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Question:Discuss what role end-users typically play in incident reporting? Should end users be encouraged to report suspicious occurrences? If so, why; if not, why not. What factors typically influence the end-user decision to report (or not report) a potential incident?


End users in incident reporting are the most crucial part. They are the incident witnesses as well as can give the most critical information. The issue frequently faced while detained data as of an incident is taking out what is essentially important in the circumstances. It is of maximum importance to safe the incident details as rapidly as possible. Otherwise, memories can turn out to be obscured through emotional factors in addition to others (Qureshi & Rif`a-Pous, 2018).

Reliant on the incident report type being submitted it is frequently useful to present a template; either the incident is remained reported for a municipality, safety or business, organization. Having a portable incident reporting as well as frequently helpful as it permits us to structure the data we would like to gather, also, to capture it in incident moments (Hong, 2007).

End users are accepted to offer as a large amount detail as likely regarding the incidents which they observe, and to preserve associated evidence, as well as to make them obtainable to offer help as the incident response grows. End-users have to offer dependable contact info in the event to their first POC (Point of Contact) which they are gone from campus while phoned. People have to report all incidents as well as close to misses the moment it has occurred. It’s significant to capture as a large amount of information as untimely as possible include incident description, witness statement, photo evidence, incident time, and so on.

This assists with any following investigation, which has to be conducted to recognize the incident root cause also prevent it from happening again.

On the other hand, containing all that info appropriately is frequently difficult, and usually, incidents reported extensive after they have happened and depend on undependable memories.

Although templates are able to be helpful in given that structure, it is significant to allow flexible documents for our users. Several platforms of mobile are restricted to templates of bog-standard alone: the similar forms we have always been utilizing apart from now they are on a Smartphone or tablet. Take a second to consider witnessing a severe developed accident and think about either we had felt like sieving by dozens of unrelated questions to presently report what we saw.

There are a number of key factors which affect the incident reporting process by end-users. End-users have to be advantaged with the required information and knowledge regarding the reporting process. The templates and tools need to be fitted in their devices in addition to procedures occupied to educate them on how to make use of them. It’s also important to identify end-users the qualifications and profession. This determines the incident description of nature and view. Some professions might have abilities of how to observe and the incident at the same time as others could not.

The end-users decisions on an incident reporting can be affected by some factors. An end-user may experience that an incident is a risk to an organization overall security. This will make the report of end-user an incident as rapidly as possible. End-user may also desire to be rewarded for the injuries, as well as this will create her or him an incident report (Fetherston, 2015).

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