I already finish half part of the essay, so just base on the comment and requirement finish the rest of the essay

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  • Write a proposing a solution essay with the help of my comments or the tutor’s comment on your draft.
  • Write a self-evaluation of your essay. The self-evaluation form is in the syllabus section of the Blackboard.

Your essay needs to be double-spaced and 3000 words long. Use a 12-point font size in an acceptable font such as Times New Roman. Please follow MLA guidelines and cite all your sources properly. Please submit your essay via the Turnitin, posted in the Course Materials section.Also, post the self-evaluation of your essay. Self-evaluation is a part of your proposal essay, so points will be deducted if you do not submit a completed self-evaluation of your essay. There is a separate link for the self-evaluation in the Course Materials section. Use the self-evaluation form posted in the Syllabus section of the Blackboard.

Your Turnitin Originality Report should not exceed 15%.

If there is any problem with your Turnitin report, I will email you; so, please check your email regularly until you get your final grade for the course.

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