i have homework i need you to edit i will sand my work you will edit at it

Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

it was task . i did but if had some problems with it and

the prof sent to me this email for i fix it

he said i have to edit

this is his reply

You’ve expanded on your User Needs very well. But, you’ve lost the traceability. The User Needs are the highest level, let’s call that Level 1. Then each of the User Needs will be decomposed into Level 2 requirements, written at the System level. Then each of the Level 2 requirements will be decomposed into Level 3 requirements written at the Subsystem level. And so forth. And, that trace (or link) between all of these requirements is vital. The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) provides that trace through the Unique Identifiers.

So, it would go something like this,

(Level 1) 1.0 User Need #1

(Level 2) 1.1 System Requirement #1 which comes from the User Need #1

(Level 2) 1.2 System Requirement #2 which also comes from the User Need #1

and so forth, as many Requirements as it takes to fulfill the User Need #1

(Level 1) 2.0 User Need #2

(Level 2) 2.1 System Requirement #x which comes from the User Need #2

and so forth.

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