I have 4 discussion 200-250 words each one.

I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

I have 4 discussion 200-250 words each one. answering the questions!

-the first one (What is Race?)

Describe the “social construction of race.” What does it mean? How do Americans define membership in certain races? What does the “social construction of race” mean? How do other countries define membership in certain races (give one or two examples, you will need to do outside research to answer this part of the question)?

-2nd one (Is Multiculturalism a Good Thing?)

There is a great debate about the positive and negative aspects of multiculturalism. Let’s consider the arguments on both sides.

First, what is “multiculturalism? and what is it’s goal?

What is Professor Sowell’s opinion about multiculturalism? Is it good or bad, in his opinion?

What does Professor Sowell say about affirmative action, does he believe it’s been effective and helpful overall? Why or why not?

What does he say was different about education when he was growing up?

In your opinion, is multiculturalism a good or a bad thing? Tell us why.

-3rd one (Assimilation v. Multiculturalism)

How is assimilation different from multiculturalism? Do you believe multiculturalism is more prominent within society than assimilation? Why or why not?

-4th one (What is Implicit Bias?)

In general, what is implicit bias?

What 3 characteristics make a bias implicit?

Why is it important to understand the existence of implicit bias?

What does the speaker, Dushaw Hockett, believe can be done to overcome implicit bias, if anything?

Do you think that implicit bias can be eliminated, or at least controlled or minimized? Why or why not?

can anyone assist pleas?

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