Illinois & Minnesota States Similarities Concerning Sex Education Paper

Illinois & Minnesota States Similarities Concerning Sex Education Paper
will read two discussions. One discussion is from me, I wrote about sex education in IL and the other is from a discussion to respond to. I need help responding as assigned and written. Also show references.
For your reply post, consider and address the following questions:
Based on the response of the discussion, what similarities and differences exist between states?
If the subject is mandated, should parents be allowed to exempt their children? Based on this decision, are there public health risks?
Governor Pritzker signed new bill in Illinois that mandates comprehensive sex education as of Aug 20th, 2021. Comprehensive in meaning instruction methods based on curriculum that focuses giving students the needed knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to be able to make healthy choices throughout their lives. Sex education curriculum will start from grade K-12. Bill 1736 leaves the option of teaching discretion up to local school’s districts. Sex education will focus on 3 curriculums. For students K-2, sex education will be on safety and recognizing who their trusted adults are. For grades 3-5 sex education will include safety, having healthy relationships, bullying prevention, harassment, abuse, anatomy, puberty, hygiene, body image, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Grades 6-12 will include instruction in the concepts of consent, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, benefits of abstinence, pregnancy prevention and STD’s. The requirement for teaching will uphold the requirements of having unbiased information and non-stigmatizing information about the options regarding pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and abortion. Also, instruction in diverse sexual orientations, gender identity and gender expression will have affirmative representation with positive instruction. Parents will have the option to opt their children out of participating. Rep Avery Bourne an ranking republican opposed
Illinois & Minnesota States Similarities Concerning Sex Education Paper
the bill and focused on how it will be a drastic change from past sexual education requirements. She stated that “The fact that we’re requiring this of every school, certainly the different curriculum that will be included is different. I think it deserves a much longer and more in-depth hearing than what we’ve been able to have today. ”The first time I remember having sex education was in 6th grade and it was included in our physical education class. It stuck to the basics of having a brief intro to the reproductive system. Also, we learned about STD’s. Looking back now I wish the school would have gone more in debt, especially with sexual orientation. I can’t remember any openly gay students when I was in high school. There were girls that were openly with the same sex. It was like the military with having the rule, don’t ask don’t tell rule. I feel that sex education is necessary help the minds develop in a way that they will have a way of diverse thinking.
According to the Sex ED for Social Change (SIECUS) the state of Minnesota is required to teach sex education. However, the curriculum is not required to be comprehensive. It is not required to include instruction on sexual orientation, gender identity, or consent. It must include education on how to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. It also must be available for parental review. If they object to the content, parents may remove their children from the course (SIECUS, 2021, para. 7). House File 345, which is pending as of 2021, aims to prohibit school districts from providing sex education before receiving parental consent (SIECUS, 2021, para. 9). Minnesota Statute 120B.20 and 121A.23 require every school district to implement a comprehensive risk reduction program. “While the state has not developed a specific curriculum, each school district must have ‘a comprehensive, technically accurate, and updated curriculum that includes helping students to abstain from sexual activity until marriage” (SIECUS, 2021, para. 12). There is no requirement for sex education to be medically correct. I think a very broad and basic sex education class should be introduced about 6th or 7th grade. Some parents may deem it inappropriate to teach children about this topic at a younger age. But that does not change the fact that children need to learn about sex education to stay healthy and prevent pregnancy and STDs. A more in-depth course should be added to the curriculum somewhere in the high school grades. This is to ensure that children are learning about sex education, how to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, and maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Sex education courses in Minnesota can teach about the benefits of being abstinent, information related to STDs and pregnancy, healthy relationships, reproductive and sexual health, and other methods of contraception. These topics are very beneficial for a child to learn. I think that sex education should be mandated for high schoolers to learn at least. I also believe that the information being taught needs to be medically correct, not technically correct.

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