theory to your work experience. Perform the following tasks: Summarize the basic principles of the socio-technical approach and its components and addendums such as actor-network theory. Describe how these theories help you understand the social nature of the implementation of technology in the workplace. Cite real-world experiences to draw direct connections to the theories. Make a note of the social circumstances that relate to the concepts presented by the theories. Write your response in an APA-style report. The body of the report, excluding references, should not exceed 5 pages in length. Submit your assignment in the online classroom by Day 7. When you have completed the Week 1 assignments, please proceed to Week 2.

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[SOLVED] Information System Analysis

Are there ethical issues to consider when planning a database?  For example, should sensitive personal data (such as medical information) be stored in the same DBMS that manages employee salary and benefits data? Why or why not? Your sources should be properly cited, using APA format.

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[SOLVED] Revenue Component

6 questions to answer: 1.Background of your topic 1.Educate yourself and me on why you chose this topic. Is there a top or bottom line impact, ie revenue component or anticipated revenue or cost savings 2.What particular problem were they trying to solve 3.In terms of Strategy, which of Porter’s Five Forces are in play. a)Document 1 of the 5 forces in play 4.In terms of business disruption, how did it (or will it) change how businesses or competitors operate 5.In terms of business disruption, how did/will the customer experience change 6.Provide a little known fact about it or describe how the innovation can be adapted for something else/another industry For department Finance, answer the following question:  Finance: – Pick suitable software solutions + List all of the software modules required for VirtCo + Remember they are a public company – List professional services they might need Provide a spreadsheet summary of Fixed vs variable costs. If you cannot determine a cost, then make up an estimate

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[SOLVED] Ethernet Interface of the Computer

Part 1: Check computer addresses and start up Wireshark Capture Determine the Physical MAC address and the IP address for the Ethernet interface of the computer you are using. Start up Wireshark, click CaptureàInterfaces and click the Capture button corresponding to your active Ethernet interface. Wireshark will begin running in Capture Mode and will open up a Wireshark Capture window showing you how many packets have been captured in real time.   Part 2: Download Web Page With Wireshark still running in Capture Mode, start up your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox or whatever). Enter an URL for any website (E.g.: use following address) http://facweb.cs.depaul.edu/cwhite A web page should appear in your browser. Close your browser window. Go back to the Wireshark Capture window and click the Stop button to stop the packet capture.   Part 3: Verify that the Web Page Download has Been Captured Back in the Wireshark window, you should now see lots of packets in the top summary pane. You can filter out all packets except HTTP packets by typing the word “http” into the Filter box (click ViewàFilter Toolbar if you don’t see a Filter box at the top).  This will make things much easier to read. You should see a packet containing something like “GET /facweb.cs.depaul.edu/cwhite” sent by your PC to request the web page download. If the next packet listed (containing the reply from the web server to your PC) contains “HTTP/1.1 200 OK” and the next 3 are “Continuation” packets, then you have successfully captured the packets containing the lab html web page. Skip the following step. On the other hand, if the reply from the web server contains “HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified”, then this means Wireshark did not capture the packets from the web site because the web page was already stored (cached) in your browser.  In this case you must clear your browser cache and then go back and re-do the capture as follows: First, you must clear the web cache in your browser. For Internet Explorer, click Tools à Internet Options, then, under the General tab, click the Delete Files button within the Temporary Internet Files box area. For Firefox, click Tools à Options, then Privacy, Cache and click Clear. For other browsers, you’re on your own. Now in your Wireshark window, again select CaptureàInterfaces and click the Capture button corresponding to the Ethernet interface. When prompted whether to save the previous capture, click Continue without saving. Go back to Part 2, step 1 above to download the web page again while Wireshark is capturing packets.

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[SOLVED] Rasping Dataset

1. Using the ruspini dataset provided within the cluster package in R, perform a k-means analysis. Document the findings and justify the choice of k. Hint: use data(ruspini) to load the dataset into R workspace.

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[SOLVED] Visual Representation of Data

As an IT project manager for Intuit, Inc., you are responsible for leading IT projects that affect the entire company. You are in consideration for the project manager role for the new cloud-based applications project that your group is running. One of the tasks the c-suite would like to see prior to promoting someone to this position, is your use of communicating with the c-suite through a visual presentation. They would like you to review the company’s reports and demonstrate your ability to analyze and present project data.   To access the company’s reports, follow these steps: 1.   Click MindTap Access in the Course Content section. 2.   In MindTap, navigate to Business Insights: Essentials. 3.   Search for “Intuit Inc.” 4.   Select Market Share Reports.   Select two reports of your interest, and create two visuals (one for each report) that represent the information provided. For example, you could select the Tax Preparation Services Market report and use a pie chart to represent the market share Write a 350-word justification summary in which you answer the following questions: o   What type of visual did you select to present the information in each report? o   How does the type of visual you selected support the information? o   What tool(s) did you use to create these visuals? o   How will these visuals be presented to the c-suite? (Email, presentation, etc.)  o   Why did you choose to use this type of communication to present the information to the c-suite?    Note: You may use any software or websites such as Lucidchart, Canva, MindTools, etc. to create the visuals.   Cite all sources in APA format. I post to you what I find on MindTap Access Please select 2 with you want to work. Thanks,       REFERENCES:

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[SOLVED] Application of Data Analytics

Write a 2–4 page essay that analyzes the application of data analytics in an organization. In this assignment, you will describe the fundamentals of data analytics applied in a case study. Follow these steps to complete this assignment. Go to the SAS Customer Stories site.  Select an industry and topic of your choice. Select one of the organizations listed and use it for your case study. Compose an essay that includes each of the following topics: Overview of the organization. The problem or need for the application of data analytics. The data analytic methods used to solve the problem or address the need. The outcome of the application of data analytics. Summary of your impression of the organization’s application of data analytics. Length of paper: 2–4 pages, not including the title or reference page. Font and font size: 12 point. Times New Roman, double-spaced. Sources: Cite at least three sources.

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