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Online relationships are very much a real phenomenon that occur frequently in today’s world. Dating websites and apps make blind dates a thing of the past. You can swipe right for a date after learning half of someone’s life in a matter of seconds. A lot of people I know have met their significant other, even spouses, online. Online relationships are different than “in real life” relationships because the internet allows for a sort of disinhibition (textbook chapter 17-1c), a feeling that there are less consequences for your words or actions via the internet just because they’re not being perceived by your senses in the same way as in reality.

That being said, emotional attachment and emotional cheating are very real things. Regardless if two people are seen each other in real life, very real feelings can form. Legitimate bonds are made online probably every second of the day. For this reason, yes, having a romantic relationship online with someone, while already being in another relationship, is definitely cheating. Physical and emotional cheating are both equally as devastating to relationships.Sexting, sending pictures, saying you love another person- whether in person or over text would cross most relationship’s boundaries. Of course every couple has their own set of rules and what is and isn’t allowed, so technically it comes down to the individual couple to determine if this topic would be cheating. But in my opinion it is because that would make me personally, very uncomfortable.

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