Identify and research one case where a business used its investments in telecommunications and networking /internetworking for competitive advantage.

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Your paper should include but is not limited to:

ØThe challenges faced by the business, leading to their need to adopt the technologies

ØA description of the networking functionality adopted by the business

ØValue added functions gained by the business –as a result of their networking effort

ØYour thoughts on why the project should be considered a success.


ØPapers should be approximately 4 pages, excluding title and reference pages. The document should be double spaced, 12 point font Times New Roman.

ØAPA writing style ( (Links to an external site.) ) is recommended.(If anyone is accustomed to using another style, I’ll need that style to be cited and properly adhered to).

ØYou are encouraged to utilize the services of the Writing Center for support and feedback in developing your paper.

ØTo be done individually

ØSBE writing rubric is provided (SBE Holistic Writing Rubric.pdf)

ØNote: You may not use a business that’s exists to sell technology (e.g. internet service provider, telecommunications or, hardware or software designers or resellers).

ØDue:End of week 2.


Your work will be evaluated in three ways:

1)Based on quality of the proposal, i.e. does it meets the expectation of a group project for a junior/senior class

2)Based on the WSSU/SBE writing rubric, and

3) Comparative level, relative the other projects in the class, i.e. points allotted for ranking of the projects.

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