Humor and Mental Health

ENG 102 – How Humor Affects Mental HealthEssay #1Prospectus & Annotated BibliographyOur first “essay” for the semester is not really a standard essay. Instead, you will be creating a prospectus and annotated bibliography. The prospectus is essentially your plan for the semester. You will be writing on the same topic for the entire semester, and the prospectus is where you will “pitch” me your idea, explaining your plans for the next three essays.Your topic must be centered around humorous works and the affects, whether positive or negative, they have on the mental health of people. Your topic could focus on a particular medium such as satirical videos, movies, stand up, sketch comedy or on the types of humor such as aggressive, self-defeating, affiliative, etc. Your topic doesn’t have to fit neatly within any of these boxes but must still be approved by me.To better understand the information that is required for the prospectus, please read the prompts for essays 2 – 4 on the Moodle page.ProspectusAfter gaining my approval with your chosen topic, you will craft your prospectus. The first paragraph will announce your topic and the aspect of the relationship between humor and mental health you plan to explore.Your second paragraph should explain your plan for Essay 2, including your prospective thesis. You should also explain the sources you plan to use (and how you plan to use them) for this essay. Please see the Composition and Rhetoric guidelines on pp 215-218 on what to include.Repeat the above steps for paragraphs 3 & 4. Avoid being repetitive. Remember you are still writing an essay, one that is convincing and interesting. Don’t just regurgitate your words.Paragraph 5 should focus on your main point. Remember your purpose for this essay. You are selling me on the validity of your topic.This prospectus will require at least 3 full pages and no more than 4. The page count does not include the annotated bibliography, as this will be submitted as a separate assignment.Annotated BibliographyIn place of your Works Cited page, you will include an Annotated Bib. Please see the Composition & Rhetoric Guide. You are required to have 6 – 10 sources. It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough sources to adequately explore your topic.· 2 scholarly sources from academic journals· 2 primary sources (1 source must be nonfiction)· 1 reliable secondary source· 1 creative source (books, videos, television shows, etc.)· The rest of your sources can be any combination of the types of sources.*MLA format and 12 point New Times Roman font will be required for all portions of this essay.*Due date is February 12 by 11:59pm on Moodle.Bonus PointsI will award 5 bonus points for submitting your essay for an online tutoring session with the Write to Excellence Center( prior to your submission. Since you are required to submit a hard copy, please submit the one that the tutors have marked up. Without this, I will not be able to award the bonus points.

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