Questions: Opening Communication

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Use this template to answer the questions below about using questions in the counseling interview. Do not let your responses to each of these questions be guided or limited by the space between each item below. The space for your answer will automatically expand to accept more narrative. I am looking for no fewer than 1,700 words (including the 246 words already on the page) for this paper assignment. One word or even one or two sentence answers will not be adequate to answer these questions. Be thorough in your responses. Only use textbook chapter 5 to answer the questions. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE TEXTBOOK ONLY!

Ivey, A.E., Ivey, M.B. & Zalaquett, C.P. (2017) Intentional interviewing and counseling: Facilitating client development in a multicultural society. 9th ed., CENGAGE Learning, Boston, ISBN: 978-1- 305-86578-5 or Loose-leaf edition ISBN 978-1-337-27776-1

  • Distinguish between open and closed questions. Describe each and talk about how they are alike and different. Give an example of both the open and closed question and give a possible response to the question.What does each type of question tend to lead to?
  • Describe the following kinds of questions and talk about what each tends to lead to. Give an example of each and an example of the sort of response they might elicit.:
  • What Questions
  • How Questions
  • Why Questions
  • Could and Would Questions
  • Describe some of the potential difficulties with questions.
  • Describe behavioral psychology’s antecedent-behavior and consequence (ABC) model.
  • Describe Albert Ellis’s rational emotional behavior therapy (REBT) addition to the Behavior’s psychology ABC model.
  • Describe how a question may be inappropriate when working with someone from a different cultural background.
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