I have a 1-2 page paper, a discussion question and My Math Lab Homework and quiz

I’m trying to study for my Health & Medical course and I need some help to understand this question.

Assignment 1 (Paper):

Prospective data is data that is collected with a forward-looking view (the researcher sets up the methodology to recruit subjects to the study and then collect data as it occurs), whereas retrospective data is rear-looking data that is collected as part of a process (e.g. patient demographic or treatment data that is taken from the patient’s charts) and then evaluated after-the-fact. Write a 1-2 page paper that evaluates the pros and cons of both prospective and retrospective data.

Your submission should be in 12-point normal font (Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, etc.), double-spaced, with 1″ margins. Your Word document must be uploaded to this Turnitin Assignment Link.

It is expected that you will use three (3) outside sources for this paper. All information taken from a source (direct quotes, paraphrasing, and ideas) must be cited, in text and in reference, in APA format. Failure to do so is plagiarism.

Assignment 2 (Discussion)

Watch this video on descriptive epidemiology. After watching the video, please write your initial post to discuss why descriptive epidemiology is so important. Be willing to discuss concepts such as the adjustment of data to meet appropriate parameters, how differences in person, place, and time can be critical to interpreting data and the real impact of a disease, etc. Do you think it is important to classify data by person, place, and time?

Assignment 3: Complete Homework 2A and Quiz 2A and the My Math Lab. (This is for me like last week)

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