Health Care Rationing

Topic:  The best hope for avoiding the need for health care rationing and at the same time improving quality of life for the elderly in this country is to integrate public health measure with the medical system to prevent chronic disease. Discuss some strategies to do this. instruction: 1. Why is this topic important to Public Health? 2. Why did you select this topic? What is its importance? 3. How can we get involved? this is a forum. below is an example of my classmate. Afua Gyane question# 3 Contains unread posts Afua Gyane posted Jan 12, 2021 3:00 PM Subscribe As people age, their needs become much more complicated. Their body’s functions slow down and sometimes things just do not work as they should. Older people tend to have more ailments, thus they are at a much higher risk for inadequate healthcare, and since their incomes have been cut due to old age, they will struggle the most to purchase medications and provide their everyday needs. In order for the public health sector to provide a quality life or the elderly, they must focus on access to affordable medications and also provide more in-home services.    One main example of providing affordable medications, will be for the public health sector to work hand in hand with the pharmaceutical companies, so they can create a subsidy or some kind of a fund which will help the elderly, when they are not able to pay for their medications. Also, another way medication cost can be cut will be to convince the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture more generic brands of all types of medications, so that it is more affordable for seniors.   Next, the public health sector should form a coalition with doctors, so they can provide more at home services for at home doctor visits, because some seniors have physical struggles of going to doctor. Sometimes they have to pay for additional costs of transportation and extra cost for health care aides to make an appointment possible. Doctors paying direct visits to an individual’s home will provide more successful attendance rate of appointments for seniors, which will then improve the overall health of seniors.     Works Cited  Pratt, R., Gyllstrom, B., Gearin, K., Hahn, D., VanRaemdonck, L., Peterson, K., & Baldwin, L. (2017, September 01). Primary Care and Public Health Perspectives on Integration at the Local Level: A Multi-State Study. Retrieved January 12, 2021, from Integration of Primary Care and Public Health (Position Paper). (n.d.). Retrieved January 12, 2021, from less

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