Health Care System

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For your final project you will need to answer the following questions by referring back to your research in parts 1 through 5 of the project. Your submission should be at least two full pages in length and cited in APA format.

  1. Discuss the resources you have available in your local health care system. Do you believe they meet your community’s needs? What additional resources are needed to improve your local health care system?
  2. Why do so many citizens of the United States have difficulties affording health care? Do only the uninsured struggle with affording health care? How can we make health care more affordable for people and is there any way to do this without increasing taxes?
  3. What types of options are available to those who do not have health insurance? How are these options funded? What impact does this have on the United States economy?
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Health-care system

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APA Format

1. In the last century, what historical, social, political, and economic trends and issues have influenced today’s health-care system?

2. What is the purpose and process of evaluating the three aspects of health care: structure, process, and outcome?

3. How does technology improve patient outcomes and the health-care system?

4. How can you intervene to improve quality of care and safety within the health-care system and at the bedside?

2. Select one nonprofit organization or one government agencies that influences and advocates for quality improvement in the health-care system. Explore the Web site for your selected organization/agency and answer the following questions: •

What does the organization/agency do that supports the hallmarks of quality? •

What have been the results of their efforts for patients, facilities, the health-care delivery system, or the nursing profession? •

How has the organization/agency affected facilities where you are practicing and your own professional practice?

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Health Care System

I need 150 words of Initial Post for each discussion with references and I will send you two replies of 60 words for each discussion. I will send you replies later. Initial Post due todayModule 1 DiscussionThis module we are exploring the U.S. Health Care System, and key policy issues like cost, quality, and access. If you were a policy maker, pick two of the issues you would focus on, and what specific barriers you would attempt to address, and why.Module 2 DiscussionReflect on how you would approach a culturally appropriate weight loss intervention for your predominant cultural/ethnic heritage.

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