Health and Policy Management Example

Health and Policy Management Example Health and Policy Management Example The question of Health Care Reforms in America seems to be getting lots of attention from various stakeholders. These include the political leadership, the business community, professionals in health and associated professions, Non-governmental Organizations and the citizens. This is because these reforms, if fully implemented, will have far-reaching implications on all those involved. In considering this policy, the issue of cost and access is quite crucial because the two go hand in hand.Health and Policy Management Example The health Care Policy rests on the position that the US government intends to reduce its budget on Medicare and channel funds to the new Health Insurance policy to take care of the uninsured aged, if it is legislated. It is also meant to ensure that all other sections of the citizens get catered for in their own unique way, so that nobody is negatively affected.Health and Policy Management Example This policy is however likely to fail since there is no guarantee that its implementation will be fool-proof. It also appears to be putting a lot of emphasis on how resources will be obtained from most sectors of the country that are not necessarily part of the federal government. There is therefore need to come up with a policy which can be sustained after implementation (Brandt, 2009). Permalink: health-and-polic…nagement-example / ? One way of doing this is by merging small health insurance companies into bigger ones and encourage people to buy policies when they need them, as is the case in Massachusetts. Pooling of premiums makes the policies cheaper. The government could also consider introducing subsidies to insurance premiums paid by people, so that all citizens join insurance programs. Another way would be introduction of taxation on those who are able to pay for higher insurance so as to spread the cover to those who cannot. This is however likely to cause disaffection among the employed; together with their trade unions. There would also be need for the government to change its financing expenditure so that more resources are channeled into the provision of medical services as opposed to other sectors that are not very crucial. It is also possible for both patients and doctors to be given incentives so as to make provision and access to medical services efficient.Health and Policy Management Example Doctors will thus be able to dedicate most of their time meeting the patient’s needs, while the patient will be willing to seek medical attention when in need of it. It would also assist when it comes to decision making as far as matters of health are concerned. Giving doctors incentives would also make them seek to give prescriptions that are cost effective (Brandt, 2009). Other approaches could also suffice. There could for example be put in place a program where doctors are made to understand and accept the need for a reduction on their payment as a way of making a contribution to the health care programs of the society. In any case, they are the ones who deal with patients, and understand their suffering better. Hospitals which provide health services could also be prepared for less government subsidy, so that the money saved goes into providing services to those who cannot afford. Together with this, would be the need to halt construction of any new government health facilities so that the existing ones are expanded and equipped with personnel, facilities and drugs to meet the needs of the patients. There could also be a shift from curative to preventive measures in health care management. Less resources are likely to go into proactive preventive than reactive curative strategies (Holt, 2009).Health and Policy Management Example Health Information Management Health information management involves the practice of maintaining and taking care of health records in hospitals, health insurance companies and other health institutions, by the use of electronic means (McWay 176). Storage of medical information is carried out by health information management and HIT professionals using information systems that suit the needs of these institutions. This paper answers four major questions concerning health information systems. AHIMA’s Data Quality Management Model The American Health Information Management Association is a body of health information professionals that majorly concerns itself with the improvement of the quality of medical records (Harman 104). These …show more content…Health and Policy Management Example Their duties include planning the information system, developing the health policy to suit this system and identifying the present and future information requirements. These professionals use informatics to collect, store, use, and transmit information in such a way that the expert, legal, and organizational record keeping needs of the healthcare institutes, are met. They also ensure appropriate collection, management and application of information within the healthcare system for purposes of effective detection of health problems and for identifying inventive solutions to improve health outcomes. About ICD-10 ICD-10, which is the tenth revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problem, refers to a medical classification inventory for the coding of diseases, their signs, symptoms and causes (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 1). The use of this revised version in the United States is scheduled to begin officially on the first of October 2013. Currently, ICD-10 is being used for diagnosis coding, in procedure coding systems and for inpatient procedure coding. ONC/HITECH/ARRA The purpose of this office is to promote and oversee the development of a national health information technology infrastructure within the United States.Health and Policy Management Example Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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