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Assignment 2: Transferable Skills Assignment

In Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, the author lists the transferable skills and Professional Values that employers look for in a candidate. You present these skills to the employer via your resume and during the interview. These are your first opportunities to, “Sell yourself”. For this reason, simply stating you have this skill, example, “I am a team player” or “I have leadership skills” won’t make the cut. It is imperative that you follow up such statements with an example of how you were a “Team player” or a “Leader”. This assignment asks you to list your transferable skills and match these skills with a duty or duties you performed in past work experience/volunteer work/life situations.

Table 1: Transferable Skills

In column one, list the transferable skills you will be using when searching for your target job(s).

In column two, list the title of the position (paid or volunteer) and how you performed the duty that used this particular skill. In column three, list only how the performance of this skill was recognized (Quantifiable achievement). Repeat for two more entries for a total of three. I have given you an example below. Please do not use the example as one of your entries in the table, if you do you will receive a 0 for that entry.

Repeat this exercise for Table 2: Professional Values

There should be a total of 3 entries for this table.

I have also attached a https://www.binghamton.edu/ccpd/documents/qrg-resources/transferable-skills.pdf (Links to an external site.) that will help you identify your transferable skills. PLEASE DO NOT TURN IN THIS Comparative-Differentiation-Questionnaire as it is not graded. It is for your own use.

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