Health Care Organization Discussion

Health Care Organization Discussion
Health Care Organization Discussion
In the role of a health care manager, for the final project you will develop and write a comprehensive marketing and communication plan for your fictitious health care organization. The final project will be divided into four parts:
1. Health Care Organization Profile
2. Communication Plan
3. Marketing Plan
4. Community Collaboration Plan
Part 1, “Health Care Organization Profile,” should include the following components:
1. Name and type of health care organization (stand-alone, multifacility, multicampus, community-based, etc.).
2. Mission, vision, and goals
3. Bed number
4. Type of services provided
5. Volumes
6. Quality indicators
7. Financial performance indicators
8. Human resource challenges
9. Diversity issues
10. Community population statistics
Refer to “Health Care Organization Profile Grading Criteria” for details on how the assignment will be graded
ORDER…ation-discussion/ NOW FOR A PLAGIARISM FREE, GRAMMATICALLY EXCELLENT PAPER: HCA 615 Week 2 Final Project Part I: Health Care Organization Profile
Re: Module 2 DQ 1
As a female leader, I do not believe it is necessary to manage relationships differently because of gender. In my opinion, leaders need to think, feel, and act beyond social issues in order to successfully manage and lead a team. There may be challenges, setbacks, or feelings of resistance that arise when a female is managing an all-male leadership group and vice versa so it is important that the leader remain consistent, stern, confident, and well-trained in order to prove that gender does not affect performance but what matters is someone’s experience, knowledge and skills. Often, leaders and team members begin to form a relationship of trust where they begin to share personal issues or experiences, it is then that I feel it is necessary to be discreet and take gender into consideration. One has to always remain respectful and professional, so what I would share with a female boss may be different than what I would share with a male boss, on a personal level. Regardless, refraining from discussing personal feelings or opinions, when they do not pertain to the job, is safe.The fact that Dr. Gerberding expressed her own experience with discrimination is not reflective of her ability to manage an all-male team at all. She expressed in response to the statement that was made by Howards Summers. The fact that Dr. Gerberding failed could have been a result of many factors, not just the dynamics of gender because she could have very well succeeded had her approach been different or had he had the correct guidance.An effective communication plan at this point would be to internally restructure roles and to re-evaluate strategic plans to determine what went wrong and why. Once both have been done, formally communicating the changes to the whole team through a staff meeting with all leaders present would be a good approach to ensuring everyone receives the same information and provides them with an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns. HCA 615 Week 2 Final Project Part I: Health Care Organization Profile
HCA 615 Module 2: Health Care Organization Profile Grading Criteria
1) Name and type of healthcare organization (e.g. stand-alone, multi-facility, multi-campus, community based, etc.).
2) Mission, vision, goals
3) Bed number, volumes
4) Types of Service provided
5) Quality Indicators
6) Financial Performance Indicators
7) Human Resource Challenges
8) Diversity Issues
9) Community population statistics
10) Additional Information

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