Health And Human Services

What is the importance of service delivery in the HHS profession? This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules and textbook readings. As an HHS professional, you will be expected to be familiar with various types of service delivery and the role that community plays in human services. Another important aspect of the HHS profession is advocacy. You will be expected to be effective at advocating for those who need services. Chapter 7: Help Clients Challenge Themselves: From New Perspectives to New Behavior Answer the questions below by using chapter 7 of your textbook. Managing our ______ and the ways we express them is part of social-emotional intelligence. emotions dislikes exposures none of these apply ________ behaviors are problem behaviors that are directed toward the external environment. They include physical aggression, disobeying rules, cheating, stealing, and destruction of property. Pleasant Externalizing Friendly none of these apply Not doing something is also a form of behavior. Clients often fail to make choices and engage in behaviors that would help them _____ with problems or develop opportunities. drive cope stick none of these apply It’s important to focus on helping clients discover their unused ____ and resources while helping clients solve their problems. strengths thoughts feelings none of these apply _____ are things we fail to recognize or choose to ignore that keep us from identifying and managing problem situations or identifying and developing opportunities. Mud spots Blind spots Value spots none of these apply Clients often use _____ to avoid problems. happiness excuses motivation none of these apply Helping clients become aware of their _______ helps them know themselves better to cope with problems and develop opportunities. problems desires wants none of these apply ________ is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy Negligence Persistence None of these apply Sometimes it’s important to help clients make _____ about what they may be missing when they are telling stories about their issues, so more information about the situation can be determined. confronting statements connections avoiding statements none of these apply It’s often beneficial to help the client see the _____ while the client creates goals to solve their issues. bigger picture stereotype cost none of these apply Advocacy and Community Organizers Answer the questions below based on the content that was in this week’s interactives. Explain in your own words why advocating for clients or communities is important. Describe at least two ways you can advocate for people in need. Client Advocacy There are many issues facing clients within the health and human services field. Clients become homeless, suffer from drug or alcohol addition, are victims of abuse, are living in poverty, etc. Many HHS workers as well as agencies advocate for the needs and rights of those in need. Please review the following link to hear about how Coalition for the Homeless advocated for the needs of a homeless client: (press “control” and “click” at the same time to open the link and view the article). Click here: (press “control” and “click” at the same time to open the link and view the video) to hear Elliot Tooley’s story. Answer the questions below based on the content provided below. Look at the information in the links below for homelessness or Substance Addiction or choose another issue where advocacy could help a client. Identify an issue faced by a person that might require you to advocate for their needs or rights. Explain in your own words the issue is you selected and how you might advocate for the needs or rights of that the client. Homelessness Substance Addiction Explain why this issue is important to you and give an example of an organization that helps or treats people with this issue. Research Journal Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. This assignment is part four of a five-part paper you will create throughout this course. Consider what it is like to become a client advocate. Search the internet and learn about more about client advocate positions. Explain what types or traits or skills are needed for the position and what types of people client advocates might work with. Be sure to cite your source in APA format. Traits or skills needed to become a client advocate Types of people that client advocate’s work with Cite the example you find in APA format. Note: use the citation generator to help you cite your resources.

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