Identify an area or areas of your life where you will use information learned from this course.

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Identify an area or areas of your life where you will use information learned from this course. How might learning about different perspectives and biases influence your work, relationships, and other areas of your life?

Materials covered throughout the courses are:

  • Identify examples of how three major branches of social science examine human behaviors.
  • Ask questions grounded in observation, assumptions, and representation
  • Differentiate between objective and subjective observations
  • Identify the limitations of studying humans, considering ethical implications in social science research
  • Explain the value of social science research to greater society
  • Utilize fundamental approaches to social scientific research in addressing questions related to human behaviors
  • Explain the difference between implicit and explicit biases, attitudes, and beliefs
  • Reflect on how different types of bias influence individual assumptions and behavior
  • Explain the impact of society, groups, and cultures on human perception and behavior using examples from the social sciences
  • Explain how advertisements draw on your influences as an individual, as someone who is a part of several groups, and as a member of one or several cultures
  • Describe how biases in perception, group influence, and cultural influence have impacted the treatment or depiction of various groups
  • Explain how trends and driving forces have shaped society and the study of social sciences
  • Discuss contemporary themes and trends related to the evolution of social scientific
  • Explain the value of social science inquiry as it relates to growing bodies of research that impact society
  • Communicate the benefits and value of social science research and social scientific thought
  • Ask social scientific questions about contemporary society, problems, and current events
  • Analyze current social movements to highlight the progression from inquiry to a larger movement
  • Assess social scientific perspectives on discourse to identify varying viewpoints and use of supporting evidence.
  • Predict potential impacts of developments in social scientific understanding on individuals and groups.
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