[SOLVED] Memorandum of Understanding

Over the last several years, there have been several legislative and legal challenges to the use of technology within the field of criminal justice (use of cell tower simulators and stingrays, automated license plate readers, unmanned aerial systems, and facial recognition).  Assess which legal issue you believe has had the strongest impact on criminal justice agencies.  Then prepare a memorandum to your supervisor, Sergeant Shultz informing him/her of your findings and rationale to refrain from using this technology in the future.References:https://epic.org/foia/fbi/stingray/https://epic.org/amicus/cell-phone/riley/https://www.wired.com/2015/11/new-bill-would-force-cops-to-get-warrants-before-spying-with-stingrays/https://repository.law.uic.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1138&context=jitplhttps://calhoun.nps.edu/bitstream/handle/10945/45279/15Mar_Wynn_Eric.pdf?sequence=1

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[SOLVED] Latinx Criminal Justice Issues

Discuss which Latinx criminal Justice issue is the most significant for our society at large- Mass imprisonment, recidivism, Re-entry, War on Drugs, War on Gangs, Street Sub-cultures, CJ Reform, school to prison pipeline, immigration Reform etc..Use a quote from a non-assigned source and provide a 2-3 paragraph comment.

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[SOLVED] International Conventions, Laws and Regulations

this paper asks students to present a supported argument as to whether recent developments in international crime prevention are a progressive evolution from the foundations of the past, and if practices and laws are in line with international conventions, rules and regulations. Critical reflections must use examples to illustrate the arguments made.APA 7, must include in-text reference and academic referencing only  (books, journal articles and academic websites such as news or organisations). referencing not less than 13 references.

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[SOLVED] Poverty and Crime

You job is to write a paper that examines and discusses some aspect of the relationship between poverty and crime.  You can also discuss what might be done to help remedy the obvious problems that exist.  The paper topic is wide open, find an angle in the relationship between poverty and criminal justice and run with it. I would add, that, of-course race/ethnicity, poverty, and crime also intersect. This paper is a good way to study this intersection as well.

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[SOLVED] Introduction to Criminal Justice

Should the juvenile court system be discontinued? Why/why not? Be sure to explain your answer fully, using support from your textbook and real-life examples. Reference your textbook as well as two outside sources, cited in correct APA format.

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[SOLVED] The Origins of Our Discontent

All students are required to write a 10-page summary and critique on the book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent (Wilkerson, 2020).In addition to the book summary you are required to (1) select any five of the eight pillars of ‘caste’ and demonstrate how each can inform  (.i.e., educate) our understanding and perspectives of the criminal legal system. Feel free to use practical or anecdotal experiences to illustrate your points of view.  This requirement is not part of your general book summary and requires a separate space devoted to each problem you identify.  Ideally, you should be able to devote two pages (with a 500-word minimum) to each problem you identify. Be sure to attach these to the end of your summary.The purpose of the book summary is to critically evaluate the materials while offering your reflections that either support or oppose the author’s views. As these are graded relative to the best summaries written, students will score higher by using additional research to support their position or viewpoints.  Past papers have ranged from the minimal requirement of 10 pages to a maximum of 25 pages, based on effort and degree of scholarship.

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[SOLVED] Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Treatment

Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsNo directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.Final Project: Research Paper – Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and TreatmentCompare and contrast juvenile delinquency prevention and treatment. The paper should address the following:a description of delinquency prevention, the fundamental principles of prevention, examples of the types of prevention that have been used, and an analysis of the effectiveness of the prevention (successes and/or failures)a description of delinquency treatment, the fundamental principles of treatment, examples of the types of treatment that have been used, and an analysis of the effectiveness of those treatment programs (successes and/or failures)a discussion of which aspects of prevention and treatment are similar, and which are differentan explanation of the overall importance of prevention and treatment—why are both critically necessary components of the juvenile justice system, and to what extent are they interrelated?Format RequirementsPaper must be double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font and 1” margins all around.All APA 7th edition format requirements must be followed (cover page, in text citations, reference page). Refer to APA/UMGC – learning resources found in the content page of this course.You must have resources to support your thoughts/opinions/information.  These must be cited both in text as well as at the end of the document. Your paper should not contain direct quotes, sourced material must be paraphrased.

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[SOLVED] Stop and Frisk

Stop and frisk and the police’s use of unnecessary force—how are the two related? Is stop and frisk really an effective tool in fighting crime? What is the Black Lives Matter movement? How affected are Latinos by stop and frisk and police misconduct?

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[SOLVED] Leadership Quote

Locate a quote about leadership and post it. As you consider the quote, explain what is appealing about this quote? Reflect on your educational journey, discuss the importance of education for leaders and those employed in the Criminal Justice system.

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[SOLVED] Today I stopped Caring

You are to read the attached poem “Today I Stopped Caring” by Daniel Furseth.  You will answer the following questions.  Keep in mind that this is a college level class and you should submit college level thinking papers.-Explain what this poem means to you or what feeling you received from it?-Do you agree or disagree with the authors impression?-What specific topics within the written piece hit you the most?-Use resources to support your opinion, such as topics from this poem, in class discussion, textbook, or any outside resources (provide where that resource is from)?  For instance, if you use an article outside our class, list the title of the article and the author.  No need to submit a source page.

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