Theory and Development

Signature Assignment: A Study of Theory and Development [due Mon]Assignment ContentThe importance of art in a child’s development and education is indisputable. Through the arts, learning can be more exciting and engaging for young children. The arts may promote development in key areas for young children, providing an opportunity for children with delays to make significant growth. As an early childhood educator, it is vital for you to understand the connection between a child’s development and their artistic development to better plan appropriate lessons.Complete Parts 1 and 2 below.Part 1: Developmental Considerations PaperWrite a 525- to 700-word paper that addresses the developmental considerations for early childhood arts education.Complete the following in your paper:Explain the relationship between physical development and a child’s artistic abilities.Explain how cognitive development influences a child’s artistic development.Evaluate the physical, emotional, and environmental factors that influence a child’s artistic development.Describe the best practices for selecting developmentally appropriate arts activities.Part 2: Art and Multiple Intelligences ChartCreate a chart about multiple intelligences and early childhood arts education.Complete the following in your chart:Explain how each of the following multiple intelligences are addressed in early childhood arts education:Visual-spatialBodily-kinesthetiMusicalInterpersonalIntrapersonalVerbal-linguisticLogical-mathematicalNaturalisticRecommend a minimum of 1 arts-based activity for each of the multiple intelligences, including reasoning to support alignment.Compile the following for submission:Developmental Considerations PaperArt and Multiple Intelligences Chart

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Race Gender Class

As society evolves, moments in films and tv shows that were once beloved can start to sour in history’s proverbial rear-view mirror. When Ron Johnson uses binoculars to spy on women in the female dorms in “A Different World”. Or when Shawn and Marlon Wayans dress up as women in “White Chicks”.Even plenty of Academy Award-winning movies have not aged particularly well. “Aging well” to those that don’t know, means what was once acceptable is no longer acceptable by today’s society even though it might be acceptable to you.For your final assignment, You will choose a movie or tv show that came out in 2015 and before and discuss 4 things that you feel haven’t aged well or society feels haven’t aged well

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Adult Learners

3–4 strong paragraphsAs a training manager, some part of almost every week is taken up by visits from vendors and salespeople, interested in selling you pre-packaged training courses, books, tutorial materials, and online training services. Some of it looks interesting, and you think that your organization’s population might benefit from some of it.What criteria do you use to evaluate these vendor offerings?In particular, how do you assess the products against the principles of andragogy?Should you use externally-produced materials, or build your own to needs and specifications?2-3 references/CITATIONS (MASTERS /GRADUATE LEVEL )NO PLAGIARISMapa formatted (graduate level )

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Center for Research Quality

The purpose of this course is for you to complete a quality and rigorous Prospectus. As discussed earlier, your Prospectus will be the plan, or “blueprint,” for your Proposal, which comprises the first three chapters of your Dissertation. Because of the importance of the Prospectus, you have been asked to write it section by section throughout these past eight weeks, in the context of learning about each required component. For this Assignment, you will complete and submit the first draft of your Prospectus. After feedback from your instructor, you will revise and edit your Prospectus, and submit the second and final draft for the course in Week 10.Note that, even when your course instructor approves your Prospectus, it will not be in final form until you work with your Dissertation committee chair and committee member to complete it to their satisfaction.They will complete the Prospectus Rubric, with their approval, and your chair will submit both rubrics and your approved Prospectus to the Center for Research Quality (CRQ). Once the committee members have reviewed your prospectus, and the chair has reconciled the scores in TaskStream, the prospectus document then passes to the Program Director or designee for review.This assignment is the first draft of the prospectus, and should be as complete as possible. First, review the Abstract Guidelines, Dissertation Prospectus Guide, Prospectus Exemplars, and all other Dissertation Resources.Then revise and edit your Prospectus draft where required, and submit Draft 1 in the Week 9 Assignment, for Instructor feedback.You will not be graded in Week 9 on the draft of your Prospectus. The entire Prospectus, which constitutes your Final Project, will be graded in Week 10.

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Emotional-Social Intelligence

Emotional-Social Intelligence Self-Assessment Part One For each item, rate (1-7) how well you are able to display the ability described. Before responding, try to think of actual situations in which you have been called on to use the ability. Low ability High Ability 1 2 3 4 5 6 71. Identify changes in physiological arousal _____ 2. Relax when under pressure in situations _____ 3. Act productively when angry _____ 4. Act productively in situations that arouse anxiety _____ 5. Calm yourself quickly when angry _____ 6. Associate different physical cues with different _____emotions 7. Use internal “talk” to affect your emotional states _____ 8. Communicate your feelings effectively _____ 9. Reflect on negative feelings without being _____distressed 10. Stay calm when you are the target of anger from _____others 11. Know when you are thinking negatively _____ 12. Know when your “self-talk” is instructional _____ 13. Know when you are becoming angry _____ 14. Know how you interpret events you encounter _____ 15. Know what senses you are currently using _____ 16. Accurately communicate what you experience _____ 17. Identify what information influences your _____interpretations 18. Identify when you experience mood shifts _____ 19. Know when you become defensive _____ 20. Know the impact your behavior has on others _____Low ability High Ability 1 2 3 4 5 6 721. Know when you communicate incongruently _____ 22. “Gear up” at will _____ 23. Regroup quickly after a setback _____ 24. Complete long-term tasks in designated time _____ 25. Produce high energy when doing boring work _____ 26. Stop or change ineffective habits _____ 27. Develop new and more productive patterns _____of behavior 28. Follow words with actions _____ 29. Work out conflicts _____ 30. Develop consensus with others _____ 31. Mediate conflict between others _____ 32. Exhibit effective interpersonal communication _____ 33. Articulate the thoughts of a group _____ 34. Influence others, directly or indirectly _____ 35. Build trust with others _____ 36. Build support teams _____ 37. Make others feel good _____ 38. Provide advice and support to others, as needed _____ 39. Accurately reflect people’s feelings back to them _____ 40. Recognize when others are distressed _____ 41. Help others manage their emotions _____ 42. Show empathy to others _____ 43. Engage in intimate conversations with others _____ 44. Help a group manage emotions _____ 45. Detect incongruence between others’ emotions _____or feelings and their behaviors

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Writing Literature Review

The literature review chapter in both your dissertation and your thesis is precisely the place where you lay the groundwork for your own research and where you make the synesthesia of the performance you have demonstrated to the public.A quality literature review is based on contributing your two cents to the work of others. Not just any others, but to the tremendous geniuses of our times.Rest assured that, although at first glance it sounds unimportant, writing a literature review and finding the necessary time for it is crucial. Therefore, we want to explain here precisely why it is so important and how to have the required time so that the review is up to par with everything else.Why Literature Review Chapters ExistThere is no more obvious question than why. The truth is, if you don’t understand exactly why the review chapter exists, then there’s no point in wanting to impress anyone with your written paper.You need to be aware of four essential elements that justify the importance of the literature review process:Comprehension: The first thing is that it serves to make you understand the situation. You not only understand, but you have to understand the conflicts, the arguments, and much more.Identify the Gaps: It may seem strange at first glance, but the second reason the literature review exists is so that you can identify the gaps in the literature and use them to your advantage to justify the topic.Theoretical Framework: To achieve empirical testing, you will have to create a theoretical framework (if applied to your case).Choices: Last but not least, you have the methodological choices, which will have to be informed to the person who has to read your work with both questionnaires and measurement instruments.Finding the Necessary TimeYou can bust your head looking for the necessary solutions, whether it is to stop sleeping or put your whole life on hold to create the perfect review of the work you will present. However, be aware that this can have a very negative impact on the rest of your project.Thousands of students have experienced these problems so far and have suffered greatly from not following the above points. Fortunately, this does not necessarily have to be your caseRecently, we have experienced the emergence of literature review writers, who have been a blessing in many critical situations involving students. There are services like Paperell, which have expert writers in almost every subject imaginable, including literature reviews.How to Proceed with the Literature ReviewYou have already answered the why question, so now it is time to proceed with the how. Keep in mind that all of this is a process. That is why there are also three steps in the how:Find: Always find the most appropriate literature for you.Understand: Organize and distill exactly the literature you need.Plan & Write: The critical moment is when you have to plan, organize your time and start writing.With all these points outlined, you will have the skeleton of your review, but of course, the hard part lies before you. More than anything, you will have to find the necessary time to cover this chapter, and unfortunately, often, that time does not exist. That’s why we want to give you the most appropriate solution.How to Achieve the Best ResultFinding the time needed in any written assignment can be difficult, especially considering the required volume. What the writing services aimed to do is make investments for students to achieve the desired outcomes.This is not an excuse for students to cheat but an opportunity to collaborate with the most knowledgeable and experienced people in each sector, thus obtaining the most impeccable assignments.Of course, these online services still sound very new to quite a few people, but the truth is that in recent years, they have become part of today’s harsh education system, especially since the growth of online classes.In ConclusionStudents and teachers all know very well that the literature review chapter is not something short and easy. It really is an aspect that will give an inside look at the understanding and effort that the submitter of the essay, thesis, lab report, or other written work has put into it.To arrange the time needed to devote to this chapter, there is the advantage that nowadays there are both the best writers and services available on the internet, a massive positive revolution towards contemporary education.

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Evaluating Claims

This assignment is designed for students to apply their knowledge of research methods to evaluate claims regarding child and adolescent development found in a variety of sources. Students will also demonstrate their understanding of course content by developing a proposal for an empirical study designed to add information to the selected topic. This assignment serves as the Program Learning Objective 4 assessment for the department [Differentiate between sources of information (research, professional, and popular) and evaluate the credibility and validity of each type of information source].Description of Assignment:Students will take an in-depth look at a topical issue in child and adolescent development. In this assignment students will find non-scholarly and scholarly sources that focus on a central issue of interest. Students must include 3 non-scholarly sources of different types (e.g., newspaper, magazine, TV advertisement, Twitter feed, blog, podcast, etc.) and 3 scholarly sources in their research of the topic. Students will evaluate each of the sources, identify competing ideas, and based on the strength of the evidence of the sources, make conclusions regarding the topic. Students will then propose a study that would help contribute knowledge to the topic or resolve unanswered questions on the topic.

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Children’s Social Skills

How does owning a pet effect child development ? How does owning a pet effect children’s social skills.

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Writing Service Reviews

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