Questions, “Freakonomics”

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Watch Freakonomics Movie

Answer following Questions

1-Freakonomics” argues that morality represents the way we would like the world to work, whereas economics can show how the world really does work. Do you agree? Why or why not?

2-How does the argument linking Roe v. Wade to a drop in crime change your thinking about abortion?

3-Levitt and Stephen Dubner set out to explore the hidden side of numerous social questions. What was the methodology they used to prove that sumo wrestling–—the epitome of virtue in Japanese society—suffers from endemic corruption? What incentives exist in the sport—in spite of its national character of purity—make it vulnerable to corruption?

4-In the segment of paying students to improve their grades, examine what does the winner of the $500 prize have that the student who continued to do poorly (the skate boarder) not have?

5-Is paying students—according to the experiment—to improve school performance an effective strategy? What does the experiment indicate?

6-What did the instances of cheating among sumo wrestlers and the teachers in Chicago have in common?

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