HTT 250 WEEK 9 A Day in the Life of a Hotel Front Office Manager

HTT 250 WEEK 9 A Day in the Life of a Hotel Front Office Manager
As the front desk manager for a large hotel with conference space and ballrooms, most of your days are busy; however, today is particularly busy. Your hours are normally 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. but sometimes you stay late if there are situations that require your attention. All week you have been anticipating and planning for the busy upcoming holiday weekend. Two major events are happening: the county health inspector’s semiannual visit to your kitchen and restaurant, and the wedding reception of the governor’s daughter. Additionally, minor problems always occur for which you must be prepared.Upon arriving at work Friday at 5 a.m., you are greeted with a memo from the night auditor describing the problems that occurred after you left work on Thursday.
You must rectify the previous day’s issues and prepare for the health inspector’s visit, and then wedding reception of the governor’s daughter. You also have daily tasks that must be addressed. After settling into work, you are informed that the credit-card processing machine is down and that one of the hotel’s washing machines in the laundry room has overflowed, causing a minor flood in the basement and temporarily delaying the availability of clean linens.
Resources: Appendixes A, B, C, & D and Hotel Front Office Management
Consider the following problems described in the memo from the night auditor:
There were difficulties in the late check-in process for 50 conference attendees. The rooms were ready, but the property management system temporarily failed and delayed the registration process.
A nearby street was closed for emergency road repair, which forced some late arriving guests to find an alternative route to the hotel and created a longer route for the hotel’s valet drivers.
The scheduled seafood delivery for a large party in the hotel restaurant did not arrive.
A series of car burglaries were reported at the hotel’s parking garage.
A wing of the hotel was too hot last night and many guests voice complaints.
Consider the following tasks, which you must complete as hotel front office manager today:
Schedule your day to address the previous day’s problems.
Prepare for the upcoming day and weekend.
Conduct your usual business.
Write the daily report.
Refer to the daily task sheet in Appendix B to schedule your day. Some of the necessary appointments for the day are already scheduled for you. Your challenge is to fit in everything else that requires your immediate attention.
Type in the spaces provided in Appendix B to schedule your day.
Complete your second task, which is to send out memos to every department you want to meet with to address yesterday’s problems. These memos are in Appendix C. You need to complete them as if you actually want to meet with these individuals. You must provide the department’s name and the person with whom you want to discuss the issue, the time and duration of the meeting, the concern, and the meeting’s agenda with proposed solutions to the problems.
Write each memo in 100 to 200 words.
Consider that after scheduling your day, sending the memos, and dealing with the day’s usual events, you finally have 15 minutes at the end of the day to write your report, which is located in Appendix D.
Include in your report the solutions to all of yesterday’s problems, solutions to the laundry room flood, the linen delay, and the down credit card processing machine. You must have a plan for addressing all these problems before the governor’s daughter’s wedding reception on Saturday.
Address these issues in Appendix D in 350 to 700 words.
Copy and paste all final project appendixes into one Microsoft® Word document.

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