Installing and Timing Magneto

The process of installing and timing magneto

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Installing and Timing a Magneto

write a report describing the process of installing and timing a magneto.this report should be single-spaced on 8.5*11 paper a 1000 words

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The Tenerife Airport Disaster

A research paper of 1250 words or more (5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font and 1-inch margins) on an ATC related subject. (I decided to choose the Tenerife Airport Disaster) of your choosing is required with at least 5 references (reference page does not count toward total page requirement). The paper is to be in APA format, have 1-inch margins, in 12-point font, and include a title page and references. Therefore, a total of 7 pages. Can include one picture. I wanted the paper to start with the human errors in ATC that lead to accidents and disasters, then divert that into The Tenerife Airport disaster. I’m open to other ideas.

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Airport Environment and Climate Protection

1-) Climate protection, sustainability, and reduction of carbon emissions are all buzz words used in the aviation industries. Read: London City Airport Achieves Carbon Neutral Status For this discussion, you need to do two things. A. Research another airport currently implementing sustainability initiatives and explain their program or plan. B. If you were the airport manager of… Abilene Regional Airport, would you devote funds towards the implementation of sustainability initiatives? Why or why not? Your initial post should be at least 75 words in length. 1 source. 2-) Airfield signage can be difficult to read. At many airports the airport employees care for the airfield which means they will be driving on it frequently. In maintenance or facilities positions there are also a high turnover rate. As the facilities supervisor, you need to figure out a way to adequately train your employees about airport signage. Quizzes seem to be a typical answer, but that does not tend to make employees remember the important facts. In your opinion, what would be an effective method to train new employees on airport signage and why would your method work? Your initial post should be at least 75 words in length. 1 source.

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Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771

Prepare a report with no less than 6 pages’ double spaced about Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771. Your paper should capture the three primary questions ((1) What happened? 2) Why it happened? and 3) What was done to prevent reoccurrence?) and your opinion based on your research. Please include photos (no unpleasant graphics/photos/videos), graph, charts, etc.

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Emergency Aircraft Accident Response

Individual CrashEx Report : Instructions & Marking Guide (20% of total course marks) A. Topic : 1. Based upon lecture materials, recommended readings, in-class discussions, individual research and the Annual Crash & Rescue Exercise (CrashEx), develop and describe ONE major improvement that you can make for your company’s emergency aircraft accident response. 2. The description of your suggested improvement needs to be solidly grounded, i.e. your description follows the SMART format : a. Specific–focusononespecificimprovement. b. Measurable–theresultofyourimprovementmustbemeasurable. c. Achievable – your improvement must be doable, achievable. d. Realistic–yourimprovementmustberealisticinareal-worldairportoperationalenvironment. e. Trackable–the progress of your improvement must be track able over time with identifiable milestones. B. Individual Written Report : 1. Limited to between 1000 to 1200 words on A4 paper with single spacing and font size 12. 2. Your reference list located at the end of your report is not included in the words count. 3. Ensure you use proper citations within your report.

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Aviation Insurance

Provide Comprehensive and all-encompassing Answers to the following questions: 1. What was the first company to write aviation insurance in the post-World War I Period? What Lines did it Underwrite? Why did it withdraw from the market? 2. Why is the industrial aid class of business considered one of the best by aviation underwriters? Describe one unique coverage provided aid accounts. Most aircraft risks fall into which class of business. 3.How might the FAA incur liability in carrying out it’s responsibilities. What is the Lloyd’s syndicate? Can any agent or broker place business directly with Lloyd’s of London? What is the role of the underwriter? The Lloyd’s brokers? 4. Define the law of large numbers and explain it’s role in insurance? 5. Name and explain four dimensions of a risk that must be measured by the risk manager. 6. Describe the four parts of a negligence act. Distinguish between the degree of care owed trespassers, licensees, and invitees. What is the justification for different degrees of care? Explain the types of liability hazards to which an FBO is exposed? 7. What is a representation? How is the materiality of a misrepresentation determined? What is a warranty? Give an example of a promissory and an affirmative warranty. How are warranties distinguished from representations? 8. What is the purpose for deductibles? Distinguish between the following deductibles: Straight, franchise, disappearing, and aggregate. 9. What expenses will the company pay in the event of a partial loss repaired by someone other than the insured? By the insured? 10. What is the purpose of the airport premises liability policy? Give some examples of accidents which would be covered under this policy. Describe some of the basic items found under the declarations. Who is covered as an insured? List 10 exclusions found under the policy. What is the purpose of many of the exclusions? 11. What is the purpose of loss of use coverage? Who might be a likely prospect for such coverage? Under what circumstances would loss of license insurance apply. Describe the coverages available for ultralight aircraft owners. 12. Decribe the unique nature of aviation exposures as distinguished from other lines of insurance? Why is the limited spread of risk such a difficult problem for underwriters. How does diversification of aircraft and rapidity of change complicate this problem? 13. What are the three most important criteria in airline risk selection? How are rates determined? Why might an air carrier experience an increase in rates when it has had NO claims? 14. Which valuation method is best: replacement cost or actual cash value? 15. Is the liability of a common carrier absolute? Explain. 16. Describe the typical components of a workers’ compensation cost control program? 17. Explain how underwriting is different for group insurance when compared with individual insurance? 18. Describe the three principal business uses of life insurance/

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The Power Point slides should contain the key findings/points of the research paper using bullets and sub bullets. Please note that the Power Point presentation is due the same date as the written research paper. Content items to be evaluated include: (1) Depth of coverage appropriate for topic, (2) Points covered succinctly and cohesively, and (3) Evidence presented appropriately. It should take probably 8 to 10 PowerPoint slides (with comments) and require about 10 minutes to review. Be sure to include your complete references, as the last slide(s) in the presentation so the other students could do further research on your topic should they wish.

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