Hypnosis Assignment Paper

Hypnosis Assignment Paper Hypnosis Assignment Paper Hypnosis is a theory of the mental state or the enactment of an imagination that induces a series of instructions to the reasoning of an individual. It is then used in the treatment of medical conditions as in therapy. The process through which hypnosis is initiated in an individual is known as hypnotic induction.Hypnosis Assignment Paper Permalink: https://nursingpaperessays.com/ hypnosis-assignment-paper / ? Many people have had negative effects to the use of hypnosis in treatment of various body ailments. The main reason why many people have opted out of the use of this medication is because of the misconceptions that have been induced into the use of the product. The condition itself is a form of unconsciousness that takes an example of an individual who is sleeping (Fromm and Shor, 2009).Hypnosis Assignment Paper Hypnosis has been of great use in several medical treatments. First and foremost, it has been used when carrying out surgery of patients. This includes surgeries as open heart surgery among others that are crucial in the treatment of individuals. Hypnosis is used in treatment of overweight among individuals. Most people have successfully used it to reduce their weight and have successfully managed it. Moreover, it has been used in other occasions as stoppage of smoking in individuals and in the management and control of stress among patients and even healthy individuals. Moreover, hypnosis has been known for its use to prevent individuals from overeating in cases of any problems as stressful situations. Besides this, hypnosis has been successfully used in the induction of personality characteristics as confidence, self esteem and assertiveness among individuals. This is the main reason why people have been able to come to like the product (Fromm and Shor, 2009). However, there are several ways in which the product can be misused by individuals. The use of hypnosis entails a great participation of the brain. This means that an individual can be forced to agree that all the pain is therefore accumulated in the brain. The use of hypnosis may be dangerous to women who are pregnant. They have to be carefully admitted and treated of anxiety and other ailments in a more upright way. The use of hypnosis is not contraindicated. This means that when used on patients with psychotic disorders, it can be detrimental to the entire life of the patient. Hypnosis is also dangerous if used wrongly without the indication or prescription of a medical specialist. Moreover, it is wrong to use the condition on young children since they have not developed enough ability to know what is actually taking place. Also, it is wrong when hypnosis is used for wrong intentions for instance without the knowledge of the patient. Hypnosis Assignment Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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