[SOLVED] Capitol Budget

essay 2000 words Assessment Task 1. Identify a community that interests you and define it according to the reading materials concerned with the concept of community. It could be a community of which you are a part. Some examples of how you can define community include: A community that is defined by geographic location, like a small rural area or an urban suburb; A community defined by those who share an experience, such as a disability or illness; A community of connection such as a specific cultural group; A community of interest, such as a hobby group; A community defined by those advocating for the rights of a certain group of people; A community defined by a certain experience of disadvantage; Some communities could contain several element from the above. 2. Conduct a desktop needs analysis of that community using available data or information from reputable websites and credible research papers. 3. Develop a plan for engaging with members of that community in order to work collaboratively to complete the needs analysis and plan for action. In your answer, explain how Ife’s (2016) community development principles would inform your practice. Marking Criteria For information for how this assignment will be marked click here. Referencing APA is the required referencing system for assignments in the School of Health. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples.

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[SOLVED] Individual Perspective

Social Media: Argumentative Essay    Introduction: Sometimes when we write from our own points of view, we get so locked into our individual perspectives that we fail to take into account the diverse or multiple sides of our topics. Such limited vision can weaken our persuasiveness; if we fail to consider or acknowledge alternative positions on our topics, we produce one-sided arguments that lack complexity or credibility with our readers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    –Alfano and O’Brien   . . . think about your own experiences with social media. To what extent have you come to rely on your friend’s profiles status updates, or Twitter feeds, Instagram posts to mark events and occurrences in their lives?  How much of your social life do you manage in person, and how much do you manage through the devices (cell phones, laptops, other devices) that increasingly dominate our lives?                                                                                                                   –Alfano and O’Brien   Assignment Description:   After carefully researching the topic answer the following research question: Has social media had a positive or negative effect on human society? (You’ll need to choose a side and argue for it). Think of at least two specific reasons to support your thesis.   In order to earn a C or above, your essay should include: a minimum of two pages (not including the works cited page). 12-point Times New Roman font and 1” margins.  a thesis reveals a confidently worded debatable argument about your topic effectively organized paragraphs with strong topic sentences and transitions Examples from at least two sources Proper MLA page headers Proper MLA in-text citations for all paraphrases and direct quotations from the article An appropriately placed counterargument and refutation (Optional) a conclusion that does not merely restate your thesis but that leaves the reader with further ‘food for thought.’ a works cited page in correct MLA format since you will be quoting from at least three sources.  Additional criteria: Clear identification of your argument or position. Demonstrated understanding of analyzing texts, strategies of persuasion, and composing arguments. Effective essay structure Clear and precise sentence-level rhetoric (grammar and structure) Tips and Reminders: Your method of development will vary depending on which essay topic you choose. Your sources can from a variety of places. You may use the articles on social media and technology from your textbook, internet research, films/documentaries and library database research.

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[SOLVED] Report Style Writing

Hello, There are 2 tasks to this paper; Task 1 needs to be around 7 pages long APA style  Task 2 needs to be around 12 pages long, single spaced report style writing (not all points from task tips sheets need addressed)

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[SOLVED] Pattern of Development Essay

Here are the main patterns of development for an essay (also called Rhetorical Modes). Please download and read through this brief Power Point that may clarify a few things  : Narration Description Definition Division/Classification Comparison/Contrast Cause/Effect Argumentation Process Analysis Illustration You are to select a topic of your choice (I suggest coming up with one from your major or field of study) and write the essay using one or more of these patterns of development. These patterns often overlap. For example, a narration will rarely occur without description. An analysis can use all of these modes. Here are topic ideas: Write a definition essay of an abstract concept (justice, freedom, spirituality, education, equinimity, compassion, unconditional love, intelligence, etc.) using narration, description, definition, comparison/contrast, cause/effect). Write a story of how you stumbled into your field of study (using narration, description and definition) Write a Process Analysis essay over a procedure you need to know for your field (include narration and description) Write a comparison/contrast essay using illustration, analysis (different types of relationships? Attitudes? jobs? approaches to solving an issue? Write a definition essay of an abstract concept (justice, freedom, spirituality, education, equinimity, compassion, unconditional love, intelligence, etc.) using narration, description, definition, comparison/contrast, cause/effect). Pre-write, write, and revise to create an essay using a specific pattern of development or a combination of patterns (4-5 pages, double-spaced). Submit the final version of your essay here, for the instructor’s formal evaluation and grade. This essay does not require sources, but if you do use sources, then follow all the rules you learned in Module 4:   Use signal phrases, citations, parenthetical notes, engagement with sources and a Works Cited page.

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[SOLVED] Themic Essay

You will be asked to write an essay that supports the following statement: In the Renaissance period, portraiture emerged as an important artform. § You must use at least TWO artworks covered in the course to support this statement. • One of the artworks you include in your essay MUST be from material covered in the first half of the semester (prior to the midterm exam). § Your essay must utilize proper academic formatting, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. § To earn full points, your essay should include information from lectures and assigned material. You do NOT need to do any outside research for this essay (course material is sufficient). use this material  https://www.nga.gov/features/slideshows/portrait-painting-in-florence-in-the-later-1400s.html#slide_1

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[SOLVED] Market Structure and Anti-Trust Law Essay

ECO 2023 Market Structure and Anti-trust Law Write a two-page, doubled -spaced 12 sized Arial font report in which you detail the evolution of antitrust policy in the U.S since the first antitrust case of 1890. Try to specifically show these major pieces of legislation have contributed to promote fair business practices and trade as well as competition. You will cite examples of the main 4 types of market structures-perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly and explain in what ways some have hindered competition and free trade and how the US Dept. of Justice has challenged legally many of these market formations. Be specific in your narrative in terms of the legal challenge and the type of market structure involved at the time. Try to research major legislation of the 20th century, Follow a chronological order in your assessment of the Justice Dept’s decisions . Use in-text citations and at least 3 sources in your bibliography.

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[SOLVED] Essay Writing Services

Please compose a custom essay of 275 words using the following key phrases:”custom essay writing; essay writing services; college students; English essay writing; paper writing;” 1. In general, you should write about the role of essay writing service, its benefits for the students, highlight the importance. Structure: introduction, main part, conclusion. Use the key phrases 2. Use an academic vocabulary: professional English language. No idioms no personal nouns. ONLY FORMAL AND PROFESSIONAL academic English language. 3. Pay attention to the sentence structure and word flow: do not write too short or too complex sentences. Make your essay clear!!! 4. Use 2 credible sources (APA) 2014-2020 – academic journals or reports with references.

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[SOLVED] Literacy Narrative Essay 

You might write about a challenge you’ve overcome, for example, such as learning a new language or dealing with discrimination. This essay is about you and your own experiences about learning to read and writer or learning a new language. So, you won’t need any texts or citations.   1.       I need a good intro with a good thesis statement. 2.       The first paragraph needs to have topic sentences connected with the thesis statement. 3.        The second Paragraph should have topic sentences connected to the thesis statement 4.       Third, the paragraph should also connect with the last part of the thesis statement with a solution to the challenges and             obstacles of learning a new language. 5.       The conclusion should connect intro, 1st, 2nd, 3rd paragraph.   Thanks Literacy The narrative essay is about my personal experience of learning a new language. Here are some ideas about my essay: I am thinking of writing about “the challenge I faced when learning a new language Because English is my second language and Nepali is my primary langue. I grew up in a Refugee camp in Nepal and came to the united states with zero English. Within a couple of days, my church member introduces me to ESL (English as a second language) Institute of the extended learning center and told me the importance of the English language. With lots of challenges, I struggled in the beginning it was a little challenging especially learning to speak new language English. I grew up speaking Nepali. Even though there were lots of challenges at the beginning of my learning new languages but, later with the help of teachers, friends, and family, I achieve my GED, and now I am attending college.   I hope this the above introduction, little bit about myself will help you to write this Literacy Narrative essay. Thanks

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[SOLVED] Sample Score from Poltergeist

1. Listen to the sample score from Poltergeist (1982) and then….  2. Note the three major Themes/Liet Motifs in the score and when they first occur by timecode & sequence. Find one other instance where each Theme/Liet Motif is heard again and note the timecode & sequence.

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[SOLVED] Refutation Essay

OUTLINE FOR REFUTATION ESSAY Paragraph 1 Introduce the topic and explain the issue and the controversy surrounding the issue. Introduce the claim of your argument. You may need more than one paragraph. Make a clear statement that you will be refuting opposition. (Refer to example for PAS essay) Paragraph 2 (3) State the first point of opposition and refute it. Make sure your refutation goes back to your claim. Use evidence to support your refutation as applicable through research Paragraph 3 (4) Discuss the second idea of your opposition and refute. Continue to discuss each idea of the opposition and refute in subsequent paragraphs. Use research as applicable Next Paragraph(s) Discuss next idea of your opposition and refute. Continue to discuss each idea of the opposition and refute in subsequent paragraphs. Use research as applicable Last paragraph Conclude your argument and reinforce your claim and position in the controversy.

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