University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion

University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS Home > Humanities > University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion Question Description Need help with my Social Science question – I’m studying for my class. For this assignment you will make an Activity- Emergency Preparation Handout Flyer for your future families. You must include intext citations from the book Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Children Promoting Wellness By: Joanne Sorte; Inge Daeschel; Carolina Amador. We are on Chapter 16.The VVC Lab School Handbook is also attached Activity- Emergency Preparation Handout for your future families Students will need to pick one specific type of emergency that they may encounter in the local area (e.g., earthquake, fire, flood, mass shooting, extra). Then students need to create a handout on the type of emergency with define the emergency, the specific steps the center/classroom would take during this incident, preparation steps, extra that they would provide their future families. Students need to address the steps the center/classroom would take before, during, and after this emergency (need specifics), any other key items, and make it visually appealing. HINT HINT- look at VVC Lab School Handbook for ideas ?? Be creative- make it fun! Think about if you would want to read it (if you were a parent)? Unformatted Attachment Preview 0 Board Approved August 9, 2016 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Our Mission, Goals, Philosophy and Curriculum Framework ? Our Mission ? Our Goals ? Our Philosophy and Curriculum Framework Program Policies and Procedures ? Program Background ? Days and Hours of Operation ? Open Door Policy ? Equal Access Policy ? Religious Instruction Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) ? Program Self Evaluation Process ? Environmental Rating Scale ? Staff Qualifications and Staff Development Program ? Family/Parent Involvement ? Parent/Guardian Survey ? Teacher/Parent/Guardian Communication ? Newsletter ? Community Involvement ? Family Advisory Committee (FAC) ? Parent/Guardian Conduct Expectations ? Education, Health and Social Services ? Nutrition How to Qualify for the CDLC ? Eligibility ? Family Size ? Enrollment Priorities Enrollment Process ? Notification Process ? Documents to Bring/Eligibility List Form ? Notice of Action (NOA) ? Appeal Process ? School Calendar Supplemental Services ? Victor Valley College Guidance and Counseling Center Program Procedures ? Attendance Policy ? Excused Absences ? Unexcused Absences ? Family Leave or Break in Services ? Sign In/Out ? Who will be allowed to Pick up Your Child? 2 ? ? ? ? Parental Legal Orders/Custody Issues Daily Arrival at CDLC Field Trips Birthdays and Special Occasions Health and Safety Regulations and Procedures ? Illness Policies ? When your Child is ill ? Special Health Concerns-Allergy Policy ? Medication Policy ? No Smoking Policy ? No Cell Phone Policy ? Late Pick Ups and Late Fees Classroom Management Parent/Guardian Responsibilities ? Clothing ? Extra Clothing ? Toys at School ? Cubbies ? Jewelry ? Lost and Found ? Car Seat Safety Law ? Sun Protection Center Forms ? Ouchy report ? Incident/Observational Report ? Illness Report ? Medication Dispensing Form ? Emergency Card Emergency Policies ? Accidents at School ? Emergencies ? Emergency Disaster Plan ? Emergency Kit ? Emergency School Closure ? Earthquake and Fire Drill Procedures General Procedures ? Grievances ? Uniform Complaint Procedure ? Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse Termination Procedures ? Reasons for Termination 3 ? Staffing Ratios and Supervision Program Mission, Goals, Philosophy and Curriculum Framework Our Mission To provide a high quality model lab site for the college students, as well as providing a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate educational environment for the children and families in our diverse community. Our Goals Our goals have been inspired to support our philosophy and curriculum framework while achieving our mission. Our goals are the core of what VVC wants for the students, families, children, and community that the CDLC serves. The primary goal for the CDLC is to provide a Lab for the Child Development Program students. Additionally, we offer observation opportunities to all disciplines and students from any community college or university requiring a Lab experience. As a Lab for the Child Development Program, the CDLC provides ongoing and professional updated resources for students, both male and female, to receive professional training that is required for certification and to observe children in a quality program to further their understanding of child growth and development. University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion As a model of child development professionalism, we are dedicated to children and open to growth and change. Providing an educational environment for students keeps our staff informed of the latest trends in the field of Child Development. The goal for the children in the CDLC is to provide a safe and rich learning experience designed to meet both their individual and developmental needs. The teaching team plans developmentally appropriate experiences that represent and reflect a commitment to children’s positive growth socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and creatively. The goal for the parents of our children is to partner with parents by supporting their role as the most important and influential person in the young child’s life. Our Philosophy and Curriculum Framework The framework for our educational approach is based on a firm foundation of theory and research. The major theorists that have influenced our framework are: Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Erik Erikson, Abraham Maslow, and Howard Gardner. Influenced by theory and motivated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) “Best Practices,” we implement a play-based, active learning environment that is childcentered and builds on their interests, strengths, and emerging abilities in social-emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. We support children’s learning and guide the development of the whole child through experiences in the environment that are individually and culturally meaningful for all children in our diverse community. Our curriculum goals are structured in accordance with California Department of Education’s (CDE) Preschool Curriculum Foundations and Frameworks and the children’s progress is documented through the application of CDE’s Desired Results assessment system. 4 Program Policies and Procedures Program Background The Victor Valley College Child Development Lab Classroom (hereby referred to as the CDLC) was established in January 1974. The CDLC functions as a Lab for the Child Development Program. The CDLC, state license # 360906573, is funded through a contract from the California State Department of Education (hereby referred to as the CDE), Early Education and Support Division. The CDLC is contracted to offer a State Preschool program during 180 school days in a year round calendar. The CDLC must adhere to the Contract funding terms and conditions for both Title 5 and Title 22 regulations. The following policies and procedures are consistent with the regulations established by our funding source, CDE. Days and Hours of Operation The CDLC, a California State Preschool Program, operates a part day preschool educational program for families from mid-August to mid-June. This program is offered Monday –Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Children must attend all five days. The Lab is designed to serve the income-eligible child during the year prior to kindergarten. Children are enrolled on a priority basis. University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion Open Door Policy We welcome all parents to observe from the observation window for one-way viewing; however, prior permission is required for visits inside the Lab or from a relative or family friend NOT on the emergency card. Equal Access Policy At the CDLC all children are welcomed. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race ancestry, national origin, religion, color, mental or physical disability when determining which children are served. The CDLC: ? Welcomes the enrollment of children with disabilities ? Understands the requirement of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make reasonable accommodations for such children and implements appropriate accommodations Religious Instruction The CDLC refrains from religious instruction or worship. 5 Desired Results for Children and Families The Desired Results System and Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) One of our conditions for accepting CDE funding is the responsibility and accountability for us to document the progress made by children and families. We do this through an assessment tool called the Desires Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), which is a very comprehensive portfolio and an observation assessment instrument. The CDLC is aligned with the Preschool Learning Foundations and Curriculum Frameworks developed by the CDE which identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies that children typically attain as they complete their first or second year of preschool. As partners, we are here to train you and help you become familiar with the DRDP instrument. Desired results for children encompass the following developmental domains: ? Self and Social Development ? Language and Literacy Development ? English Language Development ? Cognitive Development ? Mathematical Development ? Physical Development ? Health Program Self Evaluation Process An evaluation of the CDLC is completed annually in accordance with state requirements. The evaluation report is submitted to the CDE along with an action plan which establishes program goals and objectives. This annual plan conforms to the State’s “Desired Results for Children and Families” system and includes, but is not limited to, child assessment (DRDP tool) a self-evaluation, parent survey, and Environmental Rating Scale (ERS). Environmental Rating Scale The Lab is assessed using the Environmental Rating Scale in the areas of: Space and Furnishings; Personal Care Routines; Language-Reasoning; Activities such as Science, Math, Art, Music, and such; Interaction; Program Structure; and Parents/Staff. A Program Self Evaluation is written to address areas of needed improvement. This data is shared with the Family Advisory Committee for input on possible next steps and action plans. In addition to the survey data, all comments left by parents in the Suggestion Box is reviewed. Staff Qualifications and Staff Development Program The CDLC’s personnel are governed by written policies which provide job descriptions, qualification requirements, objective review of grievances and complaints, a sound compensation plan, and statements of employee benefits and responsibilities. All employees are cleared through the Department of Justice. Teachers have a valid Child Development Permit issued through the California State Department of Education Commission on Teacher Credentialing and have a current CPR/Pediatric First Aid. ? New employees are given an orientation to guide them to understand how agency policies relate to their respective job descriptions. University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion ? Continuous staff growth is supported by assessing their needs and providing professional development activities to enhance their growth. ? Our staff members are evaluated according to the negotiated contracts of their respective unions. 6 ? We have internal communication systems which include email, phone, memos and meetings to provide staff with information necessary to carry out their respective duties. ? The demographics of the High Desert population are represented in our staff and the children who are enrolled. ? Parents or legal guardians cannot supervise their own children. Family/Parent Involvement All parents attend: ? an orientation for families/parents/guardians ? at least two parent/guardian conferences per year ? Parent/guardian meetings with program staff ? Reports are given to parents/guardians, so they can read about their child’s strengths, what we are working on, and what parents can do at home to help ? Parent/Guardian led Family Advisory Committee meetings are offered Parent/Guardian Survey Parents/Guardians are encouraged to complete a Parent/Guardian Survey during the school year. Your views are important to the CDLC and used to help construct an improvement plan. Based on your comments, we determine our plan of action to improve our services which is definitely more valuable when all your input is included. This will help us to improve and/or continue to help support your children’s learning and development and to meet your family’s needs. Teacher/Parent/Guardian Communications Parents/guardians should check daily for notices or communications outside classroom on the bulletin boards, white boards, the glass doors and/or top of the sign in/sign out sheets and in any other areas designed to place information. Teacher/parent/guardians communications may also be put in individual children’s cubbies and should also be checked daily. Newsletter In an effort to keep parents/guardians informed of policy changes, special events, and general information, newsletters are done on a monthly basis. If you have something you wish to share in the newsletter, please submit it to the Lab staff. We invite your participation. Community Involvement The CDLC solicits support from the community including the solicitations for donated goods and services. The CDLC also provides information to the community regarding the services available. In addition, the CDLC utilizes media or other forms of communication in the community. Family Advisory Committee (FAC) The CDLC has an active parent/guardian group. All parents/guardians of enrolled children are invited to attend meetings in order to provide feedback to the Family Advisory Committee, staff and Director regarding program, policy or procedure revision changes and CDLC events/activities/seminars. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to volunteer to serve as the Lab representative (one for the morning program and one for the afternoon program). Please look for meeting dates and times in the newsletter and posting on Lab bulletin board each month. Parent/Guardian Conduct Expectations ? Disciplining a child in front of the other children, either verbally or physically is not permitted at the 7 ? Please refrain from talking negatively about children in their presence ? Smoking, firearms and other significant hazards that pose risk to children and adults are not allowed in the building or surrounding parking lot. ? Custody and visitation disputes are a private matter and may not be openly discussed at the CDLC. ? All children must be transported to and from the CDLC in the proper legal child restraints (car seats or booster seats). CDLC staff will report any violations of this law to Campus Police. ? Rude and/or malicious actions toward others will not be tolerated. University of Kang Ning Fire and Smoke Emergency Preparation Discussion ? Children will not be released to anyone who seems intoxicated or on drugs. Campus Police will be called. Education, Health and Social Services If necessary, staff: ? identifies the needs of the child and the family for health and social services ? refers a child and/or family to appropriate agencies in the community as needed and ? conducts follow-up procedures with the family/parent/guardian to ensure that the needs have been met Nutrition The CDLC ensures that children in the program have nutritious snacks according to State and Federal regulations. The snacks planned are family style, culturally and developmentally appropriate for the children being served and are no additional cost to families. No outside food may be brought into the center without prior approval. Due to public health requirements, no food may be taken out of the center. If a child requires a special diet for medical reasons, parents/guardians may request to fill out the Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations form. This form requires a doctor’s signature. We reserve the right to require that parents/guardians provide any substitute or special foods required by the child. 8 How To Qualify For The Child Development Lab Classroom Eligibility The family’s adjusted monthly income cannot exceed the income ceilings established by the California Department of Education at the time of enrollment except for Child Protective Services children. Eligibility is based on documentation and verification of at least one of the following: ? Income – total countable income means all income of the individuals counted in the family size, for example: ? Copy of one months’ worth of payroll check stubs ? Copy of TANF Notice of Action stating yearly income/monthly income allotments ? Financial Aid Award Letter ? Copy of court order for child and/or spousal support (alimony) ? Copy of Veteran’s Benefits Award Letter ? Copy of Worker’s Compensation Benefits ? Copy of Foster Care Income Notification ? Copy of Social Security Administration Income Award Letter ? Affidavit signed for housing or automobile allowance ? Copy of disability or unemployment compensation award letter and/or copy of checks ? Copy of bank statements for dividends, interest on saving or bonds, income from state or trust, net rental income or royalties ? Copy of financial assistance received for the case of a child living with an adult other than the biological or adoptive parent/guardian notification ? Copy of statements for pension or annuities ? Inheritance ? Income from other enterprise for gain ? Adults who are part of the household and do not have any income will complete an Affidavit form signed under penalty of perjury stating that they do not have any income. Family Size (required documentation) The parent/guardian must provide supporting documentation regarding the number of children/parents/guardians in the family. Documentation for children/parents/guardians must be at least one of the following: ? birth certificate; child custody court order; adoption documents; foster care placement records; school or medical records; county welfare department records; other reliable documentation indicating the relationship of the child to the parent/guardian. ? When only one parent/guardian has signed the Eligibility List form and information provided indicates the child in the family has another parent whose name does not appear on the application, then the presence or absence of that parent must be documented. Enrollment Priorities ? The CDLC maintains a current eligibility list in accordance with regulations from the CDE admission priorities. This requirement is maintained by completing the Eligibility List Form (often referred to as the Waiting List form). ? First priority for enrollment in the Lab shall be given to neglected or abused children who are recipients of child protective services (CPS) or who are at risk of being neglected, abused, or exploited, upon written referral from a legal, medical, or social service agency. If unable to enroll a child in this category, the staff shall refer the child’s parent/guardian to local resource/referral services in an attempt to locate services for the child. ? The CDLC provides for the care and education of children ages 3 to 4 years old; giving priority to four year old children. “Four-year-old children” mean those children who have their fourth 9 birthday on or before September 1 of the school year in which they are enrolled. “Three-year-old children” mean those children who have their third birthday on or before September 1 of the school year in which they are enrolled. Enrollment Process Notification Process Families/Parents/Guardians are notified about the enrollment process in a variety of forums such as: ? At the CDLC ? Public events ? Flyers distributed throughout the community ? District announcements on marquee Documents to Bring/ Eligibility List Form Filling out an Eligibility List Form in the CDLC or online is the first step of the process. After the form is filled out, verification of eligibility for enrollment is completed by a staff member. Bring the following along with your completed application: ? Immunization and a physical examination record, prior to program entrance, including tuberculin clearance; ? A new physical is requested, but not required. If you decide not to provide an updated physical, you will be asked to sign an opt out form. ? Birth record for all children residing in the home under the age of 18; ? Proof of all recent income for the entire month for each parent/guardian; ? Documentation verifying the presence or absence of a parent/guardian at home if applicable. ? Students cannot be enrolled without a completed family file. ? If space is available, you will be given a pre-enrollment packet and an appointment will be made for you to complete the enrollment process. If space is not available, you will be contacted at a later time as spaces become available. ? On the day of … Purchase answer to see full attachment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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