Population of Organisms

1. What is the common name and the scientific name of your species?2. What is your species’ Redlist category? (For example, endangered, critically endangered, or one of the others.)3. What kind of habitat does the species inhabit? Briefly describe the habitat/biome.a. Tell what other plants and animals live in this biome.4. What are some of the threats to the species?a. Which threats are caused by humans?5. Does human population growth adversely impact this species? In what way?6. Consider the population of your species.a. What is the estimated population of the organism and how was it measured?b. What is the population trend?7. Consider the habitat for your species.a. What might be some density dependent factors?b. What might be some density independent factors?c. Briefly list ways in which climate change might be affecting this creature’s habitat.d. List two actions people can do to preserve this species and biodiversity.8. List some things that can be done to protect this species’ habitat.9. Is your species in an extinction vortex? Explain.

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A Keystone Species

Discuss what it means for a species to be a keystone species, and give an example.a. Is the species you picked on the Redlist a keystone species? Why, or why not?11. If your species becomes extinct, what changes might you expect to occur in its biome and the food web?a. Which species might benefit if your species becomes extinct, and why would that/those species benefit?b. Which species would be harmed if your species becomes extinct?c. Comment on possible interaction of these on your species:i. Mutualism (page 352 in your textbook)ii. Predation (page 352 in your textbook)iii. Competition (page 353 in your textbook)

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The Musculoskeletal System

Musculoskeletal SystemCase Study: Osteoarthritisapprox 30 minMr. Filstrup is a 38-year-old man in overall good health who has been complaining about an aching pain in his knees when working around the house and often when simply walking. He has noticed that his knees feel “hard” and tight. His history indicates that he has always been involved in athletics and was on the college football team, but recently family responsibilities and work have not made it easy for him to exercise.Question 1Relate Mr. Filstrup’s case history to the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis.Answers may vary.Question 2How do anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics help Mr. Filstrup deal with this form of arthritis? Why is moderate, non–weight-bearing exercise recommended?Answers may vary.Question 3What is the probable prognosis for Mr. Filstrup?

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The Reproductive System

Reproductive SystemCase Study: Prostate Cancerapprox 30 minMr. Rader, age 52 years, is undergoing a routine physical examination for his employer. During palpation of the prostate, the physician noted a hard nodule on the gland’s periphery. Lab tests revealed an elevated PSA level. The remainder of the examination did not reveal any other abnormalities.Question 1Using the information given, discuss the presentation of cancer of the prostate.Answers may vary.Question 2Discuss the predisposing factors for prostate cancer and identify the high-risk groups.Answers may vary.Question 3Discuss the variation in the growth and course of this type of cancer.Answers may vary.Question 4Discuss how the decision to treat or not to treat is made early in the course of prostate cancer.Answers may vary.Question 5If metastasis occurs, what additional manifestations will occur, and how will they be treated?

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Microbiology & Pathophysiology

1. Share how Covid-19 infects an individual and the manifestation and severity of the disease. What are the predisposing factors to the severity of the of disease, and how it spreads?2. Three variants of the Covid-19 (United Kingdom, South Africa variant, and the regular Covid-19s) have been identified. Pick one of the variants and describe what is unique about its mechanism of infection. What makes the virus more or less virulent?3. Our innate immunity is the first line of defense against microbes and infections. How do we ensure it is fit to deal with invading pathogens?4. What is it about acquired immunity that makes it different from innate immunity? How is it able to deal with microorganisms initially and in the future?5. Which type of vaccine to take as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic is the luxurious opportunity, we have to deal with compared to the rest of the world. Pick one of the 3 available vaccines and describe the overall makeup of the vaccine and how it works. How effective is it compared to the other 2 vaccines?6. Identify and describe a type of autoimmune disease. Describe the triggers, causes of the disease, and how it is treated.7. Individual microbiome provides a competitive environment against pathogens. How do you ensure it is healthy and thriving? What are consumables or activities to avoid that are harmful to the microbiome?8. The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to a lot of people learning more about viruses. How would you describe how one of the 3 variants infect their host?9. Describe the First line of defense and identify a medical condition that can compromise it.10. Describe how antibodies are able to interact and eliminate differently types of pathogens. How are they able to achieve this?11. Identify and describe a disease that has been eradicated in the USA as a result of vaccine. What do you think would be the impact of the disease if it had not been eradicated?12. Define Dysbiosis. Why is it important to have a good understanding of it, and how we can use this knowledge to maintain or improve our health?

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An Encyclopedic Narrative

What is meant by the conception of Plum in the Golden Vase as an encyclopedic narrative? How is our assumption that a text has a single author who penned it from start to finish modified by the textual history of some of the other texts we have studied, for example, Guan Hanqing’s play “The Injustice to Dou E”?

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Biology and Ecology

Essay Title: Ecology1. Need a 5 paragraph Essay about Ecology.2. no Maximum amount of words needed.

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Experimental Approach

What is the motivation for the study – what is the broad problem in the field that the study helps to address?What is the specific hypothesis being tested?What is the experimental approach to testing the hypothesis? What was measured?What were the important quantitative results? Explain whether the results support or contradict the hypothesis. What do the results mean in terms of the broader issues that motivated the study?

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Reading And Posting

Can you read the article and follow the instructions in the Powerpoint. You can write the answers directly in the powerpoint or in a separate paper. As the questions in the powerpoint said what is the citations ? what the material and methods which means what the cell lines, what were the reagents and drugs if were any used and what were the major assays?Finally, Complete each panel in each Figure with1) cell lines or models- if not shown in the Figures2) Key points with arrows or boxes in each figure there is a, b, c etc so in each one of those make an arrow or box for the important part in it and explain why from the paper.3) what assay used4) what drug or other treatments if not shown in the fig5) if there was an abbreviations used spelled ou

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Statistical Regression

A recent study on crime rates examines whether crime depends on sunshine. A researcher hypothesizes that sunshine makes people happy and thus reduces crime. She collects data from cities across the USA and their sunshine exposure, runs a regression and finds the following:Dependent Variable: Number of Crimes per 100,000 people (higher scores mean more crime)R2 = .45Estimate Std.Error. Sig or p-valueIntercept 2.1* 0.05. 0.000Sunny Days 0.5. 0.90 0.540Interpret the estimated slope, estimated intercept, and R2 from this regression. State whether the slope is statistically significant, how you reached that conclusion, and what statistical significance means in this case.

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