I need help calculating financial ratios and evaluating them and also help with 2 discussion questions.

Can you help me understand this Excel question?

Attached is the actual assignment and the grading rubric. Please see the 2 discussion questions below requiring responses of a minimum of 175 words. The attached assignment must been done in excel for the calculations.

1. While information on individual statements is important for analysis, it is crucial to understand that the statements must be viewed as a whole to determine the overall health of a company. A user may not just look at one portion, or one report, and determine health.

All, take your fingers and intertwine them. This is how the statements are. Pieces from each statement flow into and affect the other statements. Can you give me an example of an account from one statement that flows onto/affects another statement?

2.I too am a huge fan of Nike. I use to consider myself a Nike and Jordan “Sneakerhead.” I still have over 200 pair of sneakers. I have a close cousin that works for Nike so we talk about sneakers a lot. I think the thing that really pushes Nike is the loyalty their designs and endorsements the company created throughout the years. These strategic and innovative moves have built a following that continues to allow Nike to lead the way in the sneaker industry. The sneaker industry is seen as a culture that Nike is leading. I can remember reading an article centered around the song made by Nelly, Air Force Ones, that assisted with the push of sales of the iconic sneaker. It was said at that time the Air Force One was making millions of dollars in profit without a single advertisement. Even before Nelly Air Force Ones were made famous by New York customers that dubbed the sneaker Uptowns. Along with this information it is said that Jordan still sales up to 85% of the basketball sneakers sold today. This sneaker culture has allowed stakeholders to benefit on the returns from the large following in Nike designs and collaborations. This past month they realest a Stranger Things collaboration that included sneakers and clothes. I watched the impact the release had via the shoes and sizes that were still available on the day of release. Each shoe sold out the day of release.

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