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Art Analysis Paper

Required Reading

Prebles’ Artforms Chapter 25

Total points for lesson 11 = 40 points

Art Analysis Paper (30 points)

This paper should be double-spaced with font size 11 – 12 point. Be sure to edit, proof-read and correct spelling errors. Save as a file and upload onto Blackboard.

In this assignment you will visit an art gallery or art museum and write a paper that is an analysis of the single piece of artwork you choose. In order to find a gallery or museum to visit, look on the Internet and in newspapers, or local directories for information on art shows in your area. A college or university in your area will have shows throughout the year. You must go to an actual art show and NOT view something on the Internet or in a book.

Your goal for this assignment is to find the highest quality art possible. For example, in Grand Forks, ND (home of the University of North Dakota) the North Dakota Museum of Art and the Hughes Fine Arts Gallery are excellent choices. There are other small galleries that offer excellent examples also. You can watch for art show openings and this will provide an opportunity to talk with the artist, sip wine and hear what visitors are saying about the work. Openings are always a fun event.

Art that is set up in a mall would NOT be appropriate for this assignment. Avoid commercial stores that have only photographic prints or copies of original artwork. As you have discovered in this course, there is a huge difference between commercial copies and original fine art. Commercial art has its place but in this assignment you must view original fine art, not copies.

Once you have located the gallery or museum to visit, follow this procedure for the assignment:

1. Visit the art gallery or art museum and view ALL of the artwork in the show then select ONE piece of art that appeals to you. This is not necessarily artwork that you “like” but a piece that intrigues you in some way. (Work that is “clustered” is not acceptable, select one piece of art to analyze.)

2. Analyze the work using the four categories of evaluation: subject matter (representational, abstract, or non-objective) and identify the referent; medium (materials and techniques); form (visual elements and principles of design); and content (artist’s message or meaning). Use correct terminology and complete descriptions in each of the categories.

3. You must include a photograph of the artwork you choose. Check with the gallery or museum to ensure it is permitted to take a photograph of the work for this assignment. Otherwise, use a photograph from a flyer or other gallery material. The photograph must accompany the paper and can be a separate file. If this file is large, resize it so it is easier for you to upload and me to download. If you cannot secure a photo of the work you have chosen, select a different piece.

Follow this format for your paper:

1. Cover Sheet: your name, the name of the artist, title and date of the work, where you saw it displayed, and the date you viewed the artwork.

2. A photograph of the artwork. This must be a good photo so that I can see the work clearly and accurately. Be sure to resize the photo so it is not a large file.

3. The four categories of evaluation: Subject Matter; Materials and Techniques: Form: Content. Separate the categories into sections with spaces. Use 12 point font and Arial or another easy-to-read font. Bold or underline headings. Do NOT use single-space (1.0), instead choose 1.5 or double-spaced lines.

4. Your Personal Response: This is the final section in which you describe your personal response to the work, why you chose it and why it interests you.

Art Analysis Paper: Sections



Cover Sheet

Your name, the artist’s name, title of artwork, location of viewing, date viewed

1 page

Photograph of the Artwork

Photograph of the artwork you are writing about, showing the entire artwork clearly

1 page

Body of the Paper

Four categories of evaluation: subject matter, materials, form, and content

2 to 2.5 pages

Personal Response

Your personal response to the work

1 page

Essay Assignment: Course Reflection (10 points)

Length of essay is 500 to 800 words. Save as a file and upload onto Blackboard. This essay gives you an opportunity to reflect on the course and offer feedback. This reflection essay is to be read by the instructor and not shared on the lesson blog.

Respond to the following questions in your essay:

1. How has the course helped you understand the visual arts?

2. Was there an assignment that was especially meaningful to you? If so, please explain why.

3. Was there an assignment that was not helpful? If so, please explain why.

4. What surprised you about the artists and art you saw?

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