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Question 1: How and why did the Union prevail against the Confederacy during the Civil War (1861-1865)? What were some of the main obstacles and challenges each side faced and what, ultimately, seemed to give the Union the edge?


The Confederacy was initially formed by seven secessionist slaveholding states, on the other hand, the union had eleven southern states which were unified by the institution of slavery, while the Confederate states were unified with the fact that they all had similar goals above all fighting slavery that was coming from the southern part of the united states with which slavery was in an integral part of,

As a matter of fact, there are several reasons as to why the union prevailed way long against the Confederate States of America during the civil war, the union had more men, which made part of their military troops. The union was also made of more ships as compared the Confederacy. Lastly, the union was believed to have more of the needed materials for the war than its opponent, and again it is evident that money played a role during the civil war and during this time the union was believed to have money.

Nonetheless, the eleven state union did face quite some obstacle during the civil war. The union did experience some internal politics which were entirely made of opinion differences from the parties involved. The second obstacles were that the union lacked a decent as well as a reliable overall army commander.

On the other hand, the Confederacy did face a number of problems among them being, having less of fewer men in their army than their opponents, they also had no real working industries, they was no access to rail networks on their region, they also did not have a well-established navy as compared to that of their opponents popularly referred to as the north. The confederacy mostly relied on exports for their profits; they also suffered a lot of internal tensions considering the fact that they were well informed of their opponents of the north and how established they were.

Lastly, the north or rather the union had an edge during this war, and this was brought about by the fact that they had such a large industrial power with a good politics among their leaders, they were also made up of excellent and unique military leaders, they were also made up of strong military tradition which included having the common military men more motivated as compared to those of the Confederacy.


Shi, D. E., & Tindall, G. B. (2016). America: A narrative history. WW Norton & Company

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