[SOLVED] Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Choose a topic that is interesting to you and has a specific bearing on your industry or field of study. It may inform: Explore a technical subject and explain how to carry out a specific task. (Process Analysis) It may persuade: Argue for a method of doing something. (Research Paper) Instructions Write a 1,000-word technical essay

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[SOLVED] Human Factors in Commercial Aviation Accidents

Research and select one article written five years ago or less on a topic of their choosing in the field of aviation. Write a 2-3-page (not including the title page nor the reference page) analysis of the article and offer a critique of the article, including a Biblical worldview. This Article Review should be a source that can be used in Research Paper which is Human Factors in Commercial Aviation Accidents

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[SOLVED] Ethical Dilemma in Aviation

1. Submit Six  scholarly articles supporting your dilemma  –  A dilemma is a choice of two options that by taking one option the effects on the other choice becomes worse.   “Clearly identify the dilemmas and choices.”   This point is often overlooked with this assignment. –  The proposal needs to present aviation issues, not a single or an individual instance.   –  Someone breaking the law, policy, code or regulation is most likely an “individual problem with enforcement” and not always a dilemma, so research this approach well and make sure. – Research historical organizational dilemmas, you will find many social dilemmas do affect aviation.        – Completion of this assignment is required to move on to the next phase of your term paper, the due date has been moved to Sunday, on Monday this assignment will be graded as late.    2.  This assignment, due   Friday,  will be to research and analyze six scholarly articles supporting a dilemma   – Be prepared to defend your proposal within this research.  Full bibliographic APA citation: the necessary and complete bibliographical information i.e. (author, title, publisher and date, etc.), Author’s background: the name, authority, experience, or qualifications of the author. Purpose of the work: the reasons why the author wrote the work Scope of the work: the breadth or depth of coverage and topics or sub-topics covered. Main argument: State the main informative points of the paper Audience: For whom was it written (general public, subject specialists, student? Methodology: What methodology and research methods did the work employ? Viewpoint: What is the author’s perspective or approach (school of thought, etc.)? E.g., an unacknowledged bias, or any undefended assumptions? Sources: Does the author cite other sources, and if so, what types? Is it based on the author’s own research? Is it a personal opinion? Reliability of the source: How reliable is the work? Conclusion: What does the author conclude about the work? Is the conclusion justified by the work? Features: Any significant extras, e.g. visual aids (charts, maps, etc.), reprints of source documents, an annotated bibliography? Strengths and Weaknesses: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the work? Comparison: How does the source relate to other works done by other writers on the topic: does it agree or disagree with another author or a particular school of thought; are there other works which would support or dispute it? Voice / Personal Conclusion: Provide an opinion of the work or a reaction to the source based on other available works, prior knowledge of the subject matter or knowledge pools done by other researchers. The annotations The annotations for each source are written in paragraph form. The lengths of the annotations can vary significantly from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages. The length of each annotation should be between 200 and 500 words. However, when writing an extensive analysis of each source, more space may be needed. A few paragraphs  of how the work fits into a larger paper will be needed for the paper draft due 15 Nov My topic: UAV pilots destroy countries and when their shift is over they get to go home to their family. Dilemma: Psychological, PTSD, “Snipper” Syndrome Intro: Being a pilot for an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) means that the pilot is not sitting in the cockpit of the plane. Instead, the pilot is controlling the vehicle from a control room which is miles away from them. The pilots that are controlling the drones are performing deadly work by destroying countries and then going home to their families after the shift is over. Although they might go home to their family, pilots take the trauma that comes with the job back home.  HERE ARE MY SCHOLARLY SOURCES: Positive side http://www.journal.forces.gc.ca/vol20/no3/page46-eng.asp https://jnslp.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Dawn-of-the-Intercontinental-Sniper_2.pdf  https://academic.oup.com/milmed/article/179/suppl_8/63/4210169  Negative https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14672715.2012.738546?journalCode=rcra20 https://www.law.upenn.edu/institutes/cerl/conferences/targetedkilling/papers/OConnellDrones.pdf https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1362480610396650  https://publicsurveillance.com/papers/UAVs_Wall-Monahan.pdf

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Hello this assignment is about Aviation. The topic is TAM Cargo. You have to do SWOT Analysis about TAM Cargo company. Let me break down what I mean by SWOT analysis. 1) Strength  2) Weakness 3) Opportunites 4) Threats You have to describe all these points carefully. Make sure don’t miss any point of this analysis. I will upload picture for you so can get an idea what I’m taking about.

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[SOLVED] Engine Fire Detection Systems

It’s about Thermal Switch System, Thermocouple Systems, Optical Fire Detection Systems, Pneumatic Thermal Fire Detection, Continuous-Loop Detector Systems, Fenwal Continuous-Loop System, Kidde Continuous-Loop System, Sensing Element, Combination Fire and Overheat Warning, Temperature Trend Indication, System Test, Fault Indication, Dual-Loop Systems, Automatic Self-Interrogation, Support Tube-Mounted Sensing Elements, Fire Detection Control Unit (Fire Detection Card), Fire Zone’s, Engine Fire Extinguishing System

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[SOLVED] Overall Presentation

25% Appropriate length (not too short, not too long) & your ability to follow instructions; 25% Content and Layout – text and photos – be creative; 25% Paragraph Form, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (spell-check!!!); 25% Expression, Clarity of Thought and…Overall Presentation!

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[SOLVED] US Commercial Aviation

Write a 5 page, double spaced paper on the deregulation of the airline industry in 1978. In that paper include the top three ways that you believe deregulation improved US commercial aviation (and explain why, and you can you outside sources to support your argument), and list the top three ways (and explain why) you feel that that deregulation hurt the US airline industry. I am looking for your own words and ideas in this paper. I am not concerned with grammar and formatting as I am with originality and your own thoughts and ideas put together. I will check these for plagiarism, so please use your own word

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[SOLVED] Improving Operational Efficiency

The aviation industry is inherently stressful. Maintenance schedules, required inspections, regulation changes, and policy updates are challenges leaders in the aviation industry face daily. The ability to clearly communicate the importance of these elements, more-so to those who are directly responsible for performing these tasks, is essential. Effective communication can improve efficiency by creating an environment which fosters collaboration and strengthens competence and confidence. However, the inability of maintenance personnel to associate organizational goals with operational efficiency can result with complacency, improper maintenance, and compromised safety. Think the Dirty Dozen of Aviation. For this written assignment, you will  evaluate organizational goals for global maintenance organizations which enhance operational efficiency to write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following: How does the identification of organizational goals enhance operational efficiency in a global maintenance setting? Support your conclusions with research based evidence and not your opinion. Paper must include a cover, abstract, and reference page, APA format and include a minimum of three to four reference sources no older than 10 years old.

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[SOLVED] American Airlines to 2013

Arial Size 12pt No specific requirement for the amount of sources but please use a few. The paper may include American Airlines history up to 2013, type of business model (legacy, regional, low cost, niche, etc.), their direct competitors, past (or future) acquisitions and mergers, labor (problems, structure, union/non-union), management structure, aircraft fleet type, and route structure just to name a few.

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[SOLVED] The Effects of Genetically Modified Foods

1. Must include a thesis statement such as “Genetically modified foods negative impact on the environment and human health”. 2. Must include 2-3 issues to discuss from the thesis statement. 3. Use APA format, include in- text citation and reference page. 4. Include a summary of each reference 3-4 sentences. Use articles that are within the last 5 years if possible.

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