Health Care Environment Paper

Health Care Environment Paper Health Care Environment Paper The health care environment is fast- paced and hectic, and delegation is an essential part of nurses’ work. When delegating, leaders and staff must master the tools of communication to ensure that nursing care is completed safely and that unit goals are met. Fostering effective communication is accomplished by using the elements of trust, respect, and empathy (Huber, 2014-a).Health Care Environment Paper For this post, I will discuss the issues of the power, conflict, communication, and delegation presented in the critical thinking exercise in chapter nine. In this example, Sherry, the charge nurse delegates to James, a recently hired nurse, the preparation of a patient undergoing a radical mastectomy. Key issues to consider in this example include preparing the patient for surgery in a safe and proper manner and meeting the emotional needs of the patient as she faces surgery. Since James is an RN, this task falls within his scope of practice, but the situation is complicated by the fact that he is not comfortable performing the task due to lack of experience and by the patient’s lack of communication with him. When deciding how to assign the patients, Sherry should consider both of these aspects. Being the unit charge nurse and the experienced RN, Sherry has legitimate and expert power, on the unit (Huber, 2014-b). James also has power in his relationship with Sherry. It’s called the dependency aspect of power (Huber, 2014-c). Health Care Environment PaperAn environmental analyze is the process of identifying the internal and external elements that can impact or alter the performance of an organization. An environmental analyze helps an organization evaluate different opportunities and threats that exist for the organization. These threats and opportunities are then assessed and incorporated into the organization’s decision making process in order to align the strategies with the internal and external environment of the organization (InvestorWords, 2017). An environmental analyze is important, as it helps organizations prepare for the future. The following discusses two different driving forces in the health care industry and how they can change the hospital system. Permalink: health-care-environment-paper / One of the largest driving forces in the health care industry is the new economics surrounding health care reform. The Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare, was signed into law in 2010 by President Obama.Health Care Environment Paper Obamacare has resulted in several more American’s being insured throughout the country, increasing the amount of individual’s using the hospital system. Furthermore, since more of these individuals are insured, the hospital system received proper reimbursement for their services. In 2017, however, President Trump began seeking to eliminate Obamacare, which would ultimately result in fewer American’s having healthcare. The repeal of Obamacare would result in numerous changes for the healthcare system throughout the country. One of the largest differences President Trump seeks is for health insurance companies to be able to dictate how much an individual pays for healthcare based on their current health status, increasing the amount of money older and unhealthier individuals pay for healthcare. This would impact the hospital system because older and unhealthier individuals are the ones who most commonly use the hospital system.Health Care Environment Paper The higher premiums these individuals are forced to pay, the less likely they are to maintain or retain their health care insurance. However, these individuals will more than likely continue to use hospital resources, such as the emergency room. Thus, repealing Obamacare may cause unwanted financial issues for the current hospital system throughout the United States (Scott, 2017). Another large driving force in the health care industry is the technology that is transforming the industry. Technology advancements have a large impact on the health care industry, especially the hospital system. Digital strategies have caused hospitals to move beyond their website to other systems, such as social media sites, in order to engage and reach consumers, support patients, and facilitate workplace communication. While technology has allowed the hospital system to find new and innovative ways of reaching and helping consumers, it has also been a draw back for some hospital systems, especially hospitals with less financial stability. A comprehensive web, mobile and social capability, “integrated with clinical IT systems, such as EMR and patient portals, is no longer optional for organizations that want to remain relevant” (Corrigan, 2012). Thus, it is a requirement for hospital systems to utilize this type of technology in order to remain competitive in the health care industry (Corrigan, 2012). Health Care Environment Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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