Health Insurance Benefits

Each questions answer should be at least 200 words minimum. Make sperate references)Q.1 Select one of the three dimensions (access, costs, and quality) and briefly define thedimension chosen. Identify three strategies that would be implemented to improve care to anolder adult population related to the dimension. (e.g., how to increase access to services, how toreduce costs, or how to improve quality)Q.2 Describe two state or federal programs that provide health insurance benefits to a specificpopulation. Detail at least two strategies used by either agency to manage access, costs, orquality.Q.3 Describe the problems created within our healthcare system due to the high number ofuninsured Americans. List at least one strategy used at the local, state, or federal level to curb thegrowing number of uninsured. Discuss the problems that may be encountered in implementingthis strategy.Q.4 Discuss whether you see marketplace competition as a positive or negative influence on thedevelopment of hospitals and health services in the United States. Defend your position and offerexample(s) to support your points.Q. 5 What are the factors that contribute to the ongoing nursing shortage in the United States?How does the nursing shortage impact the operations of hospitals and the delivery of care?

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