Scabies Infection

Candidiasis is a yeast-like fungal infection that most commonly presents itself as a red, smooth, yet scaly rash. What are some risk factors for this fungal infection?What is the oral form of candidiasis called and how is it treated?What is tinea corporis & what is its unique presentation which helps with identification of this condition? What body part is affected by tinea pedis?. What are some risk factors for tinea pedis?Parasitic skin infections: Pediculosis, ScabieHow is pediculosis capitis, also known as “head lice” transmitted?How is head lice treated?What precautions need to be taken for a household where one member has head lice? Describe how scabies affect a human.What precautions need to be taken for a household where one member is infected by scabies?Non-infectious Inflammatory skin conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis

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Costs and Quality

what impact do the uninsured have on costs and quality related to healthcare provision?

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Health Care Disparity

after a day of clinical , write a reflection on the following. half a page for each topic is fine.1.Client Advocacy: Health Care disparity and Vulnerable population2. Nursing Care of Aggregates in the Community(FYI half a page for number 1 and half a page for number 2) then filled the Ati tem

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Disparities to Health

Respond to the following questions concerning the identified disparities to health within the Healthy People 2020:Are there tools to help identify these gaps in care?If you could develop a screening tool to address a barrier to healthcare, what would it look like?Who would administer this and what resources would you need to coordinate with to solve this problem?Is this feasible for a clinic setting? Why or why not?ExpectationsLength: 1500 wordsFormat: APA 7 editionResearch: At least two high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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Healthy Lifestyle

1. What type of regulations governs residential reentry centers? What are the requirements for food and nutrition inthese centers?2. What circumstances described in the passage above will tend to hinder or promote a healthy lifestyle? Consider thegeographic location, food environment, and basic living skills these men possess.1. How many calories should these men have per day? Would this number change based on the season of the year (summer vs. winter)? Take into account their activity level. How would the information provided above impact existing health conditions? Cite your source(s)of information.2. Given the food budget of $2.03 per meal what could these men bring in their lunches that would be moresatisfying? Cost out each item on your proposed lunch list (remember they buy most of their groceries at a gas station food mart).3. Is there a relationship between mood and food? If so, please describe the relationship and how it may impact the behavior of the men in this section of thecase study. Please cite your source.1. Te case study does not specify whether any of the men are currently driving to Houghton for substance abuse counseling, however this is very common in this population as recidivism is high when inmates are returned to a community setting. Are there connections between substance abuse and food? Be sure to cite the source of your information.2. Look at the length of time these men have been in prison. How does that play into the issues you noted at S&N?3. Describe typical medical care available in prisons. How might this worsen medical and mental health? Why is this important? Be sure to cite your sources.4. Is there any way that recreation (not prescribed “working out”) could mitigate hunger and boredom? Be sure to cite your sources. If so, what would you suggest they do?5. How could the menu planning become more collaborative and better represent food preferences?1. What are some of the important tips these men should know about fleting, cooking and food safety related to trout from the Ontonagon River?Are returning felons eligible for SNAP or TANF in your state? Why or why not? Please cite your source for this information.3. What foods are relatively low cost, flling and acceptable to this population? Provide some realistic suggestions on ways to increase portion sizes on a fxed budget with no cooking skills.1. What equipment would the men need to smoke fish and what new food safety and cooking skills must they learn?2. What are some cheaper cuts of meat that the men could look for at the Walmart during their weekly shopping trips ? What type of cooking methods do these cuts of meat require? Why?3. What is the health and nutrition impact of smoked fsh as a regular part of the diet? Please cite your source of Information.

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Barriers To Healthcare

Respond to the following questions concerning the identified disparities to health within the Healthy People 2020:Are there tools to help identify these gaps in care?If you could develop a screening tool to address a barrier to healthcare, what would it look like?Who would administer this and what resources would you need to coordinate with to solve this problem?Is this feasible for a clinic setting? Why or why not?Expectations

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Antisocial Personality Disorder

Mental Health NursingClinical AssignmentCase StudyTom is 17-year-old young man who has been described as a troubled child since the age of seven or eight. He has a long history of fighting with other students, biting his classmates, and stealing from his peers, parents, and siblings. Tom has been caught shoplifting and was prosecuted on two occasions, one of which resulted in his father paying a large fine and the other resulted in six months of probation.Tom has held a couple of low-paying jobs but was terminated due to aggressive behavior and suspicion of stealing. He consistently denies any wrongdoing, making excuses for his actions, and blames others for his failure. When confronted about his behavior, Tom fails to show remorse for having broken the law and physically or emotionally hurting others.Most recently, Tom was caught breaking and entering an apartment building. His parents have admitted him to the hospital because they realize they can no longer control his behavior and fear that his recent crime will result in a prison sentence. Tom is diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

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Preventative Health

Needs to be at least 300 words with at least 1 scholarly article within the past 5 years.What are your thoughts about annual incentives to employees who complete preventative health visits and labs to promote their health and well-being? Do you find these are good programs or not so much? Thoughts?

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Benjy Grinberg Scholarship

Scholarship Essay TopicPlease prepare a 750-word essay that answers the following:“What is a passion or hobby of yours, and what role does it play in your educational journey?”If you refer to my website  it will show you my passion and help you write this 750 word essay.Scholarship Eligibility RequirementsApplicants must meet one of the following criteria:Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate programCurrent high school senior that has been accepted into a college or university

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Affordable healthcare

Course ReflectionA poem by T.S. Eliot (1943) says, “We had the experience but missed the meaning.” As your experience in this course comes to a close, I don’t want you to miss the meaning of the materials you have read, papers you have written, and discussions we have had throughout the session. They are more than a series of assignments and grades—the end result should be an improvement in your higher-order thinking and your ability to make connections between thoughts and ideas. You can achieve that through reflection, the art of taking charge of your own mind.Reflection is a mental process that challenges you to use critical thinking to examine the course information, analyze it carefully, make connections with previous knowledge and experience, and draw conclusions based on the resulting ideas. A well-cultivated critical thinker (Paul & Elder, 2008):raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely;gathers and assesses relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively;comes to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards;thinks open-mindedly within alternative systems of thought, recognizing and assessing, as need be, their assumptions, implications, and practical consequences; andcommunicates effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems.For this discussion, take some time to reflect upon two concepts that you learned in this course. What are the concepts? ( Health Policies, and affordable healthcare). What insight or ideas did you gain from learning each of these concepts? Were there aspects of the concepts that you would challenge? What is the importance of these concepts to health administration? How will you use this new wisdom in your current or future career?In order to earn maximum credit, the comment should be more than your opinion, and more than a quick “off the top of your head” response. Be sure to support your statements, cite sources properly, cite within the text of your comments, and list your reference(s). The response must be a minimum of 250 words.

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