Impact Communication Activity

Impact Communication ActivityPART 1 – worth 50% of the assignment1. Convert these data points into social math that might convince someone to donate to your organization: Today, it costs us $5 per student for each workbook. A student needs 2 workbooks over the span of the 3 middle school years. On average, there are 30 students per classroom and 5 classrooms in which we teach, per school. And we are in 2 schools right now. 2 more schools want us to join them2. There are a lot of numbers in the following draft pitch by Bright Prospect. Using social math, develop two social math stories from the information to present the data in a more relatable and attention-grabbing way. One example should focus on relaying information of the costs. Another example should focus on how you might convince someone to donate to your organization. Business leaders are noticing the burgeoning number of college-educated professionals coming back to Pomona, prepared to work in a broad range of industries. This year we’re serving 1400 students at a cost of $ 1000 per student. In five more years, we’ll reach a steady state of 3000 students. To serve them all, we need to expand our annual fundraising from $ 1.4 million to a steady state of $ 3 million, starting with an additional $ 300,000 for 300 new students who have come to us this year. Without Bright Prospect, only 20 of those 300 will graduate from college, but with our program, 285 will earn their bachelor’s degrees. Our longer-term vision is to codify and share our model with organizations serving other high-need communities.3. By now, you should have some statistics on which you are relying to articulate the problem you are solving in your social venture, as well as the cost of services. Give one example how you might use social math in your story to either convey the criticality of the problem or to convince someone to donate.PART II – worth 30% of the assignment1. Visualize in your mind that you have graduated with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. You have immediately launched your venture, and it is now a year into the business. Prepare a mock dashboard visual of the top 5 most important areas you would want to track and share with stakeholders. (Obviously, you will use made-up information.) This need not be overly scoped. Even a simple 1 page power point visual of how you would want to see these 5 data points show up in a dashboard that you would share with your stakeholders will suffice.2. Indicate at the bottom of your visual how this dashboard might change after three years. Would there be additional areas necessary to track? Would some area replace another?

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