research paper of commercial law

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.The paper is due on august 13, 2019

.Use APA citation style

.Double space

.Include proper referencing of sources

.6-7 pages


you and your wealthy cousin Lily have decided to start your own fitness center and yoga studio in the south end of Windsor. the center will mostly cater to university students and the plan is to either purchase or rent a property to start your business.

As part of the process your job is to prepare a paper covering some of the legal issues that you anticipate during the set up and daily operation of the business.

Cousin Lily has agreed to help finance the business but she wants to see your paper / business plan first. She wants the paper by august 13, 2019.

please include any legal topics that you feel are relevant , but please consider at at least 3 of the following legal topics.

1. internal procedures to deal with employee disputes:

-warning/ hearings- administrative law

-discipline committee-administrative law

-Human rights issues

2. incidents at the workplace involving employee and customers:

-accidents/ negligence-tort law

-intentional conflicts-tort law

-workers compensation

-how to avoid lawsuits

3. contract issue:

-rules that both employees and menages should be aware of

-impact of modern technology-e-commerce contracts

4. employment law issues:

-duties of employees

-duties of employer-employment law chapter

-issues related to termination

5.sales of goods:

-issues related to the sale of goods act

-consumer protection(legislation)

-restrictive trade practices

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