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One of the things that one can see in this society is that Christians tend to be given a bad rap on showing love. A common accusation we see in the media is that evangelicals tend to be extremely judgmental. This is a common knowledge thing that we see in this world. It is sadly true. Evangelicals do not tend to be very loving. An example of this I will give in case you haven’t seen it would be Representative King who made a remark defending rape and incest (Stevens and Stolberg 2019). This is just example of how evangelicals tend to get this kind of reputation. These people may not be the majority, but they are definitely speaking loudly. I think we can see things like this is being embraced in our world. In a post truth culture even, so-called evangelicals will choose to believe against love and choose instead to believe in the idea of confusion and whatever gets them the most attention and what is accepted by the “base” of their support (Murray, 23). This kind of mentality in the evangelical world also breeds hatred. This I can tell you from my own experience. The idea of believing differently than your average Regent Student is not taken very well here. Instead of showing love to that person they may choose to spread lies or make nasty comments about them none of which would Christ do. Drew Brees made a statement that we on campus students can learn from and that is how we should treat people. Brees was attacked for supporting an anti LGBT organization. He set the record straight by saying how he lived. One of the commandments was love thy neighbor and he mentioned that in his statement. The way we show love for our neighbor is accepting them and not showing them any kind of hate but love them (Brees statement twitter). The best way if you disagree with someone on campus is to show them love and act in kindness toward them. We are not expected to judge people as Christians. The Bible makes the statement that we must take the log out of our eye before we can pluck the speck out of our brothers. We all live in sin and we cannot act like we are the greatest person that God has created which is again something else I have seen in Regent Students. Fortunately, we as Christians do in fact have people we can look at as examples. Drew Brees as stated is an amazing example for us as believers to look at. It was fortunate that he made that statement today. Living our lives according to the golden rule is the best way to show love in this day and age. The best way to reflect truth in love as stated in my previous post is to live a loving and Christ like life. This is how we show others we are different. We do not hate we do not act like we are better than others but instead live humble and God fearing lives.

Please wirte an responce of 250 -300 word count to the above post, also with 2 references.

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